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mrsbebe t1_jdztlmo wrote

Homes definitely have them. I have one that was installed in I think 2016? It's a double oven range. I'm a former interior designer that specialized in kitchens and we put double ovens in kitchens almost as a standard.


x-Mowens-x t1_jdzu147 wrote

Sorry, I misspoke. I know they still exist. Haha. I just meant when I was looking for houses they were few and far between. When I was growing up, they seemed to be the rule.


mrsbebe t1_jdzuck1 wrote

Yeah I know what you mean. To be fair, the kitchens I designed were luxury so probably out of the price range of most people. Certainly out of my price range. My I do like my double oven range! The top oven is smaller but when I have hosted thanksgiving it is plenty of space to do what we need to do and it's an LG so it's not like it was expensive as far as ranges go