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gingerzombie2 t1_jdyolzy wrote

It's because getting a dual wall oven plus a cooktop is more than twice as much as just buying a stove. There are a few models of stoves with a split oven, but they are not very popular since the top one is very short and the bottom one is too short for taller needs (turkey, large dutch oven).


SarcasticOptimist t1_jdz0amm wrote

And for the price a combi oven would do a better job and is more versatile.

Having a toaster oven also helps do dual duty. Tbh I use mine more often than my full size range.


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frankchester t1_jdzupde wrote

Probably for reporting heat, preheating remotely, notifications about finish times etc.


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KingoftheCrackens t1_jdzxmpg wrote

Most of them won't turn on remotely. You can get everything set and ready then you have to manually press the on button.


SarcasticOptimist t1_je1wncs wrote

Marketers. It's weird I agree. Just picked one with good reviews from a reputable manufacturer.


cobrachickens t1_jdzowc6 wrote

Oh my god appliances be expensive


gingerzombie2 t1_jdzpsw3 wrote

The person above you linked a Miele brand appliance, they are a luxury brand and very $$$$


jonythunder t1_je2r3mk wrote

And from my experience, will also last at least 10 years. My mom's old miele appliances were replaced because of power efficiency after 20 smth years, not because they broke down


bigbluethunder t1_je08xbt wrote

Most in-home dual ovens that I’ve seen have a bottom oven that is the size of most peoples’ warming drawer (perfect for baking, making casseroles, heating up sides or apps, etc) while the other oven is still full-size.


KadenKraw t1_je22m74 wrote

You ever see the dual flex space ovens? I wonder if they are any good.