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looking-to-help t1_jbdc3ai wrote

*Stares wistfully* My 2004 RAV4 had about that 2 years ago and was still going strong.....until someone slid through an intersection and rear ended me in -45˚C weather...No bumper could have survived that - just shattered to pieces with that cold! I miss it, 100% a BIFL!


Sumfuc t1_jbes496 wrote

Had a 2008 Corolla with 200k+ that still blew cold-ass a/c in summer. She was my daily commuter for 15 years, was laid to rest by colliding with a deer. Still was able to turn around & get me back home. What a champ she was.

I’ll always be a Toyota Man.


Kodiak01 t1_jbfvfjc wrote

Hit a medium sized deer in my 2013 Sonic (142k) at about 40mph last fall. Bastard rolled down the entire left side of the car and didn't even have the decency to die.

Yanked out the LH fender by hand and had to climb in and out through the passenger door for 2 months until it could get into the shop, but that little tank is still purring away! I'll be shocked if I get less than 250k out of it. Amazing how doing regular maintenance can make things last damn near forever.


colonelrootkit t1_jbg23s2 wrote

Me too. My first car was a 1994 Camry for $1200 that lasted me until the end of college when i got hit by a drunk driver... I've got a 2018 Corolla dealershop car i got for 14k in 2019. She's sitting at 117k miles and i plan to drive her til the wheels fall off


B0ndzai t1_jbec6o7 wrote

Can't you just replace the bumper?


coranos2 t1_jbeilww wrote

Probably also had frame damage.

At some point it’s cheaper to buy somebody else’s rav4 then repair yours.


exccord t1_jbfop7y wrote

Didnt that gen 4runner have major rust issues on the frames?


looking-to-help t1_jbf64py wrote

At that temperature plus the speed the other person was driving, the bumper shattered into a hundred pieces; and as another user surmised, it obtained some frame damage! The cost to repair it was far more than the insurance company was willing to pay for and more than I could afford at that time as a student! But boy, did I want to!


Charming-Street-1190 t1_jbhqr80 wrote

I’m currently driving a 2004 RAV4. She has something like 180k miles on her. In the 8 years I’ve been driving it. I had to replace the gas tank and the muffler. Did you have to do any repairs other than regular maintenance stuff to get yours into the 300k+ club?

When I say her, I think she’s a feminine car. I have never named her….I named my last RAV4 from 98’ “ Lisa Marie” and we made it to the 200k miles club before someone went through a red light and t boned me. I mourned “Lisa Marie” so much I vowed to never love another car that much again…..I’m afraid to name my current car, can’t let myself get that attached.


looking-to-help t1_jbhz7bu wrote

Absolutely love Lisa Marie, mine was named Lorelai (I was a very big Gilmore Girls fan at the time). Nope, nothing was ever replaced or required repairs! Just regular maintenance. I guess one time I had a giant ding repaired in my door because someone hit and ran me......while I was sitting in the car. Locked eyes with me and everything 😂. But she was only 2-3 at the time haha.


HumongousGreens t1_jbdewbl wrote

Gotta love old Toyotas. My 2001 Camry just hit 135k miles


DeadbeatPillow1 t1_jbdy5tj wrote

Get the transmission fluid changed if you haven’t.


cronx42 t1_jbenkhc wrote

Might want to do the slow change at those miles if it's never been done. Just drain some, then add the amount that drained out.


HumongousGreens t1_jbeu73n wrote

Changed it when I first got the car, but thank you for the reminder. I have another ~30k miles to go before it needs to be changed again :)


pcrcf t1_jbex7vs wrote

Why is this important more so than at other times? I know nothing about cares and have a Highlander with ~130k miles


DeadbeatPillow1 t1_jbeyi1x wrote

You should get it changed when it calls for it in the manual. But many people forget so the sooner the better. Check the manual or online for all preventative maintenance. Also go to a local trusted garage instead of dealerships to get the work done. You will save thousands. Avoid those in and out garages like the plague.


colonelrootkit t1_jbg3m9d wrote

I've got a 2018 corolla with 118k miles. I think it calls for the change at 125k. It's the CVT and whenever I've previously brought it up at the dealership, they act like I'm stupid and say no need...


Its_bigC t1_jbgd36g wrote

Nissan's CVTs go at about 100k with no fluid changes


Mabepossibly t1_jc98u9f wrote

That’s because Nissan CVTs are getting replaced every 40k


Deswizard t1_jbdijze wrote

You're about a quarter way through its life-span.


DrElinaz t1_jbeqcd4 wrote

My 97 4runner has 364,000 miles on it! Admittedly at 340,000 I had to change the engine but I got a new one in and expect it to run another 300k. The engine swap was miles cheaper than getting a new car.


wobsta21 t1_jbetylo wrote

Any more details on this you would be willing to share? We have a '94 4runner and I'm curious as to the cost and how difficult the process was.


DrElinaz t1_jbf4qn4 wrote

Sure! About 4 years ago, head gasket blew. Mechanics found other issues with the engine and deemed it totaled. We were able to find a used 5vz v6 engine with 75k miles for around $2500 and after labor came out to a little over $3k. Depending on your area, I've seen the prices of these used engines dramatically increase.

I couldn't speak about the difficulty, as I had my mechanic do the work. However, it was finished the day they recieved the new engine and it being a very well known and simple platform, I'm sure it's one of the more simple engine swaps.

If this car wasn't so sentimental I may have considered using that money for a down payment on another vehicle but I love this car and has been in my family forever.

I also recommend to start replacing things here and there as your 4runner ages. I don't have an exact list of things I started replacing but I'd look at any seals, gaskets, hoses, filters, bushings, air flow sensor, etc.


Human-Piglet-5450 t1_jbdewaf wrote

My 1991 Toyota pick up has given me years of service. The odometer broke around 10 years ago and the numbers had already rolled over 100k about 3 times. It was my daily driver until I got my 2003 4runner a few years ago. Now it's going to get some long overdue cosmetic improvements!


hammond_egger t1_jbezonk wrote

92 Toyota pickup here. Sold it with 240k miles because it had a hole rusted in the frame and wouldn't pass inspection. Would have cost more to get it fixed than the truck was worth. In hindsight, I wish I would have paid to get it repaired. Loved that truck.


Human-Piglet-5450 t1_jbg2v30 wrote

That's too bad. Through the years I've managed to hold on to mine due to the fact it had needed minimal repair and runs like such a champ. I'm barely staying ahead of the fender rust at this point and the once red paint has pretty much faded to pink and primer. I still think it's pretty tho! Ha ha


vacuous_comment t1_jbe73k4 wrote

4th gen 4runners are a nice platform. Some nice features, that window in the tailgate that comes down is super useful. 110V AC socket is nice.

A key weakness, the transmission pan becomes a problem to drop after a while due to the bolts snapping when you try to remove them. Maybe this is less of an issue outside areas with rain/snow/salt.

On the V8, the secondary air injection system is a complete piece of crap and will lead to a pointless inspection failing check engine light at some point. There are a couple of fixes. The V8 is a nice engine otherwise though.

I found mine abandoned, it had sat for 5 years or so. I found the owner, paid him less than scrap value and put it back on the road as my daily driver. Initially I did brakes and tires and then just fluids all round I think.


yorky85 t1_jbdbvz4 wrote

What work have you had done on it


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbdgm1e wrote

The only major repair was head gasket around 170k. Aside from that just regular maintenance, most of which I do myself. I also only use premium gas although the benefits are up for debate.


tsnara t1_jbec14s wrote

Consider only buying top tier brand gas instead of going higher octane. Higher octane is a waste if your car calls for lower. Top tier gas has a lot of cleaning additives which is supposed to clean the system. My new Toyota recommends low octane top tier gas.


texassadist t1_jbet24s wrote

Wth is low octane top tier? Like 87 w/ Techron?


sinnayre t1_jbf7k0h wrote

Pretty much.

Top tier brands are listed at For modern vehicles, most cars will call for 87, but check your owners manual for exact octane level. Higher octane just means it takes more compression to detonate, which is only important in specific applications like turbos and some higher end luxury cars. It’s important to prevent knocking.

Just don’t be like a buddy of mine and put 87 in a BMW that called for 91 and wonder why the engine was knocking.


Mabepossibly t1_jc994rm wrote

Yes. Essentially there is a difference between name brand gas Mobil, Valero, Citco, etc and the Cumberland Farms or Wawa gas.


ShellSide t1_jbf33yc wrote

The benefits aren't up for debate. The benefit is more resistance to knock detonation from compression. There's literally zero benefit in running a higher octane gas in a car that doesn't need it. It's like buying an oven mitt rated for 1000F for your 400F oven. Sure it'll work but it's not giving you any extra benefits.


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbf3r05 wrote

It’s superstition at this point. I can’t switch , and my employer pays for all gas so I’m not going back to regular.


ortusdux t1_jbf7h0t wrote

Anything with the transmission? My 04 just hit 205k and I wouldn't mind another 100k!


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbf7mv0 wrote

No transmission issues at all. I’ve never replaced the fluid.


ortusdux t1_jbf8pay wrote

Good to hear. I had one shop swear I need to pump out and replace all the fluid. I checked with someone I trusted more and they insisted I avoid replacement if possible. I'm pretty sure the first shop just bought a new pump and wanted to try it out.

How awesome are the mirrors in the back?


RunawayRogue t1_jbfbd2m wrote

Toyotas are the best. I used to drive cab back in the day and we had many scion xbs and Priuses with over 500k. Camrys with over 350k...

And crown Vic's with over a million miles.


Senpai_Zaddy t1_jbdfqtp wrote

What engine? Ive got an 04 runner V6 185k. Dash is cracked and the AC blend door likes to get stuck but runs and drives perfect.


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbdgqwu wrote

It's the V6. The Toyota dealer will replace the dash for free. Toyota acknowledged a manufacturer defect, and you just call the dealer and schedule your new dash installation.


bzarins t1_jbf8r2a wrote

Wow it still has a frame though? I had a 02 Tacoma, got rid of it when it rusted thru it’s second frame. Granted I’m in New England so salt dissolves these frames in no time.


danielsulme t1_jbg5mg3 wrote

Disappointed, thought it would say boobies upside down


pigletbriggs t1_jbdiqr2 wrote

I loved my ‘06 so much-she was totaled two years ago w/200K. Would have gone another 200…..My favorite vehicle ever. Enjoy every mile!


xtramundane t1_jbeggcr wrote

My ‘04 just turned over 200k, fingers crossed…


duzersb t1_jbet2pn wrote

2006 tacoma here with 290, and running super


TheChadmania t1_jbeyczi wrote

I've got a 2011 Corolla with 175k miles on it. At that rate it'll take another 10 years to get to 320k!


cancel_culture-sux t1_jbf08be wrote

I’d still have mine if it fit 3 car seats 😢 Best 11 years of car ownership I’ve had


DrinkWater718 t1_jbf08nz wrote

This was my first car I believe I loved that thing riding w the back window down I thought I was so cool on college haha might get a new one now. What's the maintenance u do on it?


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbf86o5 wrote

I do oil changes, filter changes , brakes , 1 coolant flush, spark plugs. A few other things I’m probably forgetting it .


Zealousideal_One1722 t1_jbf28pp wrote

My family has a Camry that my grandma bought used and then gifted to my brother when he started driving. That 1994 Camry is currently being driven by the fifth teenage driver in our family. It only has about 150k miles because none of us were allowed to drive very far but it’s held up like none other.


Shlushii t1_jbf4la5 wrote

How's the oil leaks and rear shocks holding up?

Every one that comes in for oil changes is clapped but still chugging along


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbf5c1x wrote

Rear shocks are great. A few slow oil leaks that have been leaking for about the past 100k miles but not even enough that I need to add oil between changes.


Shlushii t1_jbfexta wrote

Nice to hear it's not "factory squatted" lol. And it'll probably continue to have those small drops untill the end of time, nice!


Demonicmeadow t1_jbfbjsl wrote

I just took a pic of my bfs 4runner at 375 yesterday. Never had any work on it.


webbileaks_ t1_jbfgaep wrote

God 4Runners are awesome. I looked into buying one last year and even the older ones are pretty spendy which I think is for a good reason. I purchased an older RAV4 instead and that thing has ran flawlessly for a few years without a single issue knock on wood


McRibsie t1_jbflkbb wrote

“My uncle used to drive a ho-runner”


suckerbucket t1_jbfqp7h wrote

Lol those are rookie numbers for Toyota


SmugOmnivore t1_jbfrmrw wrote

Got a 1998 3rd gen at 345k miles. still going!


Walkthebluemarble t1_jbfrxx6 wrote

Love it! 250k on my 2000 4rnr. If I hit the lotto I’d spoil her w/ new gaskets, fluids and maybe paint but she’ll always be my baby.


NewDadInNashville t1_jbfxz3e wrote

I’ve got a ‘12 Tacoma with 99K miles that’s paid off. Hoping this thing lasts another 100K miles.


speedspectator t1_jbg5m6f wrote

I had my ‘99 4Runner for 15 years and a little over 300k miles before it gave out and the cost to fix wasn’t worth it at that point. I miss it dearly, and every once in a while I check my local buy/sell sites to see if one is selling my price range. I’d get another in a heartbeat 🥲


TurboAbe t1_jbgihrh wrote

My 2005 4Runner is at 200k. Wish it got better mpg but keeping old cars is way cleaner than upgrading efficient vehicles every 5 years.


mega-husky t1_jbhd00q wrote

V8 or V6? The V8 is basically a full size land cruiser drivetrain in 4runner body on a Land Cruiser Prado chassis.

That 2UZFE (Toyota 4.7 engine) is pure gold


Velosturbro t1_jbipagl wrote

My grandma had a 1996 Toyota Tercel that she bought brand new, and then gave to my dad when she died about 10,000 miles in. My dad drove it until 2010, then sold it to me for 400$ with 280,000 miles on it. I continued to drive it for three years until I joined the navy, when I parked it in my parents back yard.

It sat for 3 years, never started, until I came home to grab it on leave. Started it on the first crank with a jump pack, and drove it 200 miles back to my house. Continued driving it while the wife had the new car. Got her up to 350,000 miles. Sold her to a buddy for 400$, and he drove it another 50k. He sold it to another mutual friend for 400$, and it just crossed the 500k milepost, in 2023. We keep a groupchat alive just for that car and it's owners.


christiancocaine t1_jbj8j4u wrote

My 2005 Honda civic lasted until at least 240k when I just donated to a friend to work on after the starter died, so it’ll probably go longer. I drove it for 13 years


JeosungSaja t1_jbjl9qv wrote

I’ll be the only dude waiting another 60 years so I can see your odometer go to 1000000. If you decide to keep it that is…


Shoot_2_Thrill t1_jbl3tnn wrote

4Runners are champs. Is this for sale? lol


trampled93 t1_jc41dv9 wrote

I love my 2000 Toyota 4Runner. Quality Japanese engineering and manufacturing. I have 252,000 miles on mine and have seen posts of others going upwards of 400,000 miles.


hfghvvdyyh t1_jbeuwh6 wrote

How much is gas where you live ? I calculated this at $5/gal to cost over 100k usd to gas


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbex6s5 wrote

I don’t pay for my gas. If I did there’s no way I’d be using premium.


GammaDealer t1_jbebabd wrote

"My uncle had a horunner"


ymmotvomit t1_jbe0k58 wrote

Post when 420k -Eloon


NittyGrittyDiscutant t1_jbe1hdc wrote

not bad, not bad

i hope u didn't forget to mention that engine has been swapped twice already


ShellSide t1_jbf3hgd wrote

here is a Lexus CT (a fancy Prius) with almost 800k on the original engine. Of all companies to have high mileage engines, I'd expect it to be a Toyota


stratomaster82 OP t1_jbf7wxj wrote

Nah, once it needs a new engine or transmission I’m getting a Land Cruiser. This is all on the original engine.