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RWBreddit t1_is8c44x wrote

Not overboard at all. I enjoyed reading that. I’ll read anything you can advise me on regarding this topic.

Some recent blood work I had done showed that I have some allergen sensitivities, with dust mites and cat dander being the worst. I have both of those I’m my home. My doctor told me to spend the money and get a proper air purifying unit. I’m all for spending money for cleaner air that helps make my sleeping environment clean so that I may find more fulfilling sleep.

I’m not necessarily looking for BIFL I suppose, just products that truly do what I need and do it well. Longevity, features, aesthetics, affordability, etc are all non-priority variables that while aren’t entirely unimportant, are not really a concern.

I really do appreciate that reply. Lots of good info and I’m glad you shared it. Thanks!


Middle_Name-Danger t1_isre30s wrote

Look into Austin Air. Not cheap, but they’re probably the best mix of efficacy, durability, and design simplicity.


useless_bucket t1_itnyxoy wrote

I've got an austin air. Seems good but not looking forward to the replacement filter when I need one.