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thatsimsgirl t1_jaes6wo wrote

Los Angeles. Been twice, been not worth it twice.


MrBananaStorm t1_jaes9yx wrote

Paris, there's a whole syndrome named after it. Apparently (oftentimes Asian) people will travel there and be so disappointed they get genuinely depressed.

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool place to visit, but it's a big city like any other.


1980pzx t1_jaesdow wrote

Any fondue restaurant for Valentines day. Why in the hell would you pay top dollar to cook your own food? I’ve never understood this on any day but they jack the price up especially for Valentines day.


Lostarchitorture t1_jaesie7 wrote

Times Square NY on New Year's Eve.

Packed, stuffy, either standing for hours in one spot to get a good view or coming later only to see a tiny visible blur of light from miles away, thousands leaving within a ten minute window. Too much hassle.


anythingreengetbun10 t1_jaesyjc wrote

I think every place has its good but Jordan is overrated. Good fruit and food and sun that’s all


CapG_13 t1_jaet0vv wrote

Mexico 🇲🇽 (Cancun and Acapulco)