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Looking for wool lined leather gloves. Something fairly robust that can handle Midwest winters but no need to summit Mount Everest. Cow, goat, deer, whatever leather with high percent wool lining- probably doesn’t matter if it’s merino or not. Thing is I don’t want to spend a fortune. At the end of the day no glove is BIFL.

Right now I’m looking at a couple pairs from Outdoor Research but they still cost a LOT more than the wells Lamont insulated work gloves I have.



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Pearl_krabs t1_jd2lk8h wrote

I prefer liners and outers.

the D3-A military wool and leather combo lasts a surprisingly long time.


buckGR OP t1_jd2lzr2 wrote

Certainly but these are for the daily commute and I’d like to avoid the extra pieces


h3nt3n_1 t1_jd2wbbz wrote

Smartwool makes a pair of wool lined leather gloves that have worked well for me so far. I have not done much in the way of hard work with them so I am not sure how they will hold up to that, but they have worked great for light duty so far (honestly for heavy duty work your hands will be to hot in lined gloves anyway).


Undrthedock t1_jd3d15n wrote

Vermont Glove makes some really tough leather gloves. You can get wool liners for them if it gets too cold out.


StonccPad-3B t1_jd3jleh wrote

I've been using my Vermont gloves hard for a year, chopping firewood and such. They've held up better than any other glove I've owned. I've found the wool liners work really well as stand alone gloves when fine dexterity is needed.

They are on the pricy side, but the US made construction can't be beat!


Last_Patrol_ t1_jd38nxv wrote

My favourite is deerskin which is less dense than cowhide so they feel warmer. It’s a nice durable soft light leather, get them lined with thiinsulate liner and they won’t break the back either. I use them on a motorcycle too. I have wool lined gloves and I’m not sure they’re worth the focus.


ConBroMitch t1_jd3iucs wrote

BIFL? Hestra

Their “collection” collection is great. And the “table cut” line is incredible.


spoppydoggo t1_jd313pg wrote

I use Dakota trigger mitts. I've been using mine for the past year or so and they are great. My dad got an older pair he's been using since forever dakota trigger mitts


ajfaul t1_jd3au36 wrote

Check the the Danner Boot Company, they have black leather/ merino wool lined gloves. Plus a few other variations. The best part, the gloves are sized, 6 - 12 (guessing). I am 5’10”, usually wear a size 10 shoe. The size 9 fits me like a glove (pun intended). None of the S/M/L/XL stuff. I have short stubby fingers with wide hands and can never find gloves that fit correctly for ny fingers. Danner fits the bill.


SRSchiavone t1_jd6031r wrote

Dents. Made in the US since the 1700s


kuddlesworth9419 t1_jd72qnl wrote

I have some Italian wool gloves that I wear under just some yellow work gloves. The wool gloves are thin but comfy, just means I can replace the work gloves for cheap but keep the wool liners.


luckynrusty t1_jdbkghy wrote

Madova or Martelli gloves from Florence, Italy. Madova has an online store if you already know your size.