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Daddysown t1_jb0ywo4 wrote

School furniture keeps getting worse- I'm a school custodian and have to fix it when it breaks- the stuff from the 80s is ugly and heavy but at least repairable- now they are buying cheap Amazon bullshit that is in the dumpster at the end of the year- it's not repairable. The nicer plastic chair tend to be pretty durable and somewhat repairable depending. Wooden is 100% repairable and takes skill and craft which schools do not care about anymore - they only care about (short term) cost


5552020 OP t1_jb120bs wrote

You should see the clock he also rescued. Mechanical, with pendulum, very ornate wooden carvings. Throwing them out for cheapo quartz clocks.


Daddysown t1_jb188yd wrote

Nice- the clocks we use aren't quartz- they are satellite control- but look like check quartz clocks lol- they use DD batteries


ChoiceD t1_jb1d3hw wrote

The manufacturers don't want you to repair anything now. They want you to buy an entire new one. Makes them more $$$ that way.


Yokelocal t1_jb3i7hl wrote

Yeah - really surprised to see people hate on this chair. It’s the type of thing that was made and used widely for a long time.