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Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_iqyzt8v wrote

Sure—it’s thick, top-grain leather with strong stitching and rivets. Built like a tank.

How it holds up after twenty years? No idea, haven’t had it twenty years yet.


bryrod t1_iqz56a8 wrote

If it gets uncomfortable get the sheepskin wool band


rrogido t1_iqzxkff wrote

I've had very good results using Obenaufs LP to care for my leather goods. If you don't already have something you like for leather treatment give it a try. It does a great job preserving the leather and is a good protectant.


Ecstatic_Carpet t1_ir0o4q9 wrote

Is there much of a difference between leather treatments? I use mink oil currently, should I be looking to make a switch?


rrogido t1_ir2mn89 wrote

Take a look at the Obenaufs website or watch some YouTube videos for more detailed info, but in short I prefer the Obenaufs to mink oil. It is very useful as a waterproofer and protectant. I have found the Obenauf's lasts longer and protects against harsher environments.


sarcasticallyabusive t1_ir143l6 wrote

is it really only top grain?

theres no way im dropping 300 bucks on anything short of full grain haha.

unless is chuck 300 bucks into the hands of diamondback for some fancy nylon hahahha


Reaching4ThoseGrapes OP t1_ir14g9h wrote

I think top grain is a solid choice for this application. What benefit would you expect from full grain?