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I’ve always loved fashion but finding brands that are actually ethically made and good quality is hard!

I really like that 60’s/90’s look and chic/modern styles.

I know that there are a lot of hemp made and more granola-like fashion brands but it’s just not remotely my style.

Have any recommendations?



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educateyourself1 t1_irpvkg3 wrote

There’s a website that rates companies ethics, they also have an app. I like Eileen Fisher personally.


Faeglantina t1_irqjp8p wrote

Eileen Fisher is great. I have a lot of their stuff. Admittedly, it is all secondhand. Holds up great though.


nothximjustbrowsin t1_irr26r7 wrote

You could shop consignment and then you don’t really need to worry


phutstank t1_irta6ot wrote

I buy at thrift shops. It keeps clothes out of the landfill and it helps the community.


subtlechuckles t1_irpvl1v wrote

Known Supply Does this fit your style? I’ve purchased their clothes before. I prefer wool or linen for durability over cotton (their most common fabric), but I do appreciate their company’s mission.


_thewheelsonthebus_ t1_irq19x4 wrote


I used to work at a store that had an emphasis on ethical, sustainable brands and Kowtow was like the gold standard. They are GOTS certified and have so much transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Edited to add website link and a bit more info


Faeglantina t1_irqjmid wrote

You could always try vintage.


Muncie4 t1_irqxn87 wrote

You are asking about combining several elements and giving a recommendation and that's not a thing. Reasons for fail:

  1. Price. We have no idea of your budget.
  2. Use case. Are these for use at your job in the smelting plant or as a Les Clefs d'Or Concierge at a five star hotel?
  3. Ethical is not a simple term. Sustainable materials. Sustainable employee wages. Fair Trade. Certified B Corporation. Woman owned business in Djibouti. We have no idea of what your idea of ethical is.

cisumox t1_irrdogh wrote

Everlane is a fave of mine


SeaworthinessOk6814 t1_iru1rpw wrote

I love finding high quality stuff second hand. Poshmark is my go-to.


la85 t1_is0gbzh wrote

Twothirds based in Spain are sustainable/ethical/stylish


riatequila1114 t1_is3xqkz wrote super cute and supporting a small business


StormDue6579 t1_is8owwm wrote

It is my understanding that Patagonia grows to great lengths to make sustainable products and pays the workers that make their clothing a living wage. Do your own research, but I’ve been happy with all of my clothing from Patagonia.


johntwoods t1_irpzaue wrote

I've taken to making clothes for my wife out of paper Trader Joe's bags.

TJ's treats their employees fairly and they maintain a socio-concious presence in our city.

Edit: Sorry you folks don't like ethical clothing. 🤷‍♂️