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badmon891 t1_it2a6rd wrote

Really great idea


badmon891 t1_it2v4zp wrote

Bass pro is a good anchor for steal point . When the heart of downtown gets good anchor it will grow rapidly


IGameOnMac OP t1_it2bh0d wrote

Yeah it get more people in the area and then the retail scene would grow especially smal businesses


Popaqua t1_it2ei09 wrote

We need more anchor stores to help out our small businesses. Funny enough, I can tell you for a fact that the Economic Development office really wants a chick fil a.


IGameOnMac OP t1_it2ez78 wrote

Ok that’s interesting man. You know how I can get in touch?

Edit: what are the current challenges in order to get one built in Bridgeport? Getting intrested franchisees, etc.


Popaqua t1_it2whow wrote

I would say there's practically no challenge to development. Chick Fil A in Connecticut has been notorious with affecting the traffic in the area. If you were to come in with a proposal, you should be ready to provide solutions for traffic build up.

If you're in the right zoning, abide by the codes in design, and have the franchising all set up for yourself, you are really in the clear.


IGameOnMac OP t1_it2wtzw wrote

Sounds good! Present solutions to traffic, and considering downtown is zoned mixed use (with differences based on intensity) should be all good to go

Edit: I’m not a developer, if this is to become a reality I’ll need to get a franchisee on board.


b_writes t1_it36paz wrote

Chick-fil-a had a franchisee who wanted to open one in Fairfield at the old Joe's American Bar and Grill spot and they were denied due to traffic concerns, so people are definitely out there scouting it out!


IGameOnMac OP t1_it3biry wrote

Yessir that happened! That’s why the chick fil a should be a priority even if its built in Steelpoint, because it will bring people!


IGameOnMac OP t1_it28mpl wrote

Would this work? I’m aware of my grammatical errors and whatnot, and lack of detail, poor communication skills etc.