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Currently in Japan and would love some quality precision screwdriver set. Something like 130-piece that's sold on Amazon, but guaranteed to made of good alloy.



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agisten t1_jamixs5 wrote

Check out Project Farm on YT, but I’m partial to German Wiha Wera or Felo brand tools


imaluckyduckie t1_jao4yf9 wrote

Didn't KC Tool stop carrying Wiha because they stopped meeting expectations?


agisten t1_jao5zo8 wrote They specifically say Wiha Tools USA - these would be made not in Germany but in Monticello,MN. I guess the USA plant doesn't meet the same quality standards as those made in Germany. In any case, Felo and Wera-made tools are just as good. I am not familiar with other brands KC Tools carries.


Te_Afflieger t1_jaoqpu5 wrote

I mean, KC tool is pretty specifically a German tools retailer, so it shouldn't be surprising that they don't carry an increasingly-present USA brand.


waehrik t1_jamjedf wrote

Whia and Wera make excellent tools, but be aware that if you're using them for electronics that their ESD tools are not actually ESD safe.


pmcpmc t1_janoqxy wrote

What makes you say that? Do you have a reference?


waehrik t1_janrz23 wrote

I'm ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified and am a program manager at a company building electronics. It's part of my job to ensure compliance.

The problem with those two companies is that they use an insulative mold release during their plastic forming process. The actual plastic itself is carbon loaded and works perfectly, but the surface is insulative so a user has no access to it. Cleaning the tools with isopropanol or acetone removes the film and restores their conductivity, but they're terrible out of the box. They've been informed, but simply don't care and won't change their manufacturing process.


venom121212 t1_jao1p5m wrote

The Hex+ Weras have yet to fail at removing a stuck bolt for me. *Frantically searches for wood to knock on


waehrik t1_jaoax2a wrote

I agree, they're quality mechanical tools. But their ESD safe line is not


fazalmajid t1_jamk924 wrote

Vessel is the Japanese specialist for precision screwdrivers but make sure the cruciform ones are Phillips and not JIS (unless you want JIS). Otherwise Wiha and Wera have extensive ranges and master sets. Otherwise Nepros or Anex also make good drivers.


F-21 t1_jamz6p4 wrote

Vessel is the screwdriver manufacturer, their catalogue is around 60 pages full of countless types of screwdriver handles and shapes...

> but make sure the cruciform ones are Phillips and not JIS (unless you want JIS)

Vessel does not make JIS screwdrivers for about 20 years now. JIS standard was replaced by the DIN/ISO standard which is fully compatible with JIS fasteners as well as ANSI/SAE Phillips fasteners and all Japanese manufacturers make screwdrivers according to the DIN/ISO standard for PH heads. This also means practically all screwdrivers sold in Europe by reputable brands are fine to use on old JIS phillips fasteners as well.

The only screwdrivers that only fit in phillips, are the ones for the US market that follow old ANSI/SAE standards. Interestingly, a good ISO/DIN screwdriver fits in those just as well. The tapers are compatible, I think the main difference is how far in the fillets in the inner edges go - with the ansi/sae standard, they use larger radiuses which prevent them from fitting in old JIS screws, but the DIN/ISO use a very small radius so it fits into all of them equally...\

Sorry for nerding out a bit about this :) Vessel is the best brand for screwdrivers for sure. The only one I'd put above them is PB Swiss, but they're a lot more pricey and while maybe a bit better - not much. Vessel has a lot more variety too.

Nepros is cool but... you pay a lot for the finishing. I'd say they're as good as Vessel on the limited selection they have, but you pay more than even for pb swiss. Similarly, nepros sockets are really nice and beautiful but not really better than koken and nepros again has a limited selection.


Kentzo OP t1_jaos07d wrote

Can you recommend a particular kit with comes with a storage case?


F-21 t1_japq2p2 wrote

Hmm, not sure which you need. Something like this...


Kentzo OP t1_jaq3mkz wrote

I’m thinking about a larger kit


F-21 t1_jaq4cmf wrote

Check their catalogue, they have tons of bit drivers too... Precision screwdrivers are usually fixed so they aren't wobbly, and typically such bit driver kits are 70% full of stuff you'll never need. Ultimately, if you do need it, I can understand it is annoying if you have to wait and order extra bits. In your case I'd get a set (or even order individually) of fixed precision screwdrivers in shapes I know I'd use a lot (Phillips, slotted, maybe torx and allen) and some dirt cheap bit driver set for the stuff I might need once in a lifetime.

Or get a full vessel bit driver set, they're still not a lot more than a chinese brand but have top quality...


DaleyLlama t1_jamieg6 wrote

Have you checked out IFixIt tool kits? They have a range of options and are great


[deleted] t1_jaykhsn wrote

Second this. Not as expensive as wera or other high end brands, but still excellent


adrianmorrell t1_jaznueh wrote

Agree, and they'll replace damaged and worn out bits for free. Yes, I've used that service personally. Sent them a picture of the damage and they mailed me a new bit. No muss, no fuss.


LeeisureTime t1_jamrrd1 wrote

Also, tangentially related, Seki is a Japanese brand that makes BIFL quality grooming tools like nail clippers, etc. i mean, if you’re already in Japan, it’s worth checking out


cronx42 t1_jao28fq wrote

Wiha for me. I have their stubby bit driver and a wiha bit set. Amazing stuff.