Submitted by Naive_Armadillo_4397 t3_11oy19a in BuyItForLife

I seem to wear through all my pants in a year or so my most recent ones being a pair of Ten Tree Twill Everyday Pants.

Pants done have to be anything fancy but nothing overly casual as well.

I have an eye on Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans would love to hear peoples thought? But also open to suggestions.



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Danny_Mc_71 t1_jbv4klm wrote

Dickies. Their casual trousers are hard wearing and look pretty sharp.


iLikeCatsOnPillows t1_jc7jofj wrote

Seconded. I use the double knee with a side pocket as work pants and have had pairs last years, but the originals are a slick looking pant with the same construction.


Naive_Armadillo_4397 OP t1_jbv5t4x wrote

just out of interest how much wear have you got out of a pair of these?


Danny_Mc_71 t1_jbvapld wrote

Oh it must be five years or more at this stage. Granted these are more "casual" than my everyday work trousers which are Apache multi pockets things.

Go for brands that are marketed for hard wearing. Skate gear is also a good option.


901gritgrind t1_jbvax1s wrote

American Giant makes exceptional garments. Their Roughneck pant is awesome. Went to them originally for their heavy duty hoodie. 10 years in on the first one and still going strong.


DaleyLlama t1_jbv529t wrote

Empyre makes great pants and shorts. Lasts me decades, had to replace the button and that’s it lol


Naive_Armadillo_4397 OP t1_jbv5ues wrote


will take a look thanks


DaleyLlama t1_jbv6dz1 wrote

They are basically a skate brand these days but imo lots of them make really durable stuff for obvious reasons lol. Have their slacks and love them plus a pair of shorts since high school


[deleted] t1_jbv7o67 wrote

RM Williams from Australia


lofiplaysguitar t1_jc0zmpj wrote

The Patagonia jeans you mentioned are "Made of . . . 33% T400® polyester comfort-stretch "

so I think they'll likely look good for a while but def not BIFL. I bought a pair of similar jeans with specs like that and they started wearing out after a year. I was looking at Raw Denim, that shrink to fit stuff. get it hemmed and tapered and viola, just the right amount of business casual


BoulderScrambler t1_jc1wi9s wrote

I’ve had a pair of Patagonia jeans for about three years. They still look new. But there’s no stretch; are organic cotton Edited: stretch specificity


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nshields84 t1_jbvm69k wrote

Suggest taking a look at Western Rise. I own their evolution and diversion pants and they are stellar.


deadbypowerpoint t1_jbz7i7j wrote

Carhartt triple stitch. Lasts forever even for blue collar.