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bigeats1 t1_iqm99jj wrote


moepstaronx t1_iqmxd3f wrote

Uh, not sure if this is really the intended (or main) use-case, but it may well double up as one.

Usually, it’s used to slice bread.

Source: my parents used to own that exact one as well.


Enemiend t1_iqna4ez wrote

Pretty sure this model was marketed as a bread slicer. My parents have the same one.


bigeats1 t1_iqnf9op wrote

Mine in white (guarantee it’s the same otherwise) has spikes on the guide accessory which is missing here. Otherwise, identical. Marketed as a GP slicer. You could, I suppose, use it for bread, but it’s less than ideal. The bowing to the exit wouldn’t work for crusty or even slightly crumbly stuff.


Enemiend t1_iqnp6m5 wrote

We bake a LOT of crusty bread (live in Germany after all) and it's not a problem; slices become quire flexible laterally if they are not too thick. But good to know it was sold as a GP slicer. My dad uses it for ham on rare occasions, now that I think about it.


rubberducky75 t1_iqms11m wrote

My parents had a white one, too!


just-mike t1_iqmsgov wrote

Same. I was the only one with the patience to use it and then fully clean it.


foospork t1_iqn5cni wrote

I still do. I think I bought it in 1987 or so. It’s a pain to clean. I only use it when I want to ensure a large number of thin, uniform slices.

Also, the tendency of the blade to not get to the bottom of whatever it is that you’re cutting is annoying. You have to keep flipping the food over, unless you want this big flap of uncut food at the bottom.