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IGameOnMac t1_itjbxzy wrote

Did you see the alternate history hub vid too? Our flag is shown

I’ve got a couple design ideas but I’m no artist. Wanna help?

Edit: as mentioned here we need three colors. I wanna maybe go to college in Japan… and the city flags are the best hands down…

Edit 2: we should have a symbol… maybe a factory or something.


BrnInD80s OP t1_itjd3dm wrote

The park arch


IGameOnMac t1_itkqpw3 wrote

Ah right… the seaside one right?


Popaqua t1_itleuer wrote

We are the Park City. maybe something with parks???


IGameOnMac t1_itlf6ku wrote

Like your thinking…. If so man… idk if to also like do an homage to the city’s past (Native Americans,maybe our factories etc) like in the seal. At first my thought was a simplified version of the seal… but it seems parks is more popular an idea.


BrnInD80s OP t1_itljioy wrote

Cant access screen shoot it


BrnInD80s OP t1_itlp8d9 wrote

Yea…it’s bad lol..better then anything I would bring up…I’m thinkin the arches with the smokestack on the background…not too much on it..


IGameOnMac t1_itlpbti wrote

Ohhh… good one!

Oh water too for Long Island sound (and Pequonnock River)