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GooseG00s3 t1_je2jmnp wrote

These are like the exact color and style of fabric I bought to make my kitchen apron! When I scrolled down, my brain immediately went, “how does he have my apron??”


Accomplished_Sun_258 t1_je4q5m8 wrote

I’m like, “how does he have my bathroom curtains hands towels?”

(I can’t tell from the pic of the color is blue or black, mine are blue.)


Noidentitytoday5 t1_je2zloy wrote

They just don’t look very cool and crisp. I can see the weave so I am thinking rough


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je33sat wrote

Yeah, I would not classify them as cool and crisp. My Hotel Collection duvet cover fits that bill, I was surprised it was even cotton after feeling it, I thought it was silk or rayon or something. The Red Land sheets are made of a really soft cotton, but in a 140 thread count so they feel a bit rustic. Nicer than linen in my opinion.


Silverjackal_ t1_je3ctts wrote

I’ve got some nice percale sheets, but my linen ones feel amazing compared to them. I’d love to try silk, but it’s just too much imo.


kangaj72 t1_je3loci wrote

Not sure why this picture makes them look rough but I have a set and they are cool and crisp. Like any cotton sheet, they get softer the more they’re washed. I have a set that’s a year old and they’re great.


stylishboar t1_je41781 wrote

When I first got my set, they were really stiff, like thick tablecloths. After washing a few times though, now they’re really soft, somewhere between a very light flannel and a soft linen. They’re definitely not like your typical crisp percale though.


mojogirl_ t1_je526nf wrote

I don't think I'd classify them as crisp, but I find them quite cool and I live in a pretty hot muggy climate. No, they're not silky soft, but they're not rough either. These aren't for everyone, but I enjoy the texture and think it's the perfect weight for me. I can't speak for how BIFL they are, I've only had mine a couple of years. So far they have held up beautifully!


Junior_Ad2955 t1_je2zuz7 wrote

A lot of people completely disagree with you that have them…..


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je2gje1 wrote

I purchased these after someone mentioned them in the comments here. Grown and sewn in the USA. 100% cotton. Percale weave. Admittedly I have only had them a month but was impressed by my initial impression of quality so far.

I used to really like sheets made out of beech and bamboo because of how soft they were, but then I had a bunch get big holes in them after a few years. I tried some linen sheets and they are still holding up great, but felt like they had an off-putting “wet cardboard” feel to them. My go to sheets for a while were Egyptian cotton made buy a company called “Hotel Collection”, I still really like them but all the button holes in my duvet cover blew out after 10 years so I thought I would try something new, and were happy to learn these were also cheaper.

I bought a set of these Red Land sheets a month ago and had a really good initial impression. The material is not satiny soft like my Egyptian cotton sheets, but they have a really high quality feel to them. My wife says they make her feel like she is staying in a fancy hotel (for the price of one night in a really fancy hotel). The material is a little thicker and stiffer than my Egyptian cotton sheets, and the threads seem thicker too. They remind me of really soft workwear, or high quality chinos, if that makes any sense.

I just ordered another set and they came today (pictured), I got both sets for 25% off. It was pretty easy to get a 25% off coupon for them; I just signed up for their mailing list and then didn’t buy anything for a month or so. People also post coupon codes online. My wife got an ad for an additional 15% (the coupons stacked) off if she ordered them on Facebook; which turned out not to be a scam, but I was not able to replicate it for my second order.


kangaj72 t1_je3lrl0 wrote

They’ll get softer and softer as you wash them. I have a set that’s a year old and they’ve held up great.


suzybhomemakr t1_je4qsh4 wrote

Wait how did the button holes blow out? I have had duvet covers that were antiques used for a lifetime by family members and I've never seen a button hole blow out. You lose buttons and have to see those back on sure, but the holes themselves? So weird


TheGooch01 t1_je2gwkq wrote

I like the color and fabric. Thanks! Need some new sheets for summer.


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je2hcil wrote

Glad I could help! The sheet on top is "Lawerence Ticking Stripe", and the one on the bottom is a duvet cover in "natural".


seeteethree t1_je3rgzn wrote

So, BIFN? Like, Buy It For Now?


newt_girl t1_je4v9yu wrote

I have sheets from Target that are 36x as old as OPs sheets.


uslashuname t1_je4vwp9 wrote

lol true, though comments of others seem to lend credibility as does the thread count (thick threads worn down = still there, thin threads can’t wear down at all without busting apart).


10acChicken t1_je30dww wrote

I have a set and absolutely hate them. They are stiff and itchy. I contacted the company and they said to wash them in a cup of white vinegar. I did this and then washed and dried them ten times. They are still uncomfortable.


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je325d5 wrote

I could see some people thinking that. They are 140 thread count, so they won't be as smooth as 800 thread count Egyptian cotton. I think they are a really soft material in a wider weave. I don't find them to be itchy at all. I really like them, but yeah not silky soft like some sheets.


uslashuname t1_je4vm72 wrote

I personally feel the “high thread count is better” is bullshit. For one, higher thread count forces thinner threads thus they wear through much faster and you have to replace them: sheet makers love this. For two, higher thread count means tighter weave and that means less breathable. And finally, can skin really feel the difference between 200/in vs 800/in?!

I think for what your skin can feel percale vs sateen weave is more important, type of fiber, etc.


Gryphin t1_je5cm94 wrote

"And finally, can skin really feel the difference between 200/in vs 800/in"

Oh hell yes I can. Easily.


uslashuname t1_je5qmm0 wrote

Are you sure that’s not the different materials or weave? Have you gotten the same species of cotton or whatever fiber in the same weave but at different thread thickness? Or are you comparing sateen weave polyester blend to linen percale?


Killerbeetle846 t1_je5saiy wrote

I can feel the difference between sheets but I don't necessarily prefer higher thread count. I like heavy sheets and some sheets are heavier with lower thread counts. I have to feel each sheet in person to decide.


kangaj72 t1_je3lujc wrote

You can send them to me! I love mine.


10acChicken t1_je4vlxl wrote

Tell you what, let me run them through the wash a few more times to try and soften the up. If they do not I would be happy to send them to you. I have two sets of blue queen standard pocket depth. Let’s touch base in a couple weeks.


kangaj72 t1_je593do wrote

Sounds like a plan. I can’t imagine them not getting softer though! Mine are so comfy and not scratchy at all.


Junior_Ad2955 t1_je2ik8e wrote

For sure. We are visiting their store while in Alabama next week! Have about everything they own and getting t shirts and dress shirts from them when they come out in May.


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je2n8o1 wrote

Rad! I didn’t know they were coming out with shirts.


Junior_Ad2955 t1_je2qkrc wrote

Lots of new things coming in the next few years. If it’s currently made with cotton or was in the past, they will probably be coming out with it.


jennyfromtheeblock t1_je2rctj wrote

My ring catches on the towels resulting in several loose strings from drying my hands already :(

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them. I've had them about 7 months now.


Self-rescuingQueen t1_je2yd2w wrote

Might want to get the prongs on the ring setting checked. They're not supposed to catch like that.


jennyfromtheeblock t1_je375ih wrote

I was totally thinking the same after typing this out. Held it up to the light and you called is the tiniest bit not tight enough.


trexex t1_je3ccpl wrote

I love RLC! I bought their undyed sheets and love how they look and they feel so clean and durable! Sometimes overly soft sheets catch on my pjs and really annoy me but these are perfect.


SimpleVegetable5715 t1_je38gsd wrote

Great find! I have Hotel Collection towels that I found on clearance when they were changing the pattern of the stitching on the edges. Definitely worth the splurge for me! I think they were actually top rated by Good Housekeeping, but I don't know if I can trust those kind of reviews. I'm suspicious some companies pay for their products to be highly rated there. For example, how they highly rate some very throw away quality vacuum cleaners.

But cheaper than Hotel Collection and nicer? When I need new sheets, I will definitely keep these in mind. I used to love feeling the luxury of the Hotel Collection display beds when I worked at Macy's. The kind of stuff I always imagined putting in my dream home.


WorldsGr8estHipster OP t1_je3ama9 wrote

I don't know if they are nicer than Hotel Collection or not, but I suspect more likely to be BIFL. I actually just saw Macy's has some Hotel Collection sheets for a little bit more than I got the Red Land Sheets for (after a 50% discount code "VIP"). Might be worth checking out, they are definitely nice.


xeroxchick t1_je2ssak wrote

Omg, I love these sheets. They feel like what my grandmother had on her beds. I even have a sheet that was my grandmother’s to compare it to. These sheets are absolutely the best.


scarby2 t1_je3vif2 wrote

Honestly the sacrifices needed to make durable sheets are not ones I'm willing to make.

For me it's high thread count long staple cotton or bust . This will after some years start to fall apart.


cara1yn t1_je50zyq wrote

whenever i see fabric ticking like that, i get a cozy feeling in my heart


FattyBolgerIV t1_je5pbzk wrote

Life before owning ticking bedsheets was dull and uneventful. After using them my eyes were opened to a whole new world…


dickey1331 t1_je3vo6g wrote

I have some of these. I have the towels, the quilt, the bedsheet, and the mattress sheet/cover and I like them all. They are just expensive.


AllTooWisc t1_je43rz4 wrote

I’ve got another 20-30 years of being a woman before sheets can be considered BIFL. Too much anxiety otherwise.


babaganoush2307 t1_je4g7n4 wrote

I have these sheets and love them, very high quality!


dina_NP2020 t1_je4vv7w wrote

I love our Redland Cotton sheets


beetlereads t1_je4xd69 wrote

My Red Land Cotton duvet cover lasted about 2 years. Repaired small rips after 18 months, but by 2 years it had a giant rip and was threadbare.

Better than shit I got from West Elm, but I would hope for a longer life from bedding.


2h2o22h2o t1_je5h2vz wrote

I have been sleeping on burlap sheets since I was a boy, they ain’t never worn out.


fanatic_j t1_je65sbe wrote

I believe those of us that have ordered before can provide new customers with a referral link for a first time discount. They also do “seconds” sales at least twice a year. They send 20-25% discount codes via text or email quote regularly.


Bearninja36 t1_je6zv1m wrote

I’ve had mine for three years and wash them very Sunday. They are amazing. Soft and cool.


dirtylaowai t1_je2nu8z wrote

Just bought a set of these as well! Loving them so far. I got the matching duvet cover too, highly recommend.


JLBF78 t1_je2o0lm wrote

Couldn’t agree more. We love our set.


buymytoy t1_je2q7mj wrote

I’ve had a set for over three years and I love them!


cwoodgate t1_je2u4xx wrote

I absolutely love this brand. Have the towels too!!! ♥️


Knichols2176 t1_je3ovpp wrote

They don’t seem to have this color. This looks like navy ticking sheets? I’ll pay $500 for sheets if I could only find ones similar to my grandmas! Hers were all white or blue ticking but thick as hell cotton percale. Ralph Lauren in the 1990’s and early 2000’s we’re close. Now they’re terrible. I’m at a loss. Not worried about color, but thickness. Everyone recommends X .. I get them -I’m instantly disappointed. Happens every time. If only they would offer swatches! A 2 inch swatch should be able to stand on its own. That thick is what I want. Heck, I might end up making some. I’ve been so disappointed.


fulsooty t1_je3vjdq wrote

I wasn't sure about the material either, so I bought a set of pillowcases during a "Seconds" sale. They made me a believer.


AllenKll t1_je692d7 wrote

These look like muslin, are they?