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keeeven t1_iqzv1ms wrote

Your back will give out before the belt will


Junior_Ad2955 t1_iqynos9 wrote

Great company. I’ve heard their stuff is built like a tank.


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyo1i0 wrote

Can confirm. Already got one established guy at my shop to convert!


Convergentshave t1_iqyz0at wrote

You can confirm after owning it a year?


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyzt8v wrote

Sure—it’s thick, top-grain leather with strong stitching and rivets. Built like a tank.

How it holds up after twenty years? No idea, haven’t had it twenty years yet.


bryrod t1_iqz56a8 wrote

If it gets uncomfortable get the sheepskin wool band


rrogido t1_iqzxkff wrote

I've had very good results using Obenaufs LP to care for my leather goods. If you don't already have something you like for leather treatment give it a try. It does a great job preserving the leather and is a good protectant.


Ecstatic_Carpet t1_ir0o4q9 wrote

Is there much of a difference between leather treatments? I use mink oil currently, should I be looking to make a switch?


rrogido t1_ir2mn89 wrote

Take a look at the Obenaufs website or watch some YouTube videos for more detailed info, but in short I prefer the Obenaufs to mink oil. It is very useful as a waterproofer and protectant. I have found the Obenauf's lasts longer and protects against harsher environments.


sarcasticallyabusive t1_ir143l6 wrote

is it really only top grain?

theres no way im dropping 300 bucks on anything short of full grain haha.

unless is chuck 300 bucks into the hands of diamondback for some fancy nylon hahahha


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir14g9h wrote

I think top grain is a solid choice for this application. What benefit would you expect from full grain?


fogbound96 t1_iqz0lo8 wrote

A year is pretty long time for a trade most of my gear belts, shoes, and gloves do not last that long and my tool belt definitely not looking like this at the end.


chadspdx t1_iqzcpno wrote

I bought the carpenters bag because it has more room than the electricians. Would not recommend. Sent it in once when new because the sides collapsed and rivets were popping out. Happened again and threads were pulling out. Bought the pocket caddy also. Same deal. Rivets popped out and lacing tore out. When they sent the bag back to me they had a note saying it added character because it was an heirloom. Can’t fall apart when new and ever be an heirloom. I retired them a couple of months ago. Did not make it four years. And no they were not abused.


bloodfist45 t1_ir1g6q7 wrote

That’s a straight up lie. They mailed you saying it was an heirloom? What is this a 1920 soap opera?


chadspdx t1_ir1h87y wrote

It’s not me telling the lie. The exact quote where they mention heirloom. I have the notes and emails. “They age with time making them an heirloom rather then a tool box you toss out in a year. “


LiveShape1335 t1_iqzwcn9 wrote

If you worked anywhere around the construction industry you wouldn’t even think of asking that question. Hell, I’m a plumber and I know that those bags are the golden standard of bags and they easily last guy’s entire careers.


Someotherfucker t1_ir026ck wrote

I have the nylon ultra lights that look brand new after 7 years...of asphalt roofing lol great company


PadBunGuy t1_ir22oup wrote

I have this same one and another similar I got from my dad that’s going on 45 years. People tend to be judgemental and scoff at this but you actually can use your own feces as a leather conditioner. The natural oils preserve the leather and it gives the leather a healthy brown sheen that’s custom and unique to you.


Etrau3 t1_ir23fld wrote



PadBunGuy t1_ir23wdj wrote

Not really fair to judge it until you try it my dad did it for 20 years and it’s still in top notch shape and now I took the reigns and am doing it. It looks great and there’s a way to do it where there’s minimal smell and even that wanes after a few weeks


himmelundhoelle t1_ir2de35 wrote

How does your dad do it? Does he shit in a bucket, pisses to top, and throws the belt in to simmer a few hours, or does just grab the log as it sees the day and uses it as a fat crayon all over the belt, then shakes off the flakes when the shit's dried? Genuinely curious


PadBunGuy t1_ir2dubo wrote

It’s more the log and crayon method. Sometimes if the log is too dry he’ll rehydrate it to help bring out the natural oils. Never thought of rehydrating with urine though….I may try that out next time.


himmelundhoelle t1_ir2glwt wrote

Re-reading my comment, I realize the urine part could come across as a fucked up joke -- but glad you didn't take it this way! For the uninformed, urine (as well as dung) has been used for centuries for tanning leather, and for a reason.

I would like to do the same treatment for my brown leather shoes (not the white ones for obvious reasons!), but I can't seem to produce clean logs -- see I have the opposite problem as your father, it's too loose and mushy -- and my girlfriend's are truly a leatherhead's dream but alas she refuses to let me anywhere near it and it's a subject we can't really touch anymore...

Anyway, I'd ask if your dad offers his services, but I don't live in the US, so nevermind. Keep it up though! Hope you can do the same for your kids.


PadBunGuy t1_ir2h57k wrote

It’s cool no offense taken

Yeah that’s a tough one. My stool was not leather-grade for many years. Have you tried increasing your fiber intake? My father never has sold his logs previously but has handed it out to friends. He may be able to ship it overseas if you’re willing to cover shipping. I’ll DM you some photos. Shame your gf is so closed minded. From what you describe id love to get my hands on one of her logs.


himmelundhoelle t1_ir2jn0s wrote

Yeah we're working on my diet, might be stress too, idk -- anyway.

I thought more of having him do the shoes as a paid job ofc, never thought about handling someone else's feces myself (except my gf's but that's ok, kind of like using each other's toothbrush).

Don't judge her btw, tbh most people find it weird as fuck that someone would want to fish their logs out of the bowl, and I totally get it, in a way. Everyone has their peculiarities, and it's wise to respect your partner's. Yeah her shits are premium, I'm flattered for her btw, but hands off buddy, it's my girl -- and if I can barely see the goods, no chance you'll ever get your hands on them ;)

Truth is I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that much for getting a literal chunk of human shit mailed to me across the pond and all across Europe...

I really do appreciate the offer though, and I'd say yes weren't it for the prohibitive postage costs. I don't mind the pics if you have them on hand, though (pls don't trouble your dad for me), just to get an idea what to aim for.

Congrats on having refined your stool into a fine nourishing paste btw -- but why is your dad doing your leather, if I may ask, since you have achieved a seemingly honorable level yourself? I mean, if I could I'd do it myself!


PadBunGuy t1_ir2qnq9 wrote

Ah I understand. Ha! Sure I can send some pics of my dads poop your way. I know I have some photos of his heartier logs filed on my pc so when I get home tomorrow I’ll see what I can dig up for ya.

But ya I do my own leatherwork nowadays but my dad just does a way better job plus his poops are much better than mine. So sometimes on Christmas he’ll gift me a log or two or just do my entire belt. I hope to be as good as him one day

And hey man. I’m sorry if I crossed a line by complimenting your girlfriends poops. I didn’t mean to go that far. You got ya a good one that’s for sure. You better hurry up and put a ring on her finger!

Anyways, may god be with you on your quest!


himmelundhoelle t1_ir2tjgc wrote

Yeah, I get it, the old man's a veteran!

Dude please, it's the internet, don't sweat it. As I said we're (I mean I am, and she would be if she understood) more like flattered. I mean if another guy came to her and asked to cope a feel of her doodoo, I'd be less than pleased for sure. But we're strangers discussing on Reddit, there's no harm -- I put an emoji so it comes across as lighthearted, but you know, text format and conveying tone...

I'm lucky to have her for other reasons too, and you're also lucky to share this hobby with your father; like most people, mine doesn't really understand :/

Looking forward to the pics, and I hope you get the nice fat brown greasepencil you deserve for Christmas, kind sir!


LLCNYC t1_ir2c13b wrote

So a shit belt. Youre walking around other people with a shit belt that you think doesnt stink. Ok.

The hell is wrong w you?


PadBunGuy t1_ir2ef1d wrote

Can always tell alot about a person by how judgmental they are. You worry about the stench of mine own belt when your attitude reeks of shit. Shame on you sir.


LLCNYC t1_irwimpq wrote

“Judgmental” for putting your bodily waste on stuff you wear outside? LOL Yes. Yes I am.


himmelundhoelle t1_ir2q2ge wrote

The guy comes with tips and personal expertise, don't shit (if I may say so) on his and his father's traditional know-how.

Any leatherhead will tell you, happy leather rarely smells like roses... and that's okay.

Once you break out of the social construct (which it 100% is, and only a few centuries old at that) that feces smells "bad", you'll be able to enjoy a good andouillette with a glass of white, and frankly, a world of life-changing experiences ;)


LLCNYC t1_irwictx wrote

“Once you break out of the Social construct that feces smell bad….” BWAHAHAHAHA


Dash83 t1_ir2j9qn wrote

You had me going for a minute there until I read “healthy brown” 😂


bmx13 t1_iqyqu5e wrote

As a sparky they should last you forever tbh. I've seen framers get 20 years out of Occidental with no maintenance and Montana winters.


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyrtde wrote

Wanted to give myself some wiggle room for if I do something stupid to ‘em. I know myself.


Ritzyb t1_iqzadeu wrote

I’m one of those framers. Not quite 20 but when a pouch goes I order a new one, probably 12 years or so.


Adseg5 t1_iqytr0w wrote

Mine have about five years of wet pnw winters and haven't been conditioned but seeing OPs, now I'm interested what mine would look like!


haunted-liver-1 t1_iqz1b3x wrote

20 years is not forever :/


bigwebs t1_iqz71v7 wrote

2 in a career is pretty darn good for any type of equipment.

Not forever of course, but almost.


handicappedpooper t1_ir1l1wr wrote

“No maintenance” it’s not bifl for morons that don’t maintain their gear


haunted-liver-1 t1_ir1wo6c wrote

My point is if you buy good quality leather alternatives, you don't need to do any maintenance, It lasts generations, and no animals are killed.


handicappedpooper t1_ir1x4ua wrote

What “leather alternatives” last generations on job sites?


handicappedpooper t1_ir21d3y wrote

Poly microfiber is not a leather alternative and will disintegrate after a couple years of good use. Not saying that’s a bad thing, you can just buy another pair, but I would rather not send my boots to the land fill every other year. Cheers.


haunted-liver-1 t1_ir22dp8 wrote

"Cheap leather wallets are not durable and will disintegrate after a couple years of good use"

As with leather, it depends on the quality. Vegetarian Shoes' Uppers definitely don't disintegrate. The longest review I saw was 30 years and still going strong. Mine are only 3 years old, but already in way better shape than my leather boots after 3 years of hard use.

You really need to differentiate between cheap Chinese companies that use fake leather to cut costs vs companies that spend more on leather alternatives because they're more durable.


MilesLow t1_iqyodgg wrote

Ive known a few old timers that swear by their small electrician pouch. I personally use a pocket caddy from cant go wrong with quality leather. Looks great.


brucebay t1_iqyu3ai wrote

Anything similar for hobby users that have sub $75 budget? I understand real leather is expansive, so other material is fine.


edit: I meant not electrician specific but a general belt/pouch for weekend handymen.


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyupqu wrote

Carhartt sells a modular nylon/canvas tool belt system that seemed pretty reasonably priced to me.

It’s handy you can only buy the pieces you really think you’ll need—I carry a stupid amount of screwdrivers at work, but maybe you don’t need as much real estate for home improvement projects.


Justadudethatthinks t1_iqyy7c4 wrote

Nylon/canvas won't have the life of quality leather like the OP, but for a weekender, they are cooler and lighter and can be made well. (Enough to last if this isn't your profession)


hereforthekix t1_ir01x5i wrote

There are nylon pouches that will outlast leather. Occidental is one of many brands that makes high quality nylon gear. They're kighter, more comfortable, don't require maintenance, and last an incredibly long time


haunted-liver-1 t1_iqz1j4a wrote

Depends in the quality and thickness. There's a reason luxury car manufacturers switched from leather. If you use the good stuff made for yacht upholstery, it bifl and zero maintenance.


scottb84 t1_iqz31f0 wrote

I certainly don't disagree that there are textiles that are least as durable as leather for many applications.

But luxury car manufacturers definitely have not "switched from leather."


Clean-Hat2517 t1_ir0u5ue wrote

Perhaps they meant to refer to the rise in Alcantara use over suede.


scottb84 t1_ir1jd3w wrote

Maybe. But I'm not sure that suede was ever commonly used in luxury cars, other than maybe at the very top end (e.g., Maybach, Rolls Royce, etc.). And my understanding is that alcantara is mostly used in sports cars, where a lightweight, grippy material can be very useful (e.g., steering wheels, seat bottoms/bolsters, etc.)


LockeClone t1_ir0yl89 wrote

Dude, the nylon 3" belt from occidental is where it's at. I ditched my full leather belt for one maybe 10 years ago. Waaaaay more comfy and breathable. And robust as hell.


S0me_Thing_Clever t1_ir029ot wrote

ToughBuilt has neat modular belt system that’s actually pretty well made and is perfect for occasional use by homeowners or weekend warriors. Google them.


Tacpacker t1_ir0oq50 wrote

+1 for Toughbuilt! I bought a toughbuilt pouch for a job that doesn't allow leather. I don't expect it to last as long as my Occidental pouch, but it definitely feels like a quality product and an excellent value for the $15 I paid. I don't think I'll have any problems replacing it when the nylon wears out in a year or two.


S0me_Thing_Clever t1_ir17423 wrote

They look kinda flimsy, but once I held them in my hands I realized how robust the nylon is. If anything’s going to break, my bet is the clip-on connection for the belt - but like you said it’s no big issue to replace every 3rd year if needed.

What initially drew me to the company was their sawhorses. Get a set of their high-end versions and be amazed at their clever design.


Brandon3541 t1_ir46jjp wrote

Out of curiosity, why is leather not allowed at your job?

I can't think of a safety reason off the top of my head other than it won't break free easily if snagged, but no belts that aren't specifically built to do so will either.


Tacpacker t1_ir5tihc wrote

Semiconductor fab. Can't use leather, cotton, rubber, or pretty much anything organic because they produce particles that can harm production. Makes shopping for new toys a bit more challenging sometimes.


jasonsgood t1_ir06dpe wrote

Start with this guy

I wear this every day whether in the shop or on a jobsite. I clip it onto my belt with other bags when I’m doing heavy work on jobs, but it’s mostly just on my regular belt. You’ll eventually want more. A 15’ fat max fits perfectly, and you can form/stretch it to fit bigger tapes if you want.


PrimeIntellect t1_iqzd7cz wrote

Tons of will probably all be lighter and more comfortable too lol


LockeClone t1_ir0y6aj wrote

My old bags were gator. I still run their electrician bag on my occidental belt.

A gator electrician bag, a 3" belt of some flavor and a tape measure holder would be a great setup for a diy/household kit.

Keep it light, you know? Hobbies are for fun, and heavy duty carps are getting paid to run whole bags.


CrazzyJoeDavola t1_ir1b527 wrote

Look into Veto , they make great quality constructed bags & pouches. I have 2 pouches and a tech mc bag that has lasted me 4 years so far without issue, hvac tech


handicappedpooper t1_ir1m48c wrote

eBay “leather tool belt made in USA” not much selection right now but check every couple days. Also check your local pawn shop, they are ridden with contractors stuff.


cheaganvegan t1_ir1x3en wrote

Look at Ironworker gear. It’s all built to last. I think is where I’ve gotten my gear


brucebay t1_ir3ljc5 wrote

Thank you all for the great suggestions. Instead of spamming all your replies I upvoted each one.


inf1nate t1_ir08g0n wrote

I got mine at for a crazy low price. I was looking for one awhile ago and randomly I Found one for $110 and it was the last in stock apparently. After I bought it the price went to $325. Lucked out with the 8087 oxylights. Still more than I would usually ever spend on something like that and it’s held up awesome roofing for 2 years so far. I also got the hammer holster the 5520 and I use it almost daily in inspections.


Lucky_Eye2621 t1_iqyohxk wrote

All I have is my lil Milwaukee bag. It’s solid though.


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyoyt4 wrote

If it works, it works! Most of the guys at my shop get by with a finish apron…and pulling tools off my belt 😂


Lucky_Eye2621 t1_iqyp3kg wrote

Haha, is it good for the pointier tools in your kit? No problems with needle noses or flatheads?


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqypeju wrote

None at all. It has a couple nicks where an errant piece of sharp metal got it, but just enough to add character


F-21 t1_iqz5j00 wrote

All that leather is probably quite heavy anyway, I'd rather have a more lighter one for daily use even if more disposable.


bothways1 t1_ir006wj wrote

So much this. All that extra weight around the hips gives me a sore back. Thats why i have pouches with loops and velcro for easy removal. I only wear them when i am up and down on my ladder.


LockeClone t1_ir0zb1y wrote

OP sounds young and excited... he'll lighten Up in some years.

I also read that he works in a shop where most of the dudes wear aprons so... young and full of... you know.

I love having some guys like that on my crew though. Hell, I used to be that guy. Always has a tool, jumps on anything quickly... I'll take two please.


F-21 t1_ir1lx7j wrote

Hah, does not take much to become slow, especially if all you coworkers are and if you have the same salary no matter what... Same happened to me, I was always the first to grab for work but if it makes no difference why would I? :)


LockeClone t1_ir1n2k9 wrote

I couldn't disagree more.

Look, I can totally appreciate the guys who get comfy and coast. That's the agreement and the job gets done. But it's myopic. There's a big world out there, and the climbers climb. Though your hourly rate at one firm might not reflect your effort, there are eyes in you, and in a few years there are going to be new bosses...


F-21 t1_ir1s0wm wrote

True, but obviously you can't know what my work actually is...

I'm an engineer at a technical ceramic factory in Europe, producing stuff like ceramic fuses and heater cores. One of the largest global manufacturers we sell them to corporations like Eaton and Siemens and they're used all over the world. Specifically, I deal with the production technology of ceramic fuses meant for large electric trains and vehicles like busses (VW/Scania...). It is a very specific field, you can't really "copy" much knowledge cause automation of this hardly exists, the technology used to make the simple ceramic fuses that were common 50 years ago is still in use today but for the more special products it's all totally unique and specific... We use vacuum extrusion processes which is uncommon nowadays, technical ceramics are mostly made by presses (easiervto catch dimensions but totally different technology and you can't make long pieces anyway - we also have a press factory nearby but my work if on a very specific field of extruding ceramics). For example, classic old ceramic products were made from porcelain and steatite ceramics (these are widely known commercial names, of course our blends havevtheir own specifics and names...). The technology for producing those is well known. But the modern fuses are way more demanding - thinner walls, higher shocks... We make screw threads into the ceramic before its sintered ("burned" in the oven), we account for the contraction to bring them into tolerances etc... The materials are very different, high al2o3 content ceramics are way more problematic to deal with, wears out the tools faster, vibrations make it turn liquid (thixotropy), different sintering, different drying...

Anyway, we're missing capable workers. Don't wanna be racist like most people here but the production workers are paid the minimal wage and have very shitty work (ceramic dust, water when cutting etc...). 90% of the workers come from Balkan countries, especially Bosnia, many refuse to speak our language so... We deal with what we have. My work is to automate it and make it easier for the workers (besides developing new tools for production of new products) so dumb people can do that work.

When I came here I wws quite eager and quickly learned a lot. I only work here for a couple years but when problems occur in production, they call me...

Anyway, the "old" team of engineers is retiring which is a huge issue right now, in 5 years everything will turn around and I'll actually end up being in the "older" team. Me and another coworker know how things are running here, and that's basically it. New people come and go all the time, there are also engineers (but the two-year-university type, not really any real degree...) in production that are supposed to keep on top of maintenance but.... problem is that they're just not very competent so problems always end up coming to us (research/technology engineers).

Sorry wandered off a bit. I'm not worried for my position. If they'd somehow decide to discard me, I'd get a job without issues. I admit design engineer work isn't my strongest side even though that was what my degree was about, but I have lots of experience and know how to resolve issues, also have lots of experience with CNC and I'm very good in CAD. I work here because I'm genuinely wanting to support the local production that's been here for generations. My salary could be much better, but the other cause is that it takes me under 10 minutes to drive to work and I'm usually already going home at 13:30 (I do have flexible work time though). Also, I really love that it's not strictly a desk job. Most of my colleagues have a desk job. My boss won't mind if I'm at my desk all day, but I usually go around production in the morning (after coffee) and help with any daily issues, especially in my part of production.

Besides, being part of the team is very important. We got a new coworker for a couple weeks now. He isn't a very "practical" guy but he does keep on working all the time. Does not go on any coffee break, goes to lunch alone while most of use go together etc... I doubt he'll stay here for more than a couple months unless he takes a step back and sociallises a bit :)

Sorry for the long post haha


LockeClone t1_ir1uvlf wrote

Please, no apology. That's was an interesting read.

I'm having some similar generational issues in my field, but the older guys aren't retiring so I'm in this middle gap where I've climbed to yhe top tier, but the best gigs still aren't available to me. I shouldn't complain too much though. I feel valued and respected, if not utilized properly.

And yeah, something of value for people in my field (entertainment rigging) is a sort of positive aggression. A move fast, think ahead and take charge sort of mentality, but this latest generation just doesn't have it.

They're not lazy, like I see a lot of politicians and news people claiming, but there's some sort of disconnect happening that's a bit frustrating to me and will certainly hobble them when they're mid career and want to start moving up where the work parameters are ill defined and you have to chase down problems and opportunities.


F-21 t1_ir1xjaq wrote

Btw in terms of promotions, I don't think I'd want to have the position my boss has. He gets paid a lot more but he has so much responsibility and the nerves are getting to him (quite literally, he has a bunch of health problems related to stress and just turned 41). Fuck that, at the moment I'm totally fine with what I get, more is always nice but money ruins people.


AkumaNeedsHelp t1_iqyxbzm wrote

The only reason I ever wanted to be a carpenter is to have a reason for occidental bags. Awesome set up and should last a long time.


joomanburningEH t1_ir2h2fv wrote

You could buy the cheapest bags on earth they’re never wearing out if they’re on an electrician


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir36qbs wrote

Is that a jab at my work ethic? You’re lucky my shop didn’t have the parts I needed and I didn’t want to make a run so I took the excuse to go home early 😤 The next time I see you and I’m not on minute 19 of a ten minute break, it’s on sight 🥊


Sekshual_Tyranosauce t1_iqzcd66 wrote

My wife bought me the same one years ago for my birthday. I love it!


donkyote t1_ir0pyat wrote

but if you're an electrician you would have the dildo attachment right?

> laughs in carpenter.

jjks mate <3


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir0ql3k wrote

Common misconception, but there’s no need while I’m still an apprentice, I get a new asshole reamed every time I make a mistake. Maybe when I journey out 😂


donkyote t1_ir1wyr8 wrote

haha font wprry i still ream my old apprentices asshole regularly lol.


HenricusKunraht t1_ir0uvz3 wrote

1 year old item: "oh man this is really BIFL" ok lmao this sub is meaningless


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir12wlb wrote

Cool comment, really adding to the discussion!!!


HenricusKunraht t1_ir15ro8 wrote

Im pretty sure my comment has "added more to the discussion" than your ~1 year old bag has lmao


BG_13597 t1_ir367ue wrote

Does that belt come with a broom too?


chumpyis t1_iqz4yy8 wrote

I’ve had the journeyman’s tote for 8~ years & it’s still beautiful. I figure I’ll have it the rest of my career.


sttaffy t1_ir0akcc wrote

I have that tote. My wife got it for me like 5 or 6 years ago (by got it for me, I mean let me buy it). At the time I thought it was a bit extravagant, but it has proven worth it. I have a small, high-quality version of basically every carpenter's tool in there and bring it to every job. I used green spray paint for all of the tote tools, so the kit stays together. It is an awesome setup, it fits a crazy amount of tools, all visible and easy to grab and replace. Love the thing!


bryrod t1_iqz54av wrote

When I used to be in the union I used to know people that had these for over 16 years and that shit still looked solid af


SMPLIFIED t1_iqzks6j wrote

My dad picked one up for installing hvac back in the early 2000’s. 20yrs later im using it and is still holding strong. Only thing i had to do was make new belt holes cause of the fat bastard


illblooded t1_iqzq9x8 wrote

I’m on 7 years with my Buckaroo Leather belt/pouches. Residential carpenter.


ltrain_00 t1_iqzwb1t wrote

I have had the belt for 6 years now and it looks barely used. It also saved me from getting stitches when I didn't see a super sharp piece of structural angle iron. It put a 1/16 inch deep gash in the back of the belt, would have def needed stiches if it would have hit bare skin.


hereforthekix t1_ir01g5r wrote

As an electrician it should last you three lifetimes. That's overkill for a sparky. Definitely a hifh quality pouch, but I don't know why you'd want all that extra weight. I would have gone with a high quality nylon pouch instead.


sttaffy t1_ir0bdtd wrote

I got my setup maybe 8 years ago? Recently I lost my belt. During a load-out it was misplaced and disappeared.

It was the most upset I've been about losing any physical object in my life. I searched my whole house like 3x,my shop, work vans, jobsite, asked every single person on the job if they had seen it, no dice.

I did a job without it, and every time I went to grab a tool it was like I had a ghost belt - I was reaching for things where they had been for the last 50 projects, not wherever I had them on the nylon belt out of the communal bucket. Slowed me down and bummed me out.

I bought the same setup again, put it on once and just got more sad, because my old belt was soooo smooooth and comfy. The new one was so stiff, it was like I would have had to start a relationship over again after being ghosted. It was too soon.

Then I found the fucking thing in our storage unit! Made my month. I really love the belt, I work indoors so it's not like they're getting tar, concrete, or rain on them all the time but I don't baby the bags and they look brand new when oiled. Great tool.


crtcase t1_ir0birv wrote

I used a very similar set up from occidental for 5 years before hanging it up for service work. While my set definitely shows it's use, it does not show one sign of damage. 5 years, 8 hours a day, not a stitch or rivet has popped.

I will strongly encourage that you invest in a set of suspenders. It's important that you balance the weight of your tools on the right with the weight of your material on the left. Otherwise, you'll constantly have tweaked hips which will result in lower back pain. Similarly, suspenders will lift all of the weight of your hips and place it on your shoulders, again preventing lower back pain.

Finally, just because you have room for 15 tools in your bag, that doesn't mean you have to fill that space. If your not using a tool that day, put it in your bag. Every ounce you avoid carrying is wear your not putting on your spine and knees. A conduit reamer may not weigh much, but carrying it 2000 days in a row may very well make a difference in your long term health.


ChuckyTee123 t1_ir0ctvg wrote

My dad used the same pouch for over 25 years. He passed away 3 months ago. So now it's mine. And I plan on passing it down to one of my boys. Meanwhile I go through 2 tool belts a year... You made a good purchase. Enjoy it friend.


saturnzebra t1_ir1187j wrote

“I’ve owned this since last year” is not r/BuyItForLife


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir11jay wrote

Glad you’re keeping the gate


saturnzebra t1_ir1t9wv wrote

Aw sorry to hurt your feelings bud


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir1tkec wrote

You didn’t hurt my feelings, but even if you had hurting feelings isn’t cool. I’m sure we can agree on that!


Miserable_Squirrel16 t1_ir198ia wrote

Genuine question for any leather experts, how do you tell if leather is good quality, what am I looking for in terms of description and looks? I want to buy a leather handbag from a local leather shop but it's super expensive and i would like to know if it's worth it!


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir37z16 wrote

This guide looks pretty good.

Personally I look out for top grain or full grain. There should be a distinct leather smell, different from how a cheap leather wallet smells.

If it’s a local leather shop, I’d ask someone who works there what grade of leather they use and how it’s treated; quality craftsmen like showing off.


motodextros t1_ir1w407 wrote

I have the same bag, it’s a hand-me-down from a retired journeyman friend. about 20 years old and still going strong


blopbottom t1_ir20tot wrote

Occidental leather is mint bruv. One of the true buy it for life options. I know guys who’s dad passed down their Occidental leather building stuff to them and it still performs amazing.


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir36ut9 wrote

Yeah, a lot of people in this thread are saying theirs were passed down! I’m not having kids, so maybe I can gift it to a promising apprentice down the line.


DontEverMoveHere t1_ir2diic wrote

Start buying all your shirts in that ox blood red collar if you plan on sweating while you work. I’ve had my belt for nye on 20 years and it still bleeds die if I have a hot sweaty summer day. I’ve ruined many grey Carhart polos with it.


jsparker43 t1_ir2dy2k wrote

I thought you rode horse for a minute


Klaw2014 t1_itckzny wrote

These will outlast your career. I’m also an electrician. I got the commercial set since i do commercial. Mine are a year old but don’t look nearly as nice. I’m not one to take care of my leather work boots so i don’t have the first clue on taking care of the tool belt. What do you do to yours to keep them so nice looking?


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_itcls3w wrote

I have a nice pair of red wing boots that I like to take care of, so I use the same care products on my oxxy bags once a season. All of mine are red wing brand but don’t have a monopoly by any means, there are plenty of good brands.

  • Wipe down with mild leather-safe detergent.
  • Apply leather conditioner. Allow to dry fully. The bags in my pic are on the drying step.
  • Apply waterproofing spray. Allow to dry overnight

And you’re done!


Klaw2014 t1_itf3360 wrote

Yeah i also run red wing boots but for whatever reason my boots start to fall apart in 6 months to where i need new ones so i never bothered to take care of them. By detergent i assume you mean some type of cleaner? Good to know the steps to doing this. Appreciate it.


CATDOG-meow t1_iqyznzj wrote

Pops bought me one in 1996 when I started framing, the green set. Still have them today, although I’m not in the industry anymore but still use them as home owner Joe duties!


whiskey_engineer t1_iqz6yf0 wrote

Looks great!
I need to give mine some serious cleaning & maintenance.


amp350 t1_ir03rdo wrote

3 years on mine, occidental only gets better with time. Great purchase!

I used saddle oil on mine 2x a year, what did you use just out of curiosity?


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir0qw6h wrote

I have some red wing shoes, so I use the same care kit I already have. Every season I clean with a mild detergent, use red wing oil conditioner, then spray on some light waterproofing (PNW lol)

Do you like the saddle oil ?


Keefe-Studio t1_ir0fcya wrote

Get yourself some mink oil for that beauty.


SkipDisaster t1_ir0upay wrote

For electricians almost any belt would last half your career


mr_corn t1_ir0vd03 wrote

Nothing so satisfying as using high quality tools


Guess_I_Forgot t1_ir0w3k3 wrote

I have two of these that I inherited from my dad when he passed. They are decades old and essentially brand new. I hope to pass them down to my child


EnterByTheNarrowGate t1_ir3abnp wrote

As a leatherworker, mink oil is awesome for conditioning leather.


kebert_xela2286 t1_ir3onqf wrote

Your whole career if you continue this maintenance, that’s an absolutely gorgeous rig. I love the Occidental leather they beautiful bags and pouches that you can tell by looking at them that they are crafted very well. They are beautiful and if I was still in a trade where I needed more than my tiny snip pouch, I’d probably pull the trigger on this same setup.


danvapes_ t1_irziwqz wrote

Ouch my back hurts seeing that. I do just fine carrying the power house 5.