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varia101 t1_jdzi8xj wrote

Wild to me that things Cant last ten years annymore


Reostat t1_jdzk3lo wrote

I think things can, but upgrading has become a thing now.

Like no offense to this oven, but regardless of if it was working or not, if I had it, I'd be looking to replace it. I can't even imagine cooking with that, compared to the modern appliances I have. The ergonomics look terrible, I'm assuming cleaning is a pain in the ass, those coils are the worst thing in the world to cook with, temperature control is likely not great, energy use is high, etc etc

Changes to consumer products happen a lot faster now.


varia101 t1_jdzk86w wrote

Like what wifi


Reostat t1_jdzkjwl wrote

Well, just comparing to what I have now that I would miss:

  • Induction with 3.7kW per burner, and flex zones

  • Ergonomically useful oven space (extendable rails included)

  • Consumer oven that goes to 300C

  • Steam cycle for baking and cleaning

  • Programmable baking/broiling cycle

  • Preheating which doesn't take an eternity

  • Energy efficiency

  • More compact size for the same interior space as older appliances means more storage space in my kitchen