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10acChicken t1_je30dww wrote

I have a set and absolutely hate them. They are stiff and itchy. I contacted the company and they said to wash them in a cup of white vinegar. I did this and then washed and dried them ten times. They are still uncomfortable.


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je325d5 wrote

I could see some people thinking that. They are 140 thread count, so they won't be as smooth as 800 thread count Egyptian cotton. I think they are a really soft material in a wider weave. I don't find them to be itchy at all. I really like them, but yeah not silky soft like some sheets.


uslashuname t1_je4vm72 wrote

I personally feel the “high thread count is better” is bullshit. For one, higher thread count forces thinner threads thus they wear through much faster and you have to replace them: sheet makers love this. For two, higher thread count means tighter weave and that means less breathable. And finally, can skin really feel the difference between 200/in vs 800/in?!

I think for what your skin can feel percale vs sateen weave is more important, type of fiber, etc.


Gryphin t1_je5cm94 wrote

"And finally, can skin really feel the difference between 200/in vs 800/in"

Oh hell yes I can. Easily.


uslashuname t1_je5qmm0 wrote

Are you sure that’s not the different materials or weave? Have you gotten the same species of cotton or whatever fiber in the same weave but at different thread thickness? Or are you comparing sateen weave polyester blend to linen percale?


Killerbeetle846 t1_je5saiy wrote

I can feel the difference between sheets but I don't necessarily prefer higher thread count. I like heavy sheets and some sheets are heavier with lower thread counts. I have to feel each sheet in person to decide.


kangaj72 t1_je3lujc wrote

You can send them to me! I love mine.


10acChicken t1_je4vlxl wrote

Tell you what, let me run them through the wash a few more times to try and soften the up. If they do not I would be happy to send them to you. I have two sets of blue queen standard pocket depth. Let’s touch base in a couple weeks.


kangaj72 t1_je593do wrote

Sounds like a plan. I can’t imagine them not getting softer though! Mine are so comfy and not scratchy at all.