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I like to wear my crocs for few different things, notably walking the dogs along the riverfront or other trails near water, because I can walk through the shallow water without them saturating like regular shoes, and then unlike water shoes I've tried, if they fill up with sand and mud, I can rinse then out easily. my biggest qualms with them are that they aren't stiff enough for com free boy walking on rocky terrain and wear too quickly, with my 4 month old crocs already being too bald to get much grip. If there was a shoe of the same design but with tougher rubber (either for the whole shoe, or just the sole to retain comfort on top of foot) that would be perfect.



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bring-me-cake t1_ir2o7do wrote

Keen. 100%


JohnnyTreebeard t1_ir3ff2n wrote

Agreed. When I was a lot younger, I used to to 12 hour non-union carpenter/electrician gigs in theaters wearing keens. Loading trucks, climbing ladders, building giant sets, all of it. I still have that original pair, too, for yard work.


IndianaJD t1_ir59l3m wrote

I’ve never had a pair of Keens, but always hear good things. Any particular style or model you’d recommend?


ngc604 t1_ir8lqmm wrote

Vista is a great boot for warehouse type work. The red hook is great for warehouse where you might get wet. If keen comes out with a soft toe vista low I’d buy that for an around town summer shoe.

Hoping to get a pair of Atlanta cooler before next summer.


SnowblindAlbino t1_ir42t6y wrote


Agreed. Crocs are fine for the grocery store. I wear Keens hiking...never Tevas or Chacos because they don't have a toe box and it's far too easy to ram a stick into your foot or break a toe on a rock or something. Keens do the trick and they last for years.


corsicanguppy t1_ir4g3yl wrote

If you buy the nylon keens, that years number is 1. The leathery ones, maybe 2.

Still better than tevas, and not just because junky tevas have Velcro that dies in a month.

So anyway, I have a keen budget.


scottb84 t1_ir4ljan wrote

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I just don't understand how people in this sub manage to kill stuff so quickly.

I've had the same pair of Tevas for about 4 years now. I live in them in the summer time, including for hiking in wet and rocky conditions (where something with toe protection would admittedly be the safer choice). They show 0 signs of giving in. Hell, the velcro is still so grippy that I've got to put a little muscle into pulling it open to adjust the straps.

Are you guys walking across lava flows or some shit?


jrp162 t1_ir4mal6 wrote

I had the same pair of tevas for six+ years. The insole worn down but they were still wearable until my wife made me buy new ones. I wore them walking all over…city walking, running errands, hiking, even in water (not like extended swimming sessions or anything).

So yea. Just another counterpoint that tevas don’t last.


dirtycimments t1_ir4suug wrote

Weight and walking style.

That’s it. Some people twist their foot a little as they walk, and other little quirks that add friction to the sole. And weight is not proportional to foot size (especially not the size of the patch of the sole that is in contact at each time). So the pressure on the sole can easily double depending on your weight.


jrp162 t1_ir4tavs wrote

Well tevas hold up great.

Signed, A fat guy with small feet (8.5W US)

Ps. I should note they weren’t the cheapest tevas. They were the hurricane ones (I think). They were also ones that had like felt on them (instead of just foam and nylon straps); the felt was the part that went first.


KingOfTheProles t1_iscupno wrote

The felt isn't supposed to last. It's not there to make the shoe better. A certain percentage of the sole having felt allows them to have a lower import tarrif charged to the company when they are manufactured in a foreign country. It's something along the lines of being taxed as slippers instead of as shoes. The felt should wear off in a few days so you have full rubber soles. There are a bunch of companies that use this loophole.


jrp162 t1_iscvvkj wrote

Oh yea. I know. But it lasted awhile despite it being felt. It was impressive. My new ones have no felt.


SnowblindAlbino t1_ir58rm0 wrote

> I just don't understand how people in this sub manage to kill stuff so quickly.

No doubt. My main pair of Keens is now 5-6 years old at least. I suspect some folks are literally owning a single pair of shoes (or whatever) and wearing them every day. I wear my Keens when doing outdoor stuff and other shoes in town.


JasonDJ t1_ir5hd47 wrote

Velcro doesn’t usually go bad that fast. It gets lint stuck in it that reduces its effectiveness. A little bit of maintenance with a good set of tweezers or nimble fingernails goes a long way.


Fuzzpot t1_irgn97e wrote

I'm a bigger guy and blow out the crotches in pans and the soles of shoes unusually fast. So I spend my time on /r/bifl or in the thrift store for heavy duty pants and durable shoe recommendations.

I think there's a correlation between "people who wear clothes out fast" and "people who are interested in clothes that don't wear out fast." Makes sense, no?

People who don't blow out their stuff fast won't have as much of a reason to be on this sub


rock9the1house t1_ircoi7m wrote

Big up vote for the Tevas. My wife swears by them so hard, I may have to get a pair


Hodgybeats19 t1_ir5g8ow wrote

Used to last for years...


DisgruntledCoWorker t1_ir5nrjw wrote

Agreed—I’ve had Keens last 10+ years with everyday use. Those I bought recently either didn’t fit right or started to come apart in no time.


JerkRussell t1_ir3pt9x wrote

They’re durable and the soles are good, but I didn’t like the squelching when they were wet. They just felt cumbersome and rubbed blisters on me.

Very, very long lasting shoes at least.


imnotknow t1_ir4jpzl wrote

Keens take 36 hours to dry out and only if it's not too humid


Treestyles t1_ir4ukif wrote

Theyre my preferred footwear for summer activities where im probably gonna walk in water, but the drying time is horrible. I make sure to bring backups when i know im gonna get them wet, one night in cold wet sandles was enough.


escrimadragon t1_ir4v1bv wrote

Yeah I know people that own two of the same pair so they can let one pair dry out long enough


Wightly t1_ir4u80d wrote

I have used Keen shoes for well over a decade. For hiking with a wide toe box, not really any widely available comparison at that price point. However, I honestly believe that their quality is dropping with their success as a company


Skatykats t1_ir4wjar wrote

I have to agree with you. I’ve been buying the same keens for around 15 years, and they used to last me maybe 3-4 years, now a pair is more like a year and a half.


925688 t1_ir45j1c wrote

Cans are great shoes, but I don’t think the types with layered soles are buy it for life. They do start to feel the way after a little while. Stick with the models that are one piece soles


onken022 t1_ir4xmnq wrote

What model of Keen? I’ve never seen anything like a Croc from that brand.


Biking_dude t1_ir57b3c wrote

Which Keens? I used to absolutely love them, the last few years (2019+) their workmanship tanked. Where the straps intersect tore apart on Day 1 (I had them sewed and reinforced), and where they're attached to the sole died after a month or so.

Eddie Bauer has a similar looking sandal type and have been better built.


illepic t1_ir5mkqt wrote

I bought a pair of Keens in 2003 and still wear them every summer. Absolutely indestructible.


mickey72 t1_ir3l28k wrote

Crocs Bistro Pro (has to be the Pro), have a firmer more durable sole. They are marketed twords kitchen workers and nurses. They've held up better than and if the other Crocs I've had. The regular Crocs sole wore out in no time. I've had the Bistro ones for about 5 years.


hubert12fingers t1_ir2y0fo wrote

Merrel hydro moc is what you seek


roflwafflers t1_ir4mxmk wrote

Was looking at getting a new pair of merrels the other day and saw these. First thought was LOL, second was, actually these look dope


sleepydabmom t1_ir3q4ch wrote

Oooohhhhh going to look now. I have a pair of hey dudes with mesh insole and holes on the outside that are my go to water shoes, but you can never find them.


LottaQs t1_ir4t3kp wrote

Super comfy. Have had them for a year. Wear them to go to the dock; they can get slippery when the bottoms start to wear.


samcabo t1_ir5dd5y wrote

I was anti "croc style" shoe for so long and then I saw these. Similar to another comment, my first reaction was "Oh no not you too", followed by "actually these look cool, maybe I should try them". For water front etc, these seem to hold up. But I think theyre a newer style so not sure you'll have any evidence of longevity.


DayzedTraveler t1_ir6yr9c wrote

My first pair is three years old now and still looks new. Tread has worn down a bit, I wouldn’t wear them on a wet surface, but no shoe tread last forever. Just bought a second pair.


imnotknow t1_ir4jswv wrote

I have some of these and they rub the skin off my heel. Stupid design


thedukeoftank t1_ir4x39t wrote

Se here - they work well though if you put the back strap really low on the heel.


porchprovider t1_ir33o17 wrote

Chacos for the win.


ortega7115 t1_ir587ff wrote

You can also get the tread replaced when it wears out. I feel like the terreno sole lasts longer than the original. It’s my go to for walking my dogs and you get that sweet Chaco tan


LemonComprehensive5 t1_ir61qfj wrote

Too heavy, too floppy. Idk maybe its me but i hate my chacos.


GreatestSilence t1_ir6ujt3 wrote

Check out Bedrock’s. My wife loves Chaco’s, but they were too clunky for me and didn’t like all of the straps. Been super happy with my Bedrock Cairns for the last 3 years.


swgpotter t1_ir3i2t5 wrote

Super Birki or Birki Air


therealdrfierce t1_ir63l7j wrote

Came here to say this but when I read more closely the OP is looking for hiking options, so probably not the best fit.


theonewhoexists t1_ir3zm0j wrote

If you’re okay with sandals instead of the moc shape, I’d recommend bedrock cairn sandals! super grippy, waterproof, great for hiking


rollyroundround t1_ir4wz9g wrote

And they're resoleable. I took mine to Cambodia a few years ago and they were basically the only things I wore the whole time.


shitshowchic t1_ir44a9a wrote



hig789 t1_ir4qnaj wrote

Have worn a pair of these to work for the past few months(smooth concrete floor). The soles wear just as fast as crocs in my opinion. But the comfort level is miles beyond crocs for sure.


vestigialcranium t1_ir62u44 wrote

Yeah they're literally made of the same thing, EVA. Except Oofos are even softer. Of course they won't last long


Treestyles t1_ir4u7tt wrote

Love em, but theyre absolutely not BIFL. Probably wear out faster than anything, altho i havent compared to the other all foams like adidas.


Themrhalo3freak t1_ir3rerh wrote

Suicoke sandals are amazing and have vibram soles


smeagolgreen t1_ir3gent wrote

Not sure if they are BIFL, but I am impressed with the quality of Astral shoes. They have a number of models that are focused on being water shoes; good drainage, traction, easily cleaned and durable.

They have a sandal model that I have not tried, but has good reviews. I have a pair of Loyak AC's, and my only complaint is that they are a bit difficult to put on and take off. It may just be the fact that they are a bit snug on my foot, as I have a higher volume instep and 2E width. Otherwise they are great.


coopaliscious t1_ir53ink wrote

I swear by the Brewers, I abuse them disc golfing, kayaking, hiking and trampling through anything. They handle water and terrain like a pro.


dovexgrenade t1_ir3sry3 wrote

crocs has a hiker edition that I’ve taken hiking, to festivals, to the beach, and near daily use. i love em 10/10 recommend


Z1pl1ne t1_ir3wyrw wrote

Crocs with duct tape wrapped all around repeatedly!


VastResponsibility97 t1_ir3yag6 wrote

My Tevas have been doing well a year in while using them near pools, walks and everyday wear


curtludwig t1_ir5j0g5 wrote

I was surprised I had to go so far down the list to find Tevas. I wear mine fishing, we've got a little river nearby and the best fishing is to just wade upstream and get away from the road. Tevas are easy to rinse out and have good tread. Mine last years.


crookskis t1_ir4ixqo wrote

Birkenstocks of course!


Bash0rz t1_ir54l6b wrote

Got a pair of these for work and they are great.


i_hope_you_are_gay t1_ir574iy wrote

I am thinking of graduating from crocs to birkenstocks but it sounds like birken shoes are not waterproof which is unfortunately a requirement for me


IKilledLauraPalmer t1_ir5bqd1 wrote

They make ones made of EVA—no idea about the longevity. (The leather ones last for a decade or more with care.)


K9turrent t1_ir5m35h wrote

I've had both, The EVA are okay, I wouldn't trust them for more than 2 years of daily abuse.

My classics, which I use from spring to fall, are finally done after 7 years (I have a heavy heel strike) of nearly daily use. While I haven't babied them with regards to water, they definitely hate getting wet and feel terrible the entire it's time it's water logged.


IKilledLauraPalmer t1_ir62con wrote

For sure. I had a classic pair for nearly 20 years. I did have the cork repaired and outsole replaced a couple of times. These are cheap repairs depending on the shop. Finally replaced them though.

(And I agree the water thing kind of takes care of itself—you don’t want them wet because the feel gross)


bezbrains_chedconga t1_ir635yl wrote

The evas will last a year or more, but their biggest issue is that they become slippery and lose traction pretty quick on wet surfaces. Pretty great deal at $35 though


i_hope_you_are_gay t1_ireeupq wrote

This is my issue with crocs as well. I haven’t had them a year and I slip everywhere. Idk if it was worth the $50 or whatever I paid


dance-in-the-rain- t1_ir4un94 wrote

Chacos! A little expensive in comparison, but they have held up like a champ


Seeno1 t1_ir40z6c wrote

I would highly suggest the Teva hurricanes drift. Extremely comfortable (probably most comfortable footwear I own), durable, can hike in them no problem


niceBobJobShowVagene t1_ir436nc wrote

Chacos, I've had my same pair going on 12 years now, one of the straps have finally rotted away, and I can send them in anytime I want for a free repair given they have a lifetime warranty.

I've hiked the entirety of the Appalachian trail in these tough fuckers


Shadowhand t1_ir5dm8c wrote

The warranty is for defects, you will have to pay for repair that is due to wear. They will absolutely repair them, and do a great job, but don’t count on it being free.


bring-me-cake t1_ir4b40z wrote

I also have a great pair of Dansko Kanes (the series includes Mens and Womens.) The heel is deeper and the sole is definitely more substantial and sturdier than Crocs. But they weigh NOTHING —it’s some kinda weird magic. I don’t wear them as much as my Keens. They’re my “pottery crocs” and if they get muddy I can pretty much stick them in the dishwasher.


edhitchon1993 t1_ir4f4ed wrote

An actual slip on clog, wooden sole and leather upper? Walkley Clogs of Mytholmroyd are my go to clog makers in the UK, but I'm guessing that's not where you are.


Casualdehid t1_ir4hi0v wrote

Steel toed crocs by I did a thing


bobbYdiGgITal t1_ir4m7wg wrote

Vivo barefoot shoes are great shoes


F-21 t1_ir43x3z wrote

I'd say Teva, the ones I've seen were quite durable. Crocks has a few versions too, I assume some might use stiffer rubber.


talisker-10 t1_ir49mmk wrote

Check out a brand called Hunter, they have highly durable and weatherproof clogs.


poopsmith27 t1_ir4a9yx wrote

Vans makes a crock like vans style shoe I like a lot


metroaide t1_ir4djtp wrote

My crocs full force clogs have a stiffy sole. Used it for hiking


Permtacular t1_ir4fgj1 wrote

Birkenstock makes something similar to Crocs called a Birki. They’re much more durable than Crocs, but replacing the insoles gets expensive.


rrogido t1_ir4idw8 wrote

Take a look at the Crocs Hikers. They have a sturdier sole and thicker footbed.


Alberqueque t1_ir4vcdg wrote

I've noticed that my keens Clearwater cnx sole wear out pretty fast, and it becomes so slippery that it's a hazard to use them.

I've bought the keens slotr but I haven't used it long enough to experience premature wearing of the sole, yet.


fourlegsup t1_ir5a7z3 wrote

Get you some of them Vietnamese honeycomb slippers. Dep to ong or something like that. Not fashionable but very strong.


acidrain69 t1_ir5f22y wrote

Future me is here to tell you: please don’t with lifetime crocs.


mrs_regina_phalange t1_ir5i3mx wrote

Crocs makes a sneaker style shoe but still just as washable as regular crocs


knightriderin t1_ir5mqnf wrote

Birkenstock has shoes fully made from plastic. The cork ones aren't water proof, but the plastic ones are and the plastic feels sturdier than Crocs.


ouie t1_ir5vybj wrote

I find cross eat the heals of my socks. I hate wearing them bare foot. Anyone else have this effect and maybe a solution too?


Thumper1k92 t1_ir68q1k wrote

Birkenstock Super Birki. But they won't drain like crocs.


miningmonster t1_ir7g71i wrote

Tougher rubber? Anything with a vibram sole


Medical_Cake t1_ir8cqaa wrote

You sound like a Merrill Jungle Moc person


validweirdo t1_irdprwi wrote

Check out native brand. Croc material, more styles. I had a pair I used for work for two years, and they had hardly worn. I regret getting rid of them.


chp656s t1_irlm991 wrote

I stepped out of the car into a parking lot, and a 6 inch thorn went through the sole of the croc and my foot. I will never ever ever wear those again


chrissobel t1_iryl1xl wrote

Theyre on the weird side but i liked my vibram fivefingers


warfrogs t1_ir45fpv wrote

Sanuks - very much what you're describing and I've had the same pair for 5-6 years now and they're going strong.

Mesh upper and memory foam style lower. Great shoes.


krb22 t1_ir2pfcx wrote

I can't say they're BIFL, but I ordered a pair of Crosskix off Kickstarter a few months back, that should be coming next month!