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5552020 OP t1_jb0a41l wrote

Hmm.. what do you call them? Dumpsters? Its not really a dumpster though.. its a skip


EveInGardenia t1_jb0otgq wrote

Yeah I guess they’re like a dumpster! Pretty much the same thing just a different shape and name! Wonder if it has to do with the trash truck style? (I’m way too invested in learning about this trash receptacle haha)


5552020 OP t1_jb0p6v2 wrote

Ok. Lets say you are having the builders in to demolish your old patio and build a new one. They will usually hire a skip and throw all the remains of the old patio in there, hire another guy with a big truck with a crane to haul it away. This doesn’t happen on your side of the pond?


hanimal16 t1_jb19nmn wrote

Yes! We have these. I’ve typically seen one that can be connected to a truck that can haul it away, but yeah this is pretty much the same as what we have in the US.


BurnTheOrange t1_jb1g6ho wrote

In the States a similar activity takes place, but the container and the truck to remove it are differently shaped. The trucks in the States tend to have rollers rather than a crane and the bin is longer and flatter. Seems it is a case of parallel evolution to solving the same problem.


EveInGardenia t1_jb1zh3j wrote

We definitely have that, they just look different and have other names!