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uberrob t1_je028c7 wrote

I have no idea where everyone here is praising that design, that's one of the worst engineered ergonomic designs I've ever seen for stove / oven.

So if you have two or even one pot on the back burners, you can't get to the oven. If you have a pot frying pan on the front burners you're likely to do some serious damage to yourself if you reach into those ovens. In either case you're reaching over very hot surface to get to anything in the oven. Even in that picture it looks like you have to take the tea kettle off in order to open up the right oven.

I don't get it. I don't understand what it saves you in space either, except I guess you get cabinets underneath the stove top. The whole thing looks like a horrible user experience, and incredibly unsafe.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_je0rpap wrote

The oven doors slide straight up. I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, but it's just the charm, design, and build quality that do it for me.


uberrob t1_je2w6bd wrote

All right if the oven door slides up it makes a bit more sense, still seems incredibly unsafe for kind of a small design win though