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chairoinu t1_jb0hnog wrote

Yeah as a teacher with 2 of those in my classroom, can confirm no one wants to sit in that chair


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Decimator714 t1_jb0vy6w wrote

Because plastic sucks and it's going to be the next lead.

Not only that, but most dislike new technology due to intentionally inhibiting repair in it's design. Arguably they aren't intentionally sabotaging repair, but instead they are not thinking about repair as a priority as they used to in the past.


CressiDuh1152 t1_jb2xly0 wrote

Half the time people clinging to this also refuse to learn the repair methods for modern items.

Especially cars.


Fromanderson t1_jb3f1xp wrote

Planned obsolescence is a thing.

I own an old cabover truck from the 60s. While finding certain parts is challenging these days everything on it is serviceable. Even after owning it nearly 5 years I'm still finding lubrication points I hadn't noticed before. Even the shafts that operate the cams for the air brakes have grease fittings.

By comparison some of our newer company trucks have the brake rotors on the inside of the axle flange. Every time the rotors have to come off , the axles have to come out of the differential. That means new axle seals, diff gasket and gear oil are required for a brake job.

Seriously, all they had to do was make the axle slightly shorter and put the rotor on the outside, like every other manufacturer has done for decades.


Decimator714 t1_jb43ojf wrote

WOW now that is something. Stuff like that is exactly why I enjoy working on my own cars, but would absolutely never consider becoming a mechanic.


avitar35 t1_jb1122b wrote

It’s not that it’s better, but it lasts longer - which is the entire point of this subreddit. I agree they’re not super comfy but comfort isn’t why we’re here


2OOOand18 t1_jb1qpzu wrote

To be fair, the plastic chairs are likely more durable than these wooden ones.


avitar35 t1_jb1wcmn wrote

Plastics will crack with time I’d go for a wooden chair rather than a plastic one if I was thinking about longevity.


PRSArchon t1_jb1rbw4 wrote

Ah i forgot this is the “Buy Shit Stuff For Life” sub /s


FerdinandRusdelton t1_jb1e4kn wrote

I completely disagree. I had terrible posture in my school chairs because my tailbone wanted to slip forward on the indented plastic. Thus, I put a ton of pressure on my tailbone and always had pain. Old wooden chairs typically align your spine better since they have flat bottoms. I always favor my antique rocking chair over my couch, simply because it fits the shape of my body better.


nhgeek2004 t1_jb0k9fr wrote

I have a dining set with nice wooden chairs (no cushions). They are very comfortable. It is possible, but probably not on a school budget.


Blueporch t1_jb03h1k wrote

They probably thought they were replacing them with more cleanable plastic ones 🙂

Edited - my phone put some extra words in there


SweaterWeather4Ever t1_jb1yrj9 wrote

Hah and I bet the administration will brag the new chairs are made out of such and such percentage of recycled plastic, thus they are being so sustainable.🙄


Blueporch t1_jb23wuj wrote

Depends on how long ago they were replaced.

I was picturing 70’s Brady Bunch era plastic chairs, possibly in trendy dark orange or avocado green.


EveInGardenia t1_jb08goq wrote

What’s a skip?


EveInGardenia t1_jb09m00 wrote

Thanks, I know I could have googled but prefer to talk to people. Is this a term where you’re from? I’ve never heard it before. Honestly never seen a trash like that either


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb0a4d1 wrote

In the UK we just call them skips, I assume it has another name in other countries. If they even exist?


EveInGardenia t1_jb0omqx wrote

I’ve never seen one like this, close shape to like a construction dumpster or like a business dumpster here! Love learning things that are a little different than where I’m from. Confused on the downvotes 🤷🏻‍♀️


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb0pfud wrote

They go on the back of a lorry that can lift them up and drive them away. They are pretty handy for getting rid of rubble and stuff like that. As for why someone downvoted you, well some people are just ass holes.


EveInGardenia t1_jb1zzc6 wrote

Yeah we definitely have our own versions of these in the states, I like the word “skip” for it :)


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb3k79a wrote

We also have a crips called skips.


EveInGardenia t1_jb4gvu6 wrote

Crips in the US is plural for a gang haha


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb5ofhf wrote

I meant crisps. Sorry. You guys call them chips for some reason.


EveInGardenia t1_jb5pbhr wrote

Oh haha that one I’m familiar with, damn English language


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jb5qtpe wrote

English is a really stupid language, there are so many rules but they all have exceptions. And then when you move around the UK there are a bunch of different accents and new words that make no sense.


EveInGardenia t1_jb6a9hq wrote

Oh same here in the US, my husband and I are from different sides of the country and we poke fun at each other for our regional slang all the time


5552020 OP t1_jb0a41l wrote

Hmm.. what do you call them? Dumpsters? Its not really a dumpster though.. its a skip


EveInGardenia t1_jb0otgq wrote

Yeah I guess they’re like a dumpster! Pretty much the same thing just a different shape and name! Wonder if it has to do with the trash truck style? (I’m way too invested in learning about this trash receptacle haha)


5552020 OP t1_jb0p6v2 wrote

Ok. Lets say you are having the builders in to demolish your old patio and build a new one. They will usually hire a skip and throw all the remains of the old patio in there, hire another guy with a big truck with a crane to haul it away. This doesn’t happen on your side of the pond?


hanimal16 t1_jb19nmn wrote

Yes! We have these. I’ve typically seen one that can be connected to a truck that can haul it away, but yeah this is pretty much the same as what we have in the US.


BurnTheOrange t1_jb1g6ho wrote

In the States a similar activity takes place, but the container and the truck to remove it are differently shaped. The trucks in the States tend to have rollers rather than a crane and the bin is longer and flatter. Seems it is a case of parallel evolution to solving the same problem.


EveInGardenia t1_jb1zh3j wrote

We definitely have that, they just look different and have other names!


CRoss1999 t1_jb1ipwh wrote

It’s cool that it’s so sturdy and all but honestly plastic chairs in school where fairly comfy compared to wooded ones


OceanDriveWave t1_jb0b82f wrote

i can hear it creak from here


_Mechaloth_ t1_jb0bx7w wrote

“Alright class, quietly work on your math questions.”

Little shit starts purposely creaking their chair.

Another joins in, then the next.

Cacophonous creaking.


PRSArchon t1_jb1rs5i wrote

Soulless stackable cleanable light ergonomic plastic chairs, why would anybody want that over old heavy creaky painful wooden ones.


Daddysown t1_jb0ywo4 wrote

School furniture keeps getting worse- I'm a school custodian and have to fix it when it breaks- the stuff from the 80s is ugly and heavy but at least repairable- now they are buying cheap Amazon bullshit that is in the dumpster at the end of the year- it's not repairable. The nicer plastic chair tend to be pretty durable and somewhat repairable depending. Wooden is 100% repairable and takes skill and craft which schools do not care about anymore - they only care about (short term) cost


5552020 OP t1_jb120bs wrote

You should see the clock he also rescued. Mechanical, with pendulum, very ornate wooden carvings. Throwing them out for cheapo quartz clocks.


Daddysown t1_jb188yd wrote

Nice- the clocks we use aren't quartz- they are satellite control- but look like check quartz clocks lol- they use DD batteries


ChoiceD t1_jb1d3hw wrote

The manufacturers don't want you to repair anything now. They want you to buy an entire new one. Makes them more $$$ that way.


Yokelocal t1_jb3i7hl wrote

Yeah - really surprised to see people hate on this chair. It’s the type of thing that was made and used widely for a long time.


SweaterWeather4Ever t1_jb1yf6q wrote

I love it! Like your dad, I have a history of rescuing chucked-out chairs. I also have a great solid wood table with side leaves I found by a dumpster. People toss out fantastic wooden pieces!


embiggened_mouse t1_jb1yqsr wrote

Geez I wish they had donated them or put that stuff in a charity shop. It sucks that they tossed out wooden furniture and perfectly good clocks.


rand0mmm t1_jb39rlf wrote

I have a really small one of these. It's solid and wonderful.


caseybvdc74 t1_jb3jxj4 wrote

My ass hurts just looking at it


Ilovefishdix t1_jb3lcsv wrote

I have one that we found somewhere. It's heavy, solid wood. It looks like someone cut off the table part and kept the chair. There's a shelf below the seat, so I'm fairly certain it's an old school desk. I bet it outlives me


BradleyyBear t1_jb3trgy wrote

This isn't the best designed of these old chairs I've seen. But still a good long lasting chair. I'd throw a cushion on it and it'd be great.

I've sat in some old wood courtroom chairs that were all wood with no cushion but designed so well it was like sitting on a cloud. Didn't feel like wood at all.


Dr-Fat t1_jb4kepa wrote

Well, I now want a possessed chair in my house too.


hanimal16 t1_jb19dhe wrote

How could you throw something like this out??? It may be simple, but damn that’s a fine chair.


FupaHorizon t1_jb1wu9a wrote

Whenever systems do shit like that I’m always like “soooo who’s cousin owns the chair store?”


jay_mald t1_jb0vmfl wrote

Rescued. Got it