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mackveg t1_isqwlcj wrote

Kinda random but I shit you not I was going to post this same exact post a couple days ago eczema and all. My phone also randomly alerted me of this post. Super weird


BatteryLevel t1_it0o7bh wrote

I also have the eczema only on my hands and made much worse by getting them wet and being in the cold. Any cream recommendations?


jfb3 t1_isqvmkk wrote

I use Grease Monkey Pro Cleaning Long Cuff Neoprene gloves for cleaning around the house.
They're pretty tuff and they last.


RobertDowneyDildos t1_isr13hc wrote

As much as I want there to be BIFL dishwashing gloves, I can’t help but think that they’re a product that will invariably catch on a knife or something and tear after a few weeks regardless of how well made they are


Fmarulezkd t1_isusenq wrote

Which is precisely why you should get a chainmail glove cover!


Technical_Echo3596 t1_isrc3jz wrote

Go to your hardware store and search gloves that are chemical safe. Mine have been in use for over a year!


Tinyismycat2 t1_isrzr6m wrote

These are the type I get...2 years and going! If you have nails, then tucking a tiny bit if cotton at each tip will help the gloves last longer.


garypip t1_isthuzw wrote

I just ordered these. Thanks for the link.


PennyGgg t1_istip1o wrote

You’re gonna love them! I thank mine all the time for keeping my hands soft and holding up to anything.


91ng t1_it4mo3i wrote

came here to post the same link. I have one pair for chopping vegetables, and a separate one for dishes. I got severe eczema last year on both my hands, and trust me keeping your hands dry make such a BIG difference.
My eczema is under control now, but I continue to use these. Good luck!


everythingsucks422 t1_isrch80 wrote

My favorite are the O-Cedar by Playtex. I’d say I still go through about 6 pairs a year though but totally worth it!


acaligirl t1_ist0tkk wrote

I've been using these for a while and I recommend them. Eventually, I will accidently puncture them but they are comfortable and keep my hands dry.


CatsNSquirrels t1_istep9h wrote

Honestly I use a long dish brush to keep my hands mostly out of the water. But I’ve had a couple pair of these Casabella ones around and they last for years.


Forsaken-Piece3434 t1_istgnhe wrote

I would avoid any latex gloves. Latex allergies develop with repeated exposure. Given you already have sensitive skin, I would avoid something that has a decent chance of causing you significantly worse and serious issues.

I just order some latex free cleaning gloves from Amazon and unless you are stabbing them with knives while washing, they really shouldn’t rip or anything.


Peliquin t1_istrn12 wrote

The Mr. Clean flocked gloves lasted nearly a whole year at my house, but I haven't been able to find them again in my area.


shortredbus t1_isu0s24 wrote

Not gloves but have you tried changing detergents?

ECOS Hypoallergenic Liquid Dish Soap


Honiton_Harry t1_isup454 wrote

Best advice I ever got on Reddit was about dishwashing gloves. Usually one hand always punctures first, so after two pairs you are left with two left handed gloves, turn one of them inside out and you now have a pair of gloves again.


saturncitrus t1_isrzr8d wrote

You can chuck any rubber gloves you find into the wash! We also ran ours through the dryer when I worked custodial at a college


luteinn t1_it6ybev wrote

Wear a layer of cotton gloves underneath your latex/rubber/waterproof gloves. The cotton absorbs any sweat so your hands remain dry (good for eczema) and prevents your nails from ripping up the outer gloves too quickly.