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MrKimBonesAlexJones t1_jdxtcsa wrote

It is beautiful, though I’d imagine trying to open the oven while the burners are in use would be quite a pain


rt80186 t1_jdyef4j wrote

It is a bit of an ergonomic disaster. Heavy hot items in the oven are a high reach over a hot stove. I’m not saying it sent everyone to the burn ward, but it did send more grandmas to the hospital compared to more conventional ovens.


dfreinc t1_jdxttt0 wrote

judging by the handle, i assume they open upwards.

might be wrong.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_jdxu9xy wrote

Your are correct, they slide upwards! And close with a very solid bank vault door feeling haha.


ReekrisSaves t1_jdy8888 wrote

I rented a place w one of these. Not a problem I ever had. They open up and slide in at the same time so get right out of the way.


danbob411 t1_jdyw3sw wrote

The doors swing up, and out of the way, not down like a regular oven.