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Decimator714 t1_jb0vy6w wrote

Because plastic sucks and it's going to be the next lead.

Not only that, but most dislike new technology due to intentionally inhibiting repair in it's design. Arguably they aren't intentionally sabotaging repair, but instead they are not thinking about repair as a priority as they used to in the past.


CressiDuh1152 t1_jb2xly0 wrote

Half the time people clinging to this also refuse to learn the repair methods for modern items.

Especially cars.


Fromanderson t1_jb3f1xp wrote

Planned obsolescence is a thing.

I own an old cabover truck from the 60s. While finding certain parts is challenging these days everything on it is serviceable. Even after owning it nearly 5 years I'm still finding lubrication points I hadn't noticed before. Even the shafts that operate the cams for the air brakes have grease fittings.

By comparison some of our newer company trucks have the brake rotors on the inside of the axle flange. Every time the rotors have to come off , the axles have to come out of the differential. That means new axle seals, diff gasket and gear oil are required for a brake job.

Seriously, all they had to do was make the axle slightly shorter and put the rotor on the outside, like every other manufacturer has done for decades.


Decimator714 t1_jb43ojf wrote

WOW now that is something. Stuff like that is exactly why I enjoy working on my own cars, but would absolutely never consider becoming a mechanic.