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Culverin t1_jbdofhs wrote

Here's my personal take,

They're still good, their quality control is insane. I go to their factory outlet in North Van and see their factory seconds. Half the time I can't even see the cosmetic defects even when the tag points them out.

However, almost none of their stuff is made in Canada anymore. Exceptions being the Alpha SV, their military LEAF line, and their Professional line. Essentially "when life is on the line".

My personal take is their golden age was when they were owned by Amer, from mid 2000s to around the mid 2010s. And definitely before Amer was controlled by Chinese firm Anta. They have a lot more casual products now, and some high end fashion collabs. They're chasing fashion and mainstream instead of hard users. While I would say their stuff is well made and durable. Very few of their packs would I classify as indestructible.

The Alpha SK is a recent pack that was bomb proof, it's gone now.

The Naos and Arrakis, are long gone. And nothing they have come even close to those in terms of durability.


XVOS t1_jbeojop wrote

I’ve heard similar things about their ski patrol gear (pro line)


Southpontiac t1_jbeue9d wrote

Even some of their miliary leaf stuff was made in china last time I went to one of their dealers. Not sure if that has changed or not.


TylerDurdenUMD t1_jbhalgz wrote

Yeah some of that stuff it’s best to stalk the .mil gear sellers on IG.


evilocto t1_jbfj0md wrote

Harnesses are still made in Canada for climbing and they are phenomenal It is a shame everything else isn't.


b0bfr4nk t1_jbgy83q wrote

I have had an arrakis for over 10 years and It travelled to a few places around the world with me. It looks brand new. Couldn't ask for a better bag.


cascadianpatriot t1_jbf6dnb wrote

I thought they were better in the 90s.


Culverin t1_jbfbuoz wrote

The materials they are using, some of the tech and design elements have definitely improved over time.

For their packs, I think the best build quality is with their AC2 tech

They are fully waterproof, completely seam sealed bags.

I've got 3 made with this tech. Nothing else on the market seems to come even close.