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UncommercializedKat t1_jdxwhub wrote

I miss the innovative designs of old stoves.


bell37 t1_jdydadw wrote

I miss the dual ovens. My parents had one and it was the best because you can have two different temperatures or have one oven run on broil while the other is in use for something else. I’m sure it was an energy hog and inefficient af but it was the most practical oven I have ever used before


BaconJacobs t1_jdyew9m wrote

They still make dual cavity home ovens btw


x-Mowens-x t1_jdym4jn wrote

For some reason houses don’t have them anymore.


gingerzombie2 t1_jdyolzy wrote

It's because getting a dual wall oven plus a cooktop is more than twice as much as just buying a stove. There are a few models of stoves with a split oven, but they are not very popular since the top one is very short and the bottom one is too short for taller needs (turkey, large dutch oven).


SarcasticOptimist t1_jdz0amm wrote

And for the price a combi oven would do a better job and is more versatile.

Having a toaster oven also helps do dual duty. Tbh I use mine more often than my full size range.


[deleted] t1_jdztt07 wrote



frankchester t1_jdzupde wrote

Probably for reporting heat, preheating remotely, notifications about finish times etc.


[deleted] t1_jdzve4j wrote



KingoftheCrackens t1_jdzxmpg wrote

Most of them won't turn on remotely. You can get everything set and ready then you have to manually press the on button.


SarcasticOptimist t1_je1wncs wrote

Marketers. It's weird I agree. Just picked one with good reviews from a reputable manufacturer.


cobrachickens t1_jdzowc6 wrote

Oh my god appliances be expensive


gingerzombie2 t1_jdzpsw3 wrote

The person above you linked a Miele brand appliance, they are a luxury brand and very $$$$


jonythunder t1_je2r3mk wrote

And from my experience, will also last at least 10 years. My mom's old miele appliances were replaced because of power efficiency after 20 smth years, not because they broke down


bigbluethunder t1_je08xbt wrote

Most in-home dual ovens that I’ve seen have a bottom oven that is the size of most peoples’ warming drawer (perfect for baking, making casseroles, heating up sides or apps, etc) while the other oven is still full-size.


KadenKraw t1_je22m74 wrote

You ever see the dual flex space ovens? I wonder if they are any good.


TheSessionMan t1_jdyrx26 wrote

Cause you essentially need to buy three things (two ovens and a range) instead of one, a range oven combo


x-Mowens-x t1_jdys13h wrote

But that was always the case?


TheSessionMan t1_jdysarz wrote

Pretty much, yeah. You'll only really see the dual oven plus range in houses that belonged to more upper class folk. You still see them in rich people's modern houses today at a much higher frequency than in working class homes


goldentamarindo t1_jdzd3dd wrote

Yes, my parents’ house has two ovens stacked vertically and recessed into the wall, and a separate range. It’s a larger mid-century house. There’s also a brick oven in the backyard. The previous owners were a Greek family that did a lot of cooking and would roast goats in the backyard.


nalleball t1_jdz0ip0 wrote

Electrolux still sells a stove with two oven zones combo. The drawback is that you have two smaller oven zones instead of one large. I like it you can cook two different things at different temperatures.


Intrepid00 t1_je0c1fx wrote

I could get an induction range for $1.2k last spring with a single oven or I could get a dual oven for $3.5-4.5k that was induction. Making them dual just really drives up the price.


mrsbebe t1_jdztlmo wrote

Homes definitely have them. I have one that was installed in I think 2016? It's a double oven range. I'm a former interior designer that specialized in kitchens and we put double ovens in kitchens almost as a standard.


x-Mowens-x t1_jdzu147 wrote

Sorry, I misspoke. I know they still exist. Haha. I just meant when I was looking for houses they were few and far between. When I was growing up, they seemed to be the rule.


mrsbebe t1_jdzuck1 wrote

Yeah I know what you mean. To be fair, the kitchens I designed were luxury so probably out of the price range of most people. Certainly out of my price range. My I do like my double oven range! The top oven is smaller but when I have hosted thanksgiving it is plenty of space to do what we need to do and it's an LG so it's not like it was expensive as far as ranges go


frankchester t1_jdzuis7 wrote

Really? Double ovens fairly popular in the UK, if you are in a moderately large family home (which is probably equivalent to a moderately small American family home). Or a range cooler is still popular.


BaconJacobs t1_je001av wrote

Dunno. I worked at GE Appliances for 5 years in gas cooking products and our freestanding and slide in double ovens were a huge seller.

I guess some people either want the silly little storage drawer under their oven or they don't know they exist.


x-Mowens-x t1_je00d44 wrote

Interesting. Considering when I was looking at houses no one had stand alone double ovens!!!

They existed, but were not common.


Chicken_Hairs t1_jdyh7z9 wrote

My aunt recently renovated her house, tearing out an unneeded bedroom so she could expand the kitchen. A dual oven as well as a 30" pizza oven was installed.


10Bens t1_jdyhp30 wrote

I wonder if maybe they weren't energy hogs, and maybe didn't get up to heat fast enough to keep up with the competition.

Gorgeous oven and design either way


JoeSicko t1_jdyfk78 wrote

Last place we rented had these. Original 60ish? Kitchen. Loved it.


Nix-geek t1_je04ain wrote

My parents have a dual oven. I so want one, too.


bigbluethunder t1_je08kjx wrote

Dual cavity home ovens are still quite common, they are just a luxury feature. I’m sure this was a luxury oven back in its day as well, though.


Combatical t1_je1j247 wrote

I just had one delivered last week. Bottom is convection top is conventional. No rage inducing bottom storage pullout. So happy!


BrohanGutenburg t1_jdz2nsz wrote

Yeah okay I’m not a social historian or anything…but this feels like a design from a very specific era of American consumerism.


Junebug78 t1_jdzqcys wrote

Like the innovative eye-level light that shines directly into your eyes?


LChitman t1_je017hd wrote

Not just that! It's also got loads of glass directly behind where you'll be cooking and hobs slightly too close to the edges.


ImawhaleCR t1_je0mfx9 wrote

Oh don't forget the oven door directly above the hobs, so if you're boiling anything you'll get a wonderful spa treatment on your arm


iwantmy-2dollars t1_jdxt6vv wrote

My grandmother had a very similar one! The stovetop slides in to show just two burners, out to show all four.


concentrated-amazing t1_jdygwa7 wrote

This is crazy, I had no idea such a design existed! So cool!


willnxt t1_jdzylpc wrote

It’s like having a mini Waffle House in your kitchen and I need it.


MabsAMabbin t1_je07edo wrote

Yeah, mine too, this actually made my heart pang lol. I might need to make her apple pie today.


Nix-geek t1_je048vb wrote

That sounds like a great way to burn the house down.


Empyrealist t1_je0j7v2 wrote

As far as electrics stoves go, that all sounds kind of fantastic. Is it also like OPs seems to be, where there is normal counter storage beneath?


HalfPint1885 t1_jdxwioa wrote

One of these was in our house when I was a kid, although I think it was green or orange, I can't remember exactly. My only memory of the stove is that one day, when my mom had food cooking on the stove top and food in the oven, she opened the hot oven door and it came off the hinges, for some unknown reason. The door was hot so she couldn't catch it, but luckily she guided it down to the stovetop and it missed whatever she was cooking on the burners. I feel like someone repaired the door and we continued to use it for a short while, but it scared my mom so badly that we got a different stove shortly after that.


MrKimBonesAlexJones t1_jdxtcsa wrote

It is beautiful, though I’d imagine trying to open the oven while the burners are in use would be quite a pain


rt80186 t1_jdyef4j wrote

It is a bit of an ergonomic disaster. Heavy hot items in the oven are a high reach over a hot stove. I’m not saying it sent everyone to the burn ward, but it did send more grandmas to the hospital compared to more conventional ovens.


dfreinc t1_jdxttt0 wrote

judging by the handle, i assume they open upwards.

might be wrong.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_jdxu9xy wrote

Your are correct, they slide upwards! And close with a very solid bank vault door feeling haha.


ReekrisSaves t1_jdy8888 wrote

I rented a place w one of these. Not a problem I ever had. They open up and slide in at the same time so get right out of the way.


danbob411 t1_jdyw3sw wrote

The doors swing up, and out of the way, not down like a regular oven.


shagouv t1_jdxw2in wrote

A Frigidaire Flair! Love this oven and range top…thought it was such a great use of space. Had one with a single oven in our house as a kid until my folks renovated.


lynivvinyl t1_jdxxw7h wrote

My grandmother had the same one in a really awesome color green and it still worked perfectly before she sold her house. The whole eye top slides in to give you room that her kitchen definitely did not need. She also had an old refrigerator that still worked that looked like the Bonnet of a car and was either made by GE or maybe even a car manufacturing company.


AlfredoVignale t1_jdy3eej wrote

My grandmother had one….and my cousin took over her place. Then he found a new old stock unit in a basement while doing some hvac work…..and now he has a fancy new old stock stove.


LuckyTheLurker t1_jdy9an1 wrote

Love that stove's aesthetic. I would love one of those for my condo's compact kitchen.

I have a 1961 GE range in pink. with matching wall oven.

I spent way more than I needed to get a retro rebuild of a 1960's GE Fridge and color matched the stove and oven.

I rebuilt the range and wall oven myself, new wiring, elements, insulation and rebuilt clock. The clock was the most expensive part. I did a conversion on one burner for the range to an induction burner for fast tea kettle heating. Kettle now goes from tap temp to whistling in about 4 minutes.


TruckTires t1_jdy99cj wrote

Who all has a mother/grandmother that has one of those white baking pans with the blue pattern on the side!??


4RealzReddit t1_jdyekye wrote

You mean these ones?


TruckTires t1_jdyf4hh wrote


Similar to the one in OP's photo in the right side oven.


Addicted-2Diving t1_jdyicif wrote

My family had one of these that must be 25/30 years old and looks brand new


Lizzie_Boredom t1_jdzic56 wrote

$181??? You can find these at almost any thrift store for $5.99.


concentrated-amazing t1_jdyhl4d wrote

If you want a stroll down memory lane for these type of items, go check out r/Pyrexlove which also has some Corningware items like these as well from time to time!


rugernut13 t1_jdy9in4 wrote

Nice piece. At the risk of sounding like a luddite, they don't build stuff like this anymore. As someone who fixes appliances for a living, I HATE what has happened to some of the classic brands now. GE, Frigidaire, Electrolux... all fuckin crap now.


Joe503 t1_je1b1yv wrote

Any brands you recommend?


rugernut13 t1_je1bd3k wrote

Modern stuff is all going to suck compared to the old school shit. I've had pretty good luck with whirlpool and their family of brands, which includes KitchenAid and Jenn Air for kitchen stuff and Amana and Roper and Maytag. Honestly, the simpler the machine is the longer it's going to last. If you have to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility in your stove, you're going to have a rough time.


Joe503 t1_je1p6l3 wrote

Good info, thanks! I definitely do not need smart appliances or a screen on my fridge.


vlarkvaaran t1_jdyblod wrote

This model was used in the old TV Show Bewitched -- see this page for pics and also a neat gif showing the slide-out action:


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_jdyfx7n wrote

It’s funny you mention this. I took this photo when I was there visiting my grandfather this weekend. We got to talking about the stove, and he proudly told me the same exact thing!


thegreatincognitum t1_jdy5jze wrote

Tough to get the turkey out of the oven with a big pot of mashed potatoes on the stove, but the retro look is awesome!


some1sbuddy t1_jdxz1ol wrote

I had this oven range! It was fantastic!


ywBBxNqW t1_jdy8xgb wrote

Someone had an Imperial model that they posted maybe four years ago. It's neat to see the differences.

This one looks like your grandma used the heck out of it. That's awesome.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_jdyg9n8 wrote

She sure did, best Greek food I’ve ever eaten.


knuF t1_jdyeysi wrote

This very much reminds me of my grandmas kitchen too. Weird how you can feel the love of this image, bless grandmas.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_jdyg5jw wrote

You ain’t kidding. She passed about 6 years ago now, and I can still feel her warmth all over the house, especially at this stove. It was rare for her not to be here with her apron on when we would visit.


knuF t1_jdyh8fp wrote

What were some of her signature meals?


pnk_065 t1_jdy0455 wrote

This looks similar to mine, is it a General Motors product?


1955photo t1_jdy898m wrote

Says Frigidaire on the door. But I am thinking that at one point Frigidaire was owned by GM????


pnk_065 t1_jdykfha wrote

Well mines looks the same, I’ll just have to get a closer look at mine soon. I THINK I remember seeing Frigidaire logos.


DeltaBelter t1_jdyebv8 wrote

Our neighbors had one like that. Very cool!


Visible-Book3838 t1_jdypwor wrote

I have the single oven Frigidaire Flair in my house, so narrower but the same model, just without the little oven door on the left. Mine has a steel cabinet underneath that was made for it, so it can be free standing, this one appears to have been built right into the kitchen cabinetry, which is cool.


Mine still works but it has some issues, luckily there's a community of people who love these particular ovens/stoves so parts and repair info is still available, so hopefully I'll never need to replace it.


Credulous_Cromite t1_jdyq6vy wrote

I’ve got one of these in my house! It needs a little repair (switch for back two burners needs to be replaced) but I’ve been surprised how much I like it.


kittenfkr t1_jdz4055 wrote

I have a whole set of that white porcelain china to this day. I inherited them from my 90+ grandparents when they passed. Those are also buy it for life material.porcelain china


deelowe t1_jdybsel wrote

Back when Fridgidaire was a quality product. Now, it's a lower end appliance line for Electrolux.


ME5SENGER_24 t1_jdygrm4 wrote

Show off that Corningware!! Thats some BIFL stuff right there!!


mr_john_steed t1_jdyi23w wrote

Nice!! My grandparents also had a Frigidaire Flair for decades where the stovetop slid back into the wall like that. Apparently, they're kind of a collector's item with an internet fan club now.


Ready-Scientist7380 t1_jdyqhal wrote

I had a Tappan stainless steel side by side oven with 4 burners on the pull out portion and a full length cutting board. It was marvelous. Loved baking pies in the small oven on the right hand side, giant casseroles in the left oven. It would make so much more sense to continue the design for a modern small kitchen than those giant glass top ranges.


severedfinger t1_jdz1xlh wrote

My grandparents had one of those, and my grandpa still had the original owners manual in a filing cabinet in case he needed to make repairs.


Papichuloft t1_jdzb6a1 wrote

The new ones break within 5 years now. This was meant to last, just like grandma's memory and love.


DasBlueEyedDevil t1_je1vml5 wrote

That's a damned fine looking appliance. I do wish I got to see that level of aesthetic. I grew up in the 80s, where everything was hideous lol


zetared t1_je1yshd wrote

Weird to see this, for me. My mom's (old) house has this exact oven/stove. I grew up on it, and I use it a few times a year now when I visit for holidays and the like. It's a perfectly serviceable appliance, outlasting every other kitchen appliance that house came with several times over. We always talk about the day it inevitably dies, though, because I can't imagine it will be repairable, and my mom has no intention of trying to replace it with something new, either (she's not much for cooking).


Self-rescuingQueen t1_je38cot wrote

My grandma had this same stove. She took it with her when they moved 1200 miles away.

I look at that photo and can instantly smell the fried chicken she made. Absolutely divine!


No_Construction_4293 t1_je4m9fz wrote

This is amazing and a testament to how she took pride in her appliances by keeping this functioning all this time.


mildlyfunnypun t1_je994ld wrote

My grandma still used hers daily until she passed a couple years ago.


quackerhacker t1_jdy8gel wrote

My mom had the Tappan version of this. I thought the burners were in a drawer that pulled out


Trumpeteer24 t1_jdycrp1 wrote

The Tappan did and if I recall the oven opened to the side instead of sliding up,, I miss our old one, it kicked the can at about 50 years old.


RiotingMoon t1_jdybggl wrote

my jealousy has gained sentience (⁠●⁠´⁠⌓⁠`⁠●⁠)


HearingDamage_ t1_jdyd4uf wrote

I found a mint condition 1967 oven at a thrift store last week. Truly amazing how beautiful they were. Not sure how to share the pic but I posted about it in thriftstorehauls


chefkoolaid t1_jdyeepr wrote

One of my friends has this exact same thing in his basement


Addicted-2Diving t1_jdyi6i7 wrote

As my parents always say “Stuff back then was built to last” Glad you have so many fond memories. Cooking has always been the best family memories in my family as well.


lowlowjonnie t1_jdyijr7 wrote

My grandma had the same sort of oven.


ColdYellowGatorade t1_jdyjqwm wrote

It’s amazing the stuff old people still have in their home. My grandmother has old cast iron sinks and tub from before the 60s. Her oven, dryer and fridge are all from the 70s. She keeps a service plan just so she doesn’t have to replace the parts. It’s wild.


mnreco t1_jdyllzf wrote

It’s the same stove from Bewitched!


cutofmyjib t1_jdymznu wrote

My back would love this setup


humanzee70 t1_jdyommg wrote

Looks like Alice should be cooking breakfast for the Brady Bunch on this thing.


ScoutG t1_jdyrsmb wrote

A thing I’ve learned about appliances is that once they’re old beyond a certain point, they last forever. It’s the five year old thing that will fall apart (and the manufacturer acts like you’re delusional for expecting better).


wethummingbirdfarts t1_jdyvo80 wrote

You can see this oven in use in the original Bewitched series.

Edit: for those that don’t know, the burners are on a drawer that pulls out.


petrichorgasm t1_jdywes1 wrote

Had something like this in one of my apartments built in the 60s! I loved it and miss that apartment.


Embarrassed_Local633 t1_jdyye8r wrote

I remember those! Really really heavy to move. I loved the way the stove top slid in like a drawer.


CableVannotFBI t1_jdyyqo9 wrote

I had one of these from 2007-2010. It was in a metal cabinet stand, so we stored the pots and pans underneath it.

We put clay flat tiles in both oven to line the rack for better heating.

Loved this oven- especially the two ovens !!


sunseeker_miqo t1_jdz07ua wrote

Oh, that's beautiful! I have always loved these old designs.


Busman123 t1_jdzcncc wrote

Yeah those are legend, folding cooktop, right? Plus bonus vintage corningware! They have a fan club and people refurbish them.


Curly_Sage t1_jdzg1f5 wrote

This is amazing I want this!


Scared_Sherbet8530 t1_jdzgq7i wrote

Where are the modern day versions of these! 1950s and 60s had such cool kitchen technology.


varia101 t1_jdzi8xj wrote

Wild to me that things Cant last ten years annymore


Reostat t1_jdzk3lo wrote

I think things can, but upgrading has become a thing now.

Like no offense to this oven, but regardless of if it was working or not, if I had it, I'd be looking to replace it. I can't even imagine cooking with that, compared to the modern appliances I have. The ergonomics look terrible, I'm assuming cleaning is a pain in the ass, those coils are the worst thing in the world to cook with, temperature control is likely not great, energy use is high, etc etc

Changes to consumer products happen a lot faster now.


varia101 t1_jdzk86w wrote

Like what wifi


Reostat t1_jdzkjwl wrote

Well, just comparing to what I have now that I would miss:

  • Induction with 3.7kW per burner, and flex zones

  • Ergonomically useful oven space (extendable rails included)

  • Consumer oven that goes to 300C

  • Steam cycle for baking and cleaning

  • Programmable baking/broiling cycle

  • Preheating which doesn't take an eternity

  • Energy efficiency

  • More compact size for the same interior space as older appliances means more storage space in my kitchen


A3RRON t1_jdziaby wrote

I mean, even for the time back then, that must have cost a fucking fortune! Dual oven, retractable electric stove top and electric control board? Daaaamnn!


MickeyRipple t1_jdzlkzx wrote

My parent's house was built in 1951. It has the same range (different color) which still works perfectly. Just replaced the coils every once in a while. In my house, we've changed the range twice in 30 years.


metamorphosis t1_jdzo5j0 wrote

Turkish coffee lover ?

Based on cezve at the top of the oven ?


Lylac_Krazy t1_jdzo90a wrote

My ex had the same one in the house she bought.

Only reason to remove it was she redid the kitchen.


UglyViking t1_jdzspyf wrote

My mother in law has one of these. It's the coolest looking thing, but for sure it's not as great as new ranges. I think the biggest thing is how long they last with little maintenance.

Sure, if you were to take both "new" out of the box and compare, than basically any new range would smoke this thing across the board (except maybe style points). That said, I think this would last longer at that same level than a modern range.


mudokin t1_jdzv0va wrote

It's a cool piece but I that thing must have the engery efficency of a v8 big block.


Vastarien202 t1_jdzwo9l wrote

My Gran had one too, avocado green!


redditshy t1_jdzxr7f wrote

It’s nice how the burners are spaced out, instead of right on top of each other.


TheFuzz t1_jdzzfj5 wrote

My Wife and I purchased a similar one when we first got married at an estate sale. The burners fully retracted and were covered by a lid. Pull out to the first catch and two burners were exposed. Fully out all four were exposed. She misses that stove….


wollier12 t1_je00lpe wrote

Meaning no Ill will or disrespect, what a horrible design and yet a cool piece of historical appliances. An oven door above your boiling pot of water…..brilliant.


vidrar88 t1_je00nlq wrote

That’s so neat, I’ve never send one like that before.


Siren1805 t1_je00v0f wrote

Are these as good at cooking as I think they are?


MsAnne24801 t1_je02hqy wrote

Biggest, ugliest, piece of equipment ever.


l_a_ga t1_je02pqa wrote

Love the design, too. These old workhorses were fantastic - by contrast we just got a new oven to replace hotpoint from 90s and in three days it broke smh


LuluLittle2020 t1_je08u03 wrote

Reminds me of the Brendan Fraser movie, Blast From The Past, which is charming as all get out!


belt- t1_je0gtqq wrote

How do they replace parts? Just have to search for spares out in the wild? Im sure the company is out of business / dont provide any support for these anymore?


Super cool though!


Basic_Warrior t1_je0ndwl wrote

I have one of the freestanding Frigidaire Flair’s. I inherited it and use it daily. Works like a charm.


thumbstickz t1_je0nmhu wrote

Kitchen design in general has atrophied and rotted since the '50s and '60s. There were so many functional ingenious innovations that didn't go anywhere because of cost or profit.


Namoric t1_je0rj26 wrote

An oven I wouldn't have to bend over to use? SOLD. I NEED THIS


impy695 t1_je13ggx wrote

You know, I've only ever seen ovens underneath the stove top. I've seen small ones in the middle of what used to be floor to ceiling cabinets, but never anything like this. I never even considered that it was even an option, lol. That's really cool!


SinkHoleDeMayo t1_je15twq wrote

With that light, it reminds me of old school diners.


jcraig87 t1_je173jh wrote these old school.ovens they look so cool. Art deco was the coolest style yo exist ever


say_the_words t1_je176d9 wrote

My parents house had one of those when I was really young. Top was different. Had one oven with French doors. My mom hated it because she said the hot oven doors were dangerous when you were taking things out of the oven. They gutted the kitchen and replaced everything.


jdeyell t1_je1c8tc wrote

Whoa, my Gma had something very very similar. I can smell the soup she would make from here!


FillMyBagWithUSGrant t1_je1mmss wrote

That’s a cool stove/oven! It looks similar to the one in the kitchen on Bewitched (1964); I found a couple of stills from the show that shows the stove in the background. Even watching the show in the 70s when it was on when I got home from elementary school, I thought it was cool.


Urbanredneck2 t1_je23unw wrote

Well really all you had to do was replace the burners when they quit working so no need for replacement. Now I dont know how accurate the oven temperature is.


fartczar t1_je26myg wrote

Too cool! I’ve got some of those dishes. Cabinets look great too.

I love it when people don’t succumb to the “it’s 20xx, I must update” BS.


lexi_ladonna t1_je28lg9 wrote

These things are so cool. A lot of mid-century homeowners would pay top dollar for one of these


ghallway t1_je2fgg9 wrote

Have you ever noticed that the unit on "Bewitched" resembles this? We had one in our house growing up. One by one the elements stopped working and we replaced it in about 2008. It was awesome that you could retract the cook surface because our kitchen was so damned narrow.


standuphilospher t1_je2fw8t wrote

It’s going to be fun trying to put a new stove in. Very cool looking but going to have to rip out cabinets. Is there ventilation in the cabinet above going outside ?


Efffer t1_je8sswg wrote

Two BIFL items in that photo, in my opinion. The corningware ...


redquailer t1_jeabm11 wrote

Love this! Samantha Stevens, from the tv show Bewitched m, had one!!


empathetic_witch t1_jeeql1u wrote

This is so cool. I keep coming back to this sub to look at the features & design. I love the multi-oven/warmers at eye level.


uberrob t1_je028c7 wrote

I have no idea where everyone here is praising that design, that's one of the worst engineered ergonomic designs I've ever seen for stove / oven.

So if you have two or even one pot on the back burners, you can't get to the oven. If you have a pot frying pan on the front burners you're likely to do some serious damage to yourself if you reach into those ovens. In either case you're reaching over very hot surface to get to anything in the oven. Even in that picture it looks like you have to take the tea kettle off in order to open up the right oven.

I don't get it. I don't understand what it saves you in space either, except I guess you get cabinets underneath the stove top. The whole thing looks like a horrible user experience, and incredibly unsafe.


_Mr_Roboto_ OP t1_je0rpap wrote

The oven doors slide straight up. I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, but it's just the charm, design, and build quality that do it for me.


uberrob t1_je2w6bd wrote

All right if the oven door slides up it makes a bit more sense, still seems incredibly unsafe for kind of a small design win though