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Hey guys! My brother works in restaurant, he walks a lot, usually wears Skechers, but they suck are not very durable. Can you suggest better alternative? Not necessarily BIFL, durable is enough, preferably popular brand within $150. And they shouldn't be too hot (unfortunately he can't wear sandals because of dress code). Many thanks!



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zombienudist t1_jdvrqhw wrote

Running shoes typically have a life in miles not time. The synthetics in the sole compress over time. How many miles depends on how you are using them, your weight and other factors. But typically, a pair of running shoes might be good for 300-500 miles of running before the sole material starts to fail. Something like a heavier hiking shoe might be 1000 miles. You have to be very careful taking advice here about durability as use matters. You wear them once a week to go for a light walk and they might last a long time. Wearing them daily when you are on your feet all day and they will not last as long. The only way to get shoes that last longer is by going with something that has less synthetics in it. But then you use the benefit of a modern shoe with the immediate comfort and support you get.


Muncie4 t1_jdvmahn wrote

Clark's Bushacre II will last 200 years.

Adidas Samba will last 100 years.

Everything else will exceed $150 save one or two that maybe someone's brain knows.


F-21 t1_jdyzour wrote

I like my Jim Green African Rangers. Quite airy and cool, great for the summer... Maybe the more regular Vellie style if he really wants shoes, but I like a bit of ankle support...


mechy84 t1_jdwehtk wrote

I was a big Clarks fan, and have now moved to Cole Haans, which are a bit lighter and better built, and very comfy. I clocked 13 miles walking one day in a pair, and they still feel and look good as an almost-every-day shoe. They are usually between $100-150

But, that being said, no shoes are BIFL. Some might be repairable, but those are rarely if ever less than $150.


burgiebeer t1_je3wwgd wrote

Ecco soft 7. I’ve probably owned six pairs over the past decade+.

  1. the soles literally never wear out.

  2. out of the box the most comfortable shoes.

  3. they look reasonably stylish


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Chonkalonkfatneek t1_jdzdqkf wrote

Not shoes but german army jungle boots would do well for this