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kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb0pfud wrote

They go on the back of a lorry that can lift them up and drive them away. They are pretty handy for getting rid of rubble and stuff like that. As for why someone downvoted you, well some people are just ass holes.


EveInGardenia t1_jb1zzc6 wrote

Yeah we definitely have our own versions of these in the states, I like the word “skip” for it :)


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb3k79a wrote

We also have a crips called skips.


EveInGardenia t1_jb4gvu6 wrote

Crips in the US is plural for a gang haha


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb5ofhf wrote

I meant crisps. Sorry. You guys call them chips for some reason.


EveInGardenia t1_jb5pbhr wrote

Oh haha that one I’m familiar with, damn English language


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb5qtpe wrote

English is a really stupid language, there are so many rules but they all have exceptions. And then when you move around the UK there are a bunch of different accents and new words that make no sense.


EveInGardenia t1_jb6a9hq wrote

Oh same here in the US, my husband and I are from different sides of the country and we poke fun at each other for our regional slang all the time