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DiBalls t1_iqm2bmv wrote

Look like the rest of the house stayed back in time also.


anothersip t1_iqmse7n wrote

I love those backsplash tiles, ngl. It'd be hard to find that style nowadays.

The meat slicer looks really cool too.


DiBalls t1_iqmxscm wrote

Back in the day I rented a pink tiled bathroom and 70s wall paper.


cykovisuals t1_iqo4u1c wrote

How do you rent just a bathroom?


torchedscreen t1_iqocr6n wrote

Well if youre gonna rent a room, the bathroom is the most versatile room in a house.


LindaRichmond t1_iqp48u1 wrote

You can cook always cook in the bathroom but shitting in the kitchen is considered bad form.


DiBalls t1_iqq588x wrote

When this comment is a continuation from my 1st comment you know like an email.


balisane t1_iqnsaqd wrote

Buy well, buy once! I love vintage kitchens, personally; in another 30-50 years some scholar will be praising the preservation and making a study of the design.


[deleted] t1_iqnt36y wrote

They really did make better stuff back then right? My 94 year old grandma has been using the same slicer since the late 50ies, and her phone from the 80ies is also working perfectly. Not to mention all the wooden furniture that is still rock solid.


Accountantnotbot t1_iqp02hw wrote

Part of that is the system is just simpler too. A lot of stuff now has added complexity.


skedeebs t1_iqm2he5 wrote

Our Cuisinart from about 1994 is still the workhorse in our kitchen. Then I found one for $25 of the same model for my daughter, with extra attachments still wrapped and unused. I need more such items.


PoisonSlipstream t1_iqm3dhp wrote

What does the Krups do?


bigeats1 t1_iqm99jj wrote

Meat slicer. Have one in white.


moepstaronx t1_iqmxd3f wrote

Uh, not sure if this is really the intended (or main) use-case, but it may well double up as one.

Usually, it’s used to slice bread.

Source: my parents used to own that exact one as well.


Enemiend t1_iqna4ez wrote

Pretty sure this model was marketed as a bread slicer. My parents have the same one.


bigeats1 t1_iqnf9op wrote

Mine in white (guarantee it’s the same otherwise) has spikes on the guide accessory which is missing here. Otherwise, identical. Marketed as a GP slicer. You could, I suppose, use it for bread, but it’s less than ideal. The bowing to the exit wouldn’t work for crusty or even slightly crumbly stuff.


Enemiend t1_iqnp6m5 wrote

We bake a LOT of crusty bread (live in Germany after all) and it's not a problem; slices become quire flexible laterally if they are not too thick. But good to know it was sold as a GP slicer. My dad uses it for ham on rare occasions, now that I think about it.


rubberducky75 t1_iqms11m wrote

My parents had a white one, too!


just-mike t1_iqmsgov wrote

Same. I was the only one with the patience to use it and then fully clean it.


foospork t1_iqn5cni wrote

I still do. I think I bought it in 1987 or so. It’s a pain to clean. I only use it when I want to ensure a large number of thin, uniform slices.

Also, the tendency of the blade to not get to the bottom of whatever it is that you’re cutting is annoying. You have to keep flipping the food over, unless you want this big flap of uncut food at the bottom.


dr_rugby t1_iqmvy4c wrote

We had the Krups bread slicer in use (obviously inherited from my grandparents). Unfortunately broke about a year ago: plastic part in the "drive train", no repair possible... However it lasted a very long time, taking into account that we are a family of 5 now and it sliced a lot of bread...


MTheWan t1_iqnf6o9 wrote

If anyone you know ow has a 3d printer, they could probably duplicate the part for you!


TWeaKoR t1_iqptopp wrote

You don't even have to know anyone, just look online for local maker spaces.


Th3Batman86 t1_iqnf92g wrote

With 3d printing a lot of unfixable plastic parts are fixable now


starbunsisborn t1_iqm7no8 wrote

Is 'Cuisinat' a knock off, a model name, or precursor to Cuisinart?


Windholm t1_iqmius9 wrote

It's actually "Cuisimat," and I think it's French for "kitchen," so probably a European brand?

Edit: Never mind. (Always double-check Google translations! :)


Jesus_will_return t1_iqnfae8 wrote

> French for "kitchen"

Not sure if this is a joke.


Windholm t1_iqnoach wrote

It may well be, but it wasn't intentional. I was just trying to help by Googling a translation. I typed in "Cuisimat in English", and it came back with French > cuisimat; English > kitchen. I never took French, so what do I know? :) I defer to your expertise.

Yeah, next time I'll double-check.


Asinus t1_iqmn8k0 wrote

She took really good care of them too.


winterbird t1_iqn5t66 wrote

They're all so well kept and clean!


worldiscubik OP t1_iqnh94l wrote

I ll tell her she will love hearing that ☺️🥰


Blasket_Basket t1_iqnlee0 wrote

Technology from a time before some jackass with an MBA invented the concept of "Planned Obsolescence"


cleverdylanrefrence t1_iqo0ks6 wrote

What is the thing on the bottom right?


eolai t1_iqohw3h wrote

I think it's the slicer from around the back right side


skadiiis t1_iqmgf97 wrote

This has inspired me to add thrifting to the errand list today so I can try to score one of those Cuisinarts. That thing is a beauty.

I miss colorful appliances. The modern aesthetic is so boring


miss_six_o_clock t1_iqnfxva wrote

Me too! I remember my grandma asking acquaintances what color their kitchen was and she would get little kitchen towels and what not as gifts. They had pink, yellow, green and all fun color kitchens.


letsnotansaywedid t1_iqnrnis wrote

Before manufacturer’s realised they could sell more appliances if they broke!


someoneelsewho t1_iqpyvrd wrote

OP. Do you have a picture showing the entire yellow Krupp’s gadget?


worldiscubik OP t1_iqq00tz wrote

i mean, it's mostly complete on the bottom left :) I can't do a new one right now but what would you like to see? :)


someoneelsewho t1_issajdq wrote

I just couldn’t imagine it in my mind’s eye. Apologies for the late reply. Just started a new job and it has been gruesome!


NovaLewis t1_iqm4t87 wrote

I love that slicer! What brand is it?


ImRickJameXXXX t1_iqnby1l wrote

My mother in law is moving in with us in November.

I like her a lot but made a joke that she can only if we get to have her 70’s hand cranked slicer that still look new.

I have used it before and am legitimately looking forward to have it in our home


DOE_ZELF_NORMAAL t1_iqnxfmc wrote

I'm just going to say that safety features weren't as prominent as they are today. Be careful with really old equipment like that, wouldn't be the first time something breaks putting live on the outside of the equipment.


Ptolemaeus45 t1_iqoehwq wrote

The Krups electronic slicer looks like a former west german brand (maybe from Nürnberg/Solingen or Berlin). In past, such kitchen models were home produced as this and f.e. AEG and had a complete other quality as nowadays China fabrications.


worldiscubik OP t1_iqoi2b8 wrote

Ja ich denke auch. 😁 Your text reminds me of the brand TELEFUNKEN. High quality back then, China waste today.


WhySoManyOstriches t1_iqogq6g wrote

Wow- the food processor was truly an expensive appliance back then. And I’m kinda jealous of the meat slicer. You can save $$$ by just buying a pre-cooked chicken or turkey boneless ham and cutting it yourself. And is the Krups thing a coffee maker or a bread machine? Your parent must have eaten well as a kid!


worldiscubik OP t1_iqohsx1 wrote

Yes it was really an investment for my grandparents, they never had much after WW2. The orange Krups slicer is just used for bread by my grandma and the third pic just shows its back so people can see the brand ☺️ Thanks for the nice words, and yes we are still getting great food delivered by her oldschool kitchen 🥰


CyanideFlavorAid t1_iqoqnxu wrote

Not only does she own it she took amazing care of it. See a lot of stuff that still works but has a dingy look after that long but not hers.


Caserious t1_iqpjuuc wrote

Man, she really takes care of her appliances! My newer stuff in my rental doesnt look anywhere near as nice as crisp as this

Also: LOVE the backsplash


zerebrum t1_iqpl0of wrote

That was our Krups bread-slider in the 70ies!

Long time not seen, wow!


benefit_of_mrkite t1_iqn1cn9 wrote

I have a friend who is a musician - she has a 1950s stove and her kitchen looks like it came out of an episode of I love Lucy. She would love this stuff.


cfisch08 t1_iqxfw74 wrote

I had no idea Cuisinart was that old. I went through 2 of their coffee makers in 2 years recently.

My mom has a KitchenAid mixer from the late 80s thats still going strong. She gave it to me when my dad bought her a brand new one for mothers day one year.

She bugs me to give her the old one back because she doesn't like the new one and swears it's made with inferior parts.