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SmurfESmurferson t1_iwsmqlh wrote

Black Rock Social (gastropub with a revolving global specials menu), Tasty Yolk (breakfast/lunch), and Bereket (Turkish) are fantastic. Shiki Hana for surprisingly good sushi

Order pizza from Nauti Dolphin in Fairfield. By far the best

Sweet Basil is my favorite for Chinese

If you’re looking to go out, Old Post Tavern in Fairfield has buy 1/get 1 happy hour 7 days a week. Sinclair is a scene, if that’s your thing


menudo_fan t1_iws18h2 wrote

I moved to Black Rock - Fairfield Ave as well, about a year and a half ago.

The Tasty Yolk is good for egg sandwiches and other good stuff (insane chicken sandwich for one).

The pizza places are shit. The two taco trucks pretty much suck. The Chinese place is pretty awful too. New places will be spring up soon to cater to all the new tenants at the two huge rental complexes they just finished across from the metro station on Brewster.

The Turkish place had a decent shawarma cone to think of it .


Humbabwe t1_iwrfdpv wrote

Oh man, just within walking distance: brennans shebeen is a great place for beers (really, there are a bunch of bars, it’ll depend on your taste.

In terms of food, tasty yolk, Timothy’s ice cream, gai-ja, black rock social, my friend loves tacos from mi rancho, fire engine pizza (or whatever it’s called) is pretty good.

I really think you just upgraded, have fun!


declareyourwarr t1_iwr0otz wrote

Been living on Fairfield Ave in Black Rock for 7 years now. Absolutely love it. Tons of options in black rock but also easy access into Fairfield for plenty more.


HighJeanette t1_iwqbyzv wrote

If you are moving the Black Rock section of Fairfield Ave, you will have an abundance of places to choose from. BRYAC, Fire Engine Pizza, The Castle, Roadrunners, just to name a very few.


IGameOnMac t1_itlf6ku wrote

Reply to comment by Popaqua in We need a new city flag! by BrnInD80s

Like your thinking…. If so man… idk if to also like do an homage to the city’s past (Native Americans,maybe our factories etc) like in the seal. At first my thought was a simplified version of the seal… but it seems parks is more popular an idea.


IGameOnMac t1_itjbxzy wrote

Did you see the alternate history hub vid too? Our flag is shown

I’ve got a couple design ideas but I’m no artist. Wanna help?

Edit: as mentioned here we need three colors. I wanna maybe go to college in Japan… and the city flags are the best hands down…

Edit 2: we should have a symbol… maybe a factory or something.