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Hi all,

I have horrible sleep quality that I believe is down to my allergy to dust. I have 3 fans in my room as well as a beefy pc that always generates dust. I wake up every morning congested so, I don't care how much I have to pay, I'll get something that actually works! (I already take antihistamines)

I bought this from amazon a few months back, leave it running 24/7 at the back of my room on the first setting: This link

It doesn't seem to do anything, I don't know if its because its away from my dust, I kinda assumed it would filter the whole room?

Sorry for the novel but I'm at my wits end with this dust and I don't know what to do.

Thank you so much!



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airplay t1_iswsmpd wrote

The PC does not generate dust, but you do bro. Get a proper vacuum and clean room regularly.


dingyametrine t1_isxik29 wrote

Vacuum every day. (Get a little cordless rechargeable one if that helps, you can get a cheap one for like $100. Use the big vacuum at least weekly if you have carpet.) Wipe all the surfaces down weekly. It sucks, it's hell, I've considered paying someone to come dust for me, but it helps.

A larger air filter will help - look for a tower-sized one - but you need to clean the filters weekly or so by vacuuming them off. Replace them when the unit tells you to (otherwise, it just pulls air around the filter instead of through, defeating the purpose of an air filter). Placing it closer to the center of the room helps a bit, since most air filters aren't high-powered fans.

And, yeah, change your sheets weekly. Even if you don't have pets, you shed.


mrsbebe t1_isy08gl wrote

Yes and change bedding at least weekly! Plus a good mattress protector


Neither-Cup564 t1_isydgv9 wrote


Minimise the amount of stuff in your room. It all collects dust and makes it harder to clean.

If you’ve got carpet, get rid or it. It collects dust and dirt and is almost impossible to clean properly. Wood or vinyl is the best. Concrete is also bad as it generates dust.

Close your windows, maybe it’s contaminated dust or pollen floating in.

Check for mould in damp areas.


alv51 t1_isz2yzq wrote

I’ve seen claims that wool rugs can keep allergens out of the air though, and that with wooden floors microscopic particles tend to float around invisibly a lot more in the air we breathe, even with the same amount of cleaning. I don’t know how true it is but is was interesting to read.


apprpm t1_isz6fs9 wrote

Well, both are true in different ways. The dust would get trapped in the wool rug as it drifted down out of the air, but then when you walk on or vacuum the rug, a bit of dust will be stirred up. In a perfect world, you’d have bare wood floors that you vacuumed daily with a HEPA filtered vacuum. You could have cotton throw rugs if you washed them in a sanitary cycle twice a week. A good compromise is the good wool area rugs that you vacuum weekly.


Rdr1051 t1_isxeyqf wrote

From 2018-2020 I had multiple "sinus infections" and was constantly congested. My physician insisted I see an ear nose and throat MD as he believed I needed surgery. The ENT checked everything and told me I had no structural issues but had allergies. He gave me a shot of corticosteroids which solved all my problems for 3-6 months but insisted I see an allergist after it wore off.

I did. Diagnosed with significant dust mite and mold allergies. In addition to immunotherapy (allergy shots) my allergist recommended the following activities:

  • Vacuum all carpets with a HEPA vac 2 x weekly
  • replace down pillows with anti allergy pillows (Breathewell pillows at Target)
  • Cover pillows and mattress with anti dust mite covers (I replaced my mattress also with a memory foam mattress in addition)
  • Wash bedding every three days in HOT water
  • vacuum and steam clean all fabric covered furniture and mattress monthly.
  • Vacuum walls, baseboards and wash every six months.
  • Change furnace filter monthly with a very high efficiency filter (check your HVAC can use these)

I did all those things in the weekend after my allergy test. Cleaned my house from top to bottom in a flurry of craziness. The difference it made (before starting allergy shots) was amazing. I still follow the schedule and with that and allergy shots my quality of life is significantly improved. I still have occasional flare ups but they are getting further and further apart as I continue with my allergy shots.


thatG_evanP t1_isyejs3 wrote

Glad I don't have allergies. That's a lot!


Rdr1051 t1_isyfo72 wrote

I’ve had seasonal allergies my whole life but nothing like what started year round in 2018. I really started noticing when I got a new job which involved a lot of travel. I felt much better while traveling than when I was back home (not just at home, in the general area). My airplane would land and I could immediately tell the difference. Well, turns out SW Ohio is a nightmare for allergies according to my docs. I was 45 when this started getting real bad by the way.


BigNastySmellyFarts t1_isz9z41 wrote

Have you been tested for Alpha-1 antitripsen? And SW Ohio/Eastern Indiana I do well with my allergies…guess my allergies know “home”.


Rdr1051 t1_iszb6ig wrote

I haven’t that I know of. Never heard of it until now. Just reading up on the markers though it’s highly unlikely that this affecting me. My liver function has always been completely normal and once I stopped smoking 25 years ago I stopped having any lung issues other than the occasional chest cold. My allergies have always manifested as sinus issues, no asthma.


BigNastySmellyFarts t1_iszbfsv wrote

Great news. It is one of those genetic things that can cause a lot of later life issues. 🙋‍♂️


scalyblue t1_it2k5r5 wrote

The neat thing is you can spontaneously develop allergies at any point in your life


cetacean-station t1_isyj8at wrote

Thank you!! My girlfriend has asthma that gets aggravated at my house and I'm gonna do this to help her out


Ericaohh t1_isylp3u wrote

This is very nice of you :)


cetacean-station t1_isyvssu wrote

Of course!!! I feel sad that she feels anxious coming to my place bc of the dog hair and dust, and I want to create a welcoming and safe environment for her. I know her family didn't take her asthma seriously growing up and so she'd never ask me to do that, cuz she feels guilty about it... so I want to go out of my way to show her care in this way specifically.

When someone isn't shown the right amount of care about a thing, they tend to minimize it, because they don't know how to get help with it. I recognize that I have an opportunity to show her care in that way, and maybe help her recognize that it's valid to ask for help with stuff like this. No need to have an asthma attack in someone's house just because it's "too much" to ask them to clean for you.


alv51 t1_isz1zyy wrote

A thoughtful soul, you are.


Jd771 t1_isycz9w wrote

Also certain bedding materials hold onto allergens more than others. I believe cotton is guilty of this.


alv51 t1_isz2fyz wrote

Linen is supposed to be good I’ve heard…it doesn’t hold on to dampness as much, and therefore is less hospitable to dust mites. Wool duvet and pillows similarly so.


Atty_for_hire t1_isyq7dp wrote

My wife was recommended the same. And we’ve done quite a bit, but Jesus it’s hard to keep on on this and we are just a couple with a cat (which she’s allergic to, but love is love). It also doesn’t help that we live in an old house and my favorites activities are home improvement projects!


Rdr1051 t1_isz0b14 wrote

I hear you! It’s just me and the dog in this oversized house. I keep 3 rooms closed off and only vacuum them about once a month. Each day of the week is a different room to go through and clean. I won’t lie though, I’m usually a few days behind and once a month just take 8-10 hours and do a blitz. Staying on top of laundering the bedding is the real key for me.


jhrogers32 t1_isz9m6w wrote


A blue air filter in every room, get a roomba and have it run as much as needed, get a moppie (mop roomba) run as much as needed, check and seal all windows and doors (many times your house shifts over time and you develop new cracks).

Also a ton of dust in the home comes from us humans. Wash and MOISTURIZE your skin, take off shoes at the door, change from street clothes to home clothes immediately. Street clothes go straight into a covered bin.

You’ll get through this!


jjthedragon t1_iszcgra wrote

Get a robot vaccum, put it on a schedule and buying a reusable washable air filter for my furnace is nice. Hose it down with soapy water and let dry. Saves you lots if it's recommended to change your filter frequently.


5ittingduck t1_iszhnyc wrote

Excellent advice.
Carpets are an issue, hard floors are much better but removing carpets might not be achievable.
Window covers, we use cheap washable curtains. Another significant allergen which is often unidentified is perfume (particularly artificial ones). Detergent, cleaning products and fabric softeners are available in unscented forms and are highly recommended.


southern_mimi t1_it0hfwp wrote

All of the above. Except I couldn't finish the allergy shots. I became allergic to them! But still managed almost a year. Moved to a home with all hardwood floors. (The wood floors were a deciding factor).

5 years later some of those rules have relaxed & it's still good.


Alexis2256 t1_iszl7dc wrote

I don’t know if it’s allergies but I always wake up sneezing in the mornings. Don’t think my room is dusty and I do have an air filter in my room, it’s one of those tower ones.


XXI_Regeneratis t1_it00xrd wrote

I’m sorry did I read that correctly? You have to vacuum your walls? Holy moly 😂


Realistic_Young_3014 t1_isx6sih wrote

I have a similar issue. We are a 3 pet household. Here is what we do and I don’t have issues often anymore. Your air purifier isn’t magic (we have same brand just a bit larger), it can’t get rid of it all. Your pc doesn’t generate dust.. you do (any living thing)

Step one: take allergy medicine before you go to bed while you get dust under control, you likely won’t wake up congested anymore

Step two: clean your sheets, pillow cases, etc EVERY WEEK. We have two sets so we can rotate

Step 3: CLEAN. your fans probably have a ton of dust on them, starting top to bottom dust your entire room. Then vacuum with a good vacuum (Oreck are my favorite because of bags that hold the dust, but we have a dyson now and I wouldn’t recommend dyson). If you can’t afford a high end vacuum just get something for now. Then repeat this. You’ll be kicking up a ton of dust if haven’t done this for awhile. Maybe even wear a mask if allergies are super sensitive. Vaccuum your mattress and purchase a mattress protector (let’s you wash this more often.. we do once a month ish)

Step 4: clean your pc.. it’s gonna have a ton of dust build up

Step 5: if you can’t commit to dusting your space at least once a week, hire a cleaning service for at least once a month to help control. A robot vacuum will also help if can’t keep up with it. Editing to add, we hired a house cleaner and I wish I would have done it sooner. Suffer from adhd that spirals into anxiety and depression, having someone help clean once a month has been a huge quality of life improvement, it’s a budget stretch I would never give up


jessdistressed t1_isxggwm wrote

This is all great advice. I’d like to add that they have mattress and pillow protectors specifically for allergies. Both these things are dust sponges. Depending on the covers you get they can be a bit crinkly to get used to but it might be worth it.


FartStar21 t1_isy2y52 wrote

I feel like I wrote this. Now I must hire a cleaner.


anderson_cooter t1_isy2zj9 wrote

To add to step 3: make sure you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Bagged vacuums are better at trapping dust and allergens, but there are non-bagged versions are out there.


Jd771 t1_isyco5q wrote

To add some more: if your climate allows, open up some windows while you clean. You kick up a lot of dust, not just while vacuuming.

I experienced a noticeable difference in allergies the next day once I started taking the time to open my place up while cleaning


[deleted] t1_isyd0xb wrote

I did this a few weeks ago. I don’t have allergies. I never have had allergies. But when I deep cleaned my apt from top to bottom, I had to wear two masks and safety glasses. It was horrendous.

Now I do preventative cleaning once a week so I don’t ever have to see my apt like that or spend 4 hours deep cleaning ever again.


hdoublephoto t1_isxbvd0 wrote

This is the (inexpensive) way


snortswoggle t1_isxewf7 wrote

that works, those little air purifiers do not. and you can upgrade to MERV 11 filters if needed. Worked fine in my space, pet allergies.


MrEcksDeah t1_iszqa2p wrote

Good air purifiers do indeed work and use essentially the exact same filter


Barnacle-bill t1_isxj9jp wrote

Yup, been doing this for years. Doesn’t look pleasant but it works. And those box fans seemingly will run forever


the_GOAT_44 t1_isxvohd wrote

Filter on the fan outlet is doing absolutely nothing.


snortswoggle t1_isxxsrb wrote

I tried it both ways at first and found it quieter , basically muffles it a bit. I will however check the filter surface when I eventually replace them to confirm, if the output filter is clean I will just reverse them. I am guessing probably good for a few months.


taco_in_the_shell t1_isy2tdc wrote

Don't put the input filter on the output, you'll just end up blowing the dust back out of the filter. Just throw it out and use your output filter as the new input filter. Don't bother with an output filter anymore.

Also, it's quieter with two filters because of course it is. It's blocking the air and also blocking the sound as well. But it's really just doubling the resistance to the whole system without providing any meaningful increase in filtration.


WorldComposting t1_isxwciv wrote

This person has the right idea but I would really recommend getting a 4" filter and putting it on the back. This will allow for more air flow which is important for removing dust.

If you want to kick it up a level I use a Corsi-Rosenthal box in my house. Modified design with 3 two inch Merv 13 filters. Merv 13 will filter out viruses and pet dander.

Here is the design and you can find a lot of Youtube videos on how to build them and some testing them

I recommend getting a decent fan instead of a cheap one as it should be able to pull more air through the filters.


SummerWinterSummer t1_isxejt1 wrote

Can confirm - this works!!


allisonmaybe t1_isy53ng wrote

So you've tried this? What's it do for pet dander and just general dust bunnies that accumulate because pets?


SummerWinterSummer t1_it0omk3 wrote

I have used this, yes. Sadly it won’t save you from the general dust bunnies under the couch, etc but it does take a lot of pet hair and dust out of the air. There is still pet hair on the couch and floor but it cleans the air well - which is good for the allergies. You know when the dog scratches itself and you see hair flying thru the air? That’s the stuff it’s filtering out. And all the dust in the air being kicked up by fans, the heat turning on/off, people walking thru the room, etc. My parents have two going in their large living room. We use painters tape to hold the filter on so it’s easy to switch out for a new one. Not pretty but it works! You’ll be amazed at what the filter looks like in a couple weeks - dirty!!


teaquad t1_isxg3re wrote

Does the box fan itself come apart and be easily cleaned/dusted? Sweet set up tho


velvetackbar t1_isxrdxk wrote

Yes: you just carefully unscrew the plastic covers, wash them in the shower and dry them thoroughly (they contact metal and can trap water leading to rust) and while that drying is happening, vaccum the blades and interior.

Carefully reassemble. Note that the screws will bottom out and just need to be snug, not torqued down. Torque and you will strip the holes in the sheet metal

I would imagine you could wipe down the blades and interior of the case with an antistatic wipe, but I haven't really investigated that route. That might inhibit future buildup.


LeeisureTime t1_isyb3p4 wrote

A cheap and nice smelling hack is to wipe it with dryer sheets. I do that with my baseboards because they are dust magnets


allisonmaybe t1_isy57sh wrote

If this is a more permanent setup maybe you could remove the grill on one side so it's easy to clean when you're replacing filters.


Gears6 t1_isy1aj6 wrote

Great advice, but build a Corsi Rosenthal box instead as it will increase air flow to the fan, keep the air cleaner and make your box fan last longer.

and here is the case study around it:

Now, where to buy cheap and reliable quality filters?


working_and_whatnot t1_isynhs0 wrote

OP, try this along with regular cleaning as others have mentioned. The secret with the box fan/filter setup is that it can move a lot more air than most air filter systems. I run mine on a higher speed setting when I am not in the room/home, and turn it way down or off when I am using the room. Some filters are specifically rated to remove pollen, mold, etc. but they cost more.


apexncgeek t1_iswtt7f wrote

How old is your mattress? Something like 80% of dust is dead skin. Mattresses collect POUNDS of it.


KyokoKurihara t1_isxggre wrote

I have to do a little myth busters work here: A paper from 1973 shows that it is actually only 0,4 to 10% skin present in common dust (depending on where the dust is coming from):

So ni worries here: it is also dust from the streets, soil, dead plants and mainly fibers from the clothes you are wearing instead of skin


apexncgeek t1_isxgywy wrote

Fair enough I was just saying what I heard in the past but looking at outdoor ratios is not accurate either. The bedroom probably has the highest percentage of dead skin in the house for a lot of what should be obvious reasons. So call it 40-50%. Feel better? 😉


siouxze t1_isxspxw wrote

Oh well if a 50 year old paper says it, it must still be true. Nothing has changed since then.


Admiral_Swagstick t1_isy31lq wrote

I'm really interested to know why your opinion about this is so strong lol. Also not all that much has changed about how much skin people shed, I'd bet. Maybe the remaining percentage is significantly different because of all the materials we've discovered since the 50's, but the skin fraction should be about the same?


apexncgeek t1_iszd6d4 wrote

If you're asking me, I don't have a strong opinion about it. I was joking with the other person that responded.


Windblown_Mattock t1_isxgulg wrote

Jumping on this to add that OP should vacuum their mattress and make it part of their weekly sheet change routine. Also adding a hypoallergenic mattress cover, which they wash with the sheets will stop/cut down on the dust migration both into and out of the mattress.

Same for pillows. Although pillows can be washed whole, I only ever do that when I'm willing to say goodbye to it anyway, because some turn out a lumpy mess.


[deleted] t1_isxbjuo wrote

Wellness is not a product, but a process. In your case it boils down to picking up habits that prevent dust mites from thriving and pooping in your room ("dust" allergy is actually "dust mite poop" allergy).

  • Procure anallergic syntetic bedding (at least the pillow)
  • Change the pillow cover very often and the sheets often
  • Air the room daily
  • Clean the floor and surfaces twice per week (not before going to bed) possibly using a vacuum with HEPA filter (Mieles are good). Service the HEPA filter according to instructions.
  • Expose duvet/covers to the sun when changing bedding
  • Get the fans out of the room or at least far from the floor
  • Experiment with less gluten, meat and diary products, as allergies tend to stack up and exacerbate each other

HanktheDogMarktheMan t1_iswveo7 wrote

Cheap HEPA filter: 20 x 20 box fan, tape a 20 x 20 filter to the intake side.


Anthonythrm t1_iswzuva wrote

How often do you vacuum? I have a robot vacuum with a Hepa filter to reduce dust and use a robot mop every other day. Don’t forget to let your sheets get some air too.

If you want to combine that get an air filter with a Hepa filter aswell


jhrogers32 t1_isz9uax wrote

Roomba for the win! Bonus points for the moppie


NWO_Eliminator t1_isxcp36 wrote

Carefully inspect your room for mold. Walls, ceilings, electrical fixtures, ect. If you have access to the attic, check there, too.

If you have carpet, consider replacing it with hardwood flooring and clean regularly. Generally people are allergic to what's trapped in the carpet and padding.

Get a pillow that's washable and wash it in the hottest water. I hand wash all 3 of mine in the bath tub at 150F using laundry detergent and oxygen bleach. Let them soak for a couple of hours.


jdpowell7 t1_isxmf46 wrote

I want to second the carpet removal. When I first moved into an apartment with hardwood floors I was stunned at how much of a difference it made. For 8 years I traveled for work and stayed in a huge variety of carpeted, hardwood, and partially carpeted sleeping arrangements. No carpet for the win. When you do go no carpet, vacuum bots become even more important because there’s nothing to hold the dust down. Vacuum bots can get it done when you’re not home. I currently have carpet in my apartment bedroom (though not in the rest of the apartment). I bought an elevate frame for storage and it seems to have had a similar effect. When I first started traveling I would buy a mattress and put on the floor of the temp rental (3-6 month contracts). In mg mind it didnt matter if I had a full frame since I couldn’t take it with me anyway. I learned very quickly that I needed to raise the bed at least a few feet for allergies. The raised frame really helps compensate if you can’t get ride of the carpet in the mean time.


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preppad t1_isx75h4 wrote

Probably not the dust itself causing this. Sinusitis, allergy to mites, sleep apnea etc. Go see a doctor


SummerWinterSummer t1_isxg243 wrote

Long time allergy sufferer here -

  1. Get rid of carpets

  2. Dust mites can be the real cause of your allergic reaction so encase that mattress, buy a latex rubber pillow (not synthetic foam) or encase your current pillow & wash all your bedding (incl comforter) on hot every week. Real PIA, I know, but it makes a difference.

  3. The box fan w the filter taped on it works really well. You’ll be shocked at how much dust and hair you see on the filter. The other fans you have going are probably kicking up the dust and blowing it everywhere if they don’t have filters on them.

Note: once we got things a bit more under control in our house, the allergic/inflammatory response tapered off so we didn’t have to take meds. As you know, once dust allergies have a flare up, they make your body hyper sensitive and it is like a negative feedback loop. It is important to help the body’s immune/allergic response calm down. (Meds, showers, fastidious house cleaning)


ronwharton t1_isxa3yp wrote

Has this always happened? Or just where you live now?

I was the same until I found out I had sleep apnea. CPAP machine fixed it

-Ron Wharton


cjeam t1_isxpd6i wrote

There seems to be a small trend of this, but you have checked that the filter in your air purifier is present and not wrapped in a plastic bag yeah? Some people have been discovering their filters are still packaged. Because a HEPA filter should help, if it’s making no difference I feel like there might be another issue including possibly you needing to clean more.


craftasaurus t1_isxyprd wrote

You have gotten a lot of good suggestions, but here’s my tried and true dusting hack. I use a damp rag to dust every flat surface in the room - tops of doors, windows, baseboards. I have some painted furniture that I damp dust. The wood furniture I use a swiffer cloth on. Those things work really well when they are fresh. I know a watchmaker that uses them to clean his clean room daily. He uses a fresh one each day.

We got rid of our carpet due to allergies. The carpet really catches the dust, and now I get a lot of dust bunnies instead.

Edit: it’s a Swiffer cloth.


DeerGodKnow t1_isxdf3y wrote

3 fans... running? Yeah that's not gonna help. Think about it... Fans move air around... meaning if there are dust particles they are being purposely circulated through your room, ensuring that each and every dust particle has an opportunity to visit you while you sleep. When it's hot out I use a fan but other times of year with the windows closed I can't use one because all they do is circulate old dusty air all night.


aarrtee t1_isxq4qp wrote

as for filters

Wirecutter has a few recommendations. These work fairly well for me:

BLUEAIR Air Purifier for Home

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH True HEPA Air Purifier with Air Quality Monitoring,


Admiral_Swagstick t1_isy3e16 wrote

I second the Airmega Ap-1512HH! I've got two of them, they do a great job when grass harvest season comes, or when the smoke rolls in from fires.


TCNW t1_isxx8q6 wrote

Um. Have you actually just tried vacuuming and dusting and cleaning up more?

(A pc doesn’t make dust. Fans also don’t make dust. All those things do is blow dust around).


oneMadRssn t1_isy1vx0 wrote

Stupid question - did you open up that air purifier you bought and actually check the filter? They come with the filter shrink-wrapped in plastic and tons of people never look, so they run it with the plastic still over the filter.


sugar182 t1_it0s5bu wrote

I totally made this mistake with mine!


1throwawayaccount234 t1_iswrsrb wrote

Maybe some kind of extractor can be installed in vents? Sorry I don't know.


BigLittleSEC t1_isxabq4 wrote

I agree with all the cleaning suggestions, it really does help! Also, move your air purifier to a more centralized location for a bit and see if that helps any. I’m under the impression that it did help in my house, but it could be placebo.


teaquad t1_isxdgbh wrote

Have you covered the basics? Whats your sleep doc diagnosis? What does your allergy report say? Without these everything else pretty much useless as all you may need is a Cpap machine.


aarrtee t1_isxpt3h wrote


i take over the counter cetirizine tablets once a day.

But I also go to an ENT who treats allergies

I have a prescription for azelastine spray. that stuff has been a game changer.

Doctor 'kicked it up a notch' at the last visit by giving me a long acting corticosteroid shot that helped. He thinks I will need another in 4 months or so.


TimLikesPi t1_isxve6p wrote

I have that same model of air purifier in my bedroom. I have a larger unit of the same brand in the main part of my home. I let a roomba type vacuum cleaner run in my bedroom twice a week. I dust weekly. I wash my sheets weekly. I bought new pillows and have covers on them under the pillowcases. This has helped a good bit. Dusting and vacuuming frequently will really help! If your computer is covered with dust by the fan, you are not doing enough, and you should clean that as well. You just have to proactive about your dust!


PM_ME_AYY_LMAOOS t1_isxvl17 wrote

2 things.

First buy the strongest air filter you can for your house to reduce dust.

Second, thoroughly vacuum every floor of your house at least once a week. We do it five times, ie five sweeps of the vacuum cleaner over the same stretch before moving on.

Try those two things.


BronzeBoxer t1_isymzwy wrote

Sorry for the novel but I hope to bring value here:

This is going to sound stupid but hear me out as I promise that doing this will pair extremely well with purifying your air. EXFOLIATE really well when you shower! Maybe once or twice a week take some time to use something and thoroughly exfoliate your whole body, without going overboard obviously.

A lot of dust is dead skin and hair, as you know. You’re not going to be allergic to yourself but it’s just more shit adding to dust.

Additionally, you might want to start moisturizing your arms and legs (and face if you aren’t already), because again, dry skin = shedding (and also wrinkles, sister! 💅)

Im sorry to sound preachy about obvious things but it’s all so true. REDUCING the amount of dust your purifier will have to take in will help it capture more of the worse stuff.

One more thing, you NEED to make sure your filters are HEPA if you aren’t already in that. Nothing else will cut it. Best of luck man.


EbonyPeat t1_isz6hi9 wrote

Rainbow vacuum will water wash the air as you vacuum. It can also be run to just clean the air when needed. No dust escapes this beast, also no filters to replace.


Muncie4 t1_isxa3pr wrote

Zero people online can answer this as in order to use any air handling item, it needs to be suited to the size of the space that it is used in. If in a bedroom, you need to post the square ft/m of the bedroom and only use it there with the door shut. If your bedroom is open concept, you need to post the square ft/m of the entire space served.

3 fans is a bit nutty, find the right size one and buy it. Chuck the other ones. Again...they are based on room size.

But first, you should visit an allergist and find the solution to your problem rather than shooting in the dark.


Pellinor_Geist t1_isxiz0i wrote

I have a dust allergy. Start by cleaning. Wear a mask when you do to prevent dust inhalation. Potentially take a decongestant as well. Change sheets/bedding. Wipe off dust on fan blades, blinds, curtains, window ledges, dressers, etc. Maybe try new pillows. Tgere are several styles and materials, everyone reacts differently. I prefer feather pillows, my wife likes memory foam.

Lastly, gentle airflow shouldn't matter, but a lot of air flow may be moving more dust particles around all night. If the ceiling fan runs overnight, my wife and son wake up severely congested. Not me, but it can have an impact.


SalamalaS t1_isxnwzk wrote

See an allergist.

Allergy shots have helped me tremendously.


MalagrugrousPatroon t1_isxpfyy wrote

I've found that dry air gives me a stuffed nose and sore throat, so try a warm humidifier, but not a warm/cold one. Cold running humidifiers can breed mold, and I find their mist tends to collect on the floor. Warm one's create proper vapor alongside the mist and absorbs into the air better.

As for dust, when I moved into my place and only had a bed I had no dust for the longest time and that's despite brick walls. So one way to get rid of dust is to have less stuff.

To keep dust down I have three Coway Airmega 400, a Dyson vacuum, a duster to knock dust off odd places, and I have a commercial mop and bucket. I've been considering adding a robo vacuum or mop to the collection. My understanding is they aren't much better than a dust buster, but that actually sounds pretty handy to keep the general dust level down between hand vacuuming and mopping.


CarbonRunner t1_isxrpa8 wrote

High quality merv filters in your homes ducting removed 99% of dust for me. I honestly only dust like every 3 months now since we had a heat pump installed with a multistage filtration system. Wife has bad dust/pollen allergies and making the switch was night and day difference for her. I, who never have issues with this stuff even noticed a difference. But your I don't care what it costs might be put to the test here, as the heatpump+ filters ran about $13k


kelsobjammin t1_isxrvmc wrote

Molekul air filter, vacuum, get dusting gloves (they pick up dust instead of blow it around)


Ponycat123 t1_isxtzrz wrote

I have the same problem. Do a deep clean of your entire room and PC, then:

Put an allergen seal on your mattress.

Buy a robot vacuum and have it vacuum daily.

Get a bigger hepa filter and have both run constantly. Replace the filters frequently.


avitar35 t1_isxyris wrote

Honestly your best bet is get a bigger air purifier with 2 filters and get on a prescription allergy med like Azlestine. I’m running a germ guardian with a UV filter, and a Coway tower that will vary speed depending on air quality that seem to help quite a bit with my asthma.


alamaias t1_isxzalr wrote

In addition to all the vaccuming and cleaning, advice, I have a fellowes aeramax air filter, and that really does help.

Not cheap though, actually a lot more than I paid for it, and needs about £60 in filter replacements a year running 24/7.

May be that it is outdated and there could be a more modern equivalent. The important thing is how much air it filters an hour, at least according to the blurb, and it has been amazing for my allergies.


SnooCrickets2458 t1_isy0kmp wrote

Get a duster, get a mask to wear while dusting. Get a vacuum. Clean your fans regularly.


RRoyale57 t1_isy1dpk wrote

Vacuum every single week. You’ll be looking at the floor like it’s not dirty! I don’t need to clean it! But then you do… and you pickup a-lot more stuff than you imagined. Also the furnace filter, I change mine every 4 months. Thing starts off white and in 4 months turns brown and I do not smoke indoors.


Gears6 t1_isy2cv7 wrote

Many people already suggested you to build a cheap air filter which is much stronger than the one you linked and much cheaper in operation.

The next thing I would suggest is (especially if you have pets) is to buy a robot vac. That significantly improved my home since I have a dog. It runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It made a huge difference for me. I suggest getting the Shark AI because it is bagless (cheaper operation) and has a HEPA filter. That said, the software/app is total crap. Marking specific areas to vacuum doesn't work and it seemingly only works based most on the map it created, instead of relying on sensing as well. People move stuff in the home!


mrchowmein t1_isy2nq1 wrote

Dust is all over your room, not just your air. Vacuum your mattress. When you vacuum your mattress have someone agitate the mattress by stepping on it or jumping lightly on it, this will release some more of the trapped dust within the mattress. Wash your bedding on a routine basis. Use an allergy mattress cover and duvet/blanket cover. Wipe down areas around your bed on a routine basis such as your headboard. Vacuum the floors and your pc. Never wear your street clothes to bed. Change when you get home. That way you reduce the chance of bringing more allergens into your home. Wash your clothes. Lastly, most ppl are not allergic to dust, they are allergic to the feces of the dust mites that feed off of your skin.


yesitsyourmom t1_isy3fvy wrote

Have you changed the whole house/apartment air filter lately?


postmodernstoic t1_isy3w2j wrote

Get yourself a Blueair Classic Air filter and don't look back.

Which model you get depends on how big your room is and they outperform most HEPA filters (some much more expensive) by a factor of 100%. It is the best thing on the market.

While it is not strictly HEPA as it uses charge to collect particles from the air, it is tested to a much higher standard than HEPA and has the most independent certifications; Its the only major brand to verify 100% of models with AHAM for performance, Energy Star, and safe ozone.

The new models have Wifi & clever features like air quality monitoring and phone control, but you can pick up an older model on ebay without the bells and whistles for a bargain. Just chuck some new filters in it and you're set.


Itisd t1_isyce5c wrote

You need to try the following:

Mop and bucket.

Vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning rags.

You need to clean your house more thoroughly. Dust is mostly made up of dead skin that comes off of you. It doesn't get generated by your computer.


jackieperry1776 t1_isydngd wrote

get dust mite covers for your pillows and mattress.

move the air filter next to your bed. also you gotta change or wash the filter periodically so make sure you're doing that.

wash all your bedding at least weekly on hot and then run the dryer extra long on hot -- heat helps kill the dust mites


indiana-floridian t1_isyduy0 wrote

Vacuum daily, damp cloth wipe of all surfaces daily, blinds wipe weekly with damp cloth. New pillow if possible, new bed if possible. Bed and mattress hold large amounts of allergens. High likelihood you are allergic to dust mite, they are microscopic and everyone has them. If you have a cat, you are allergic to it ... if you aren't going to get rid of it, it absolutely must stay out of your bedroom. There are studies proving improvement if you can get relief at least at night.

You might improve your quality of life a lot with allergy shots. (If you cannot get new mattress or pillow, plastic encasement can help, then you have to damp wipe the plastic daily).

A hepa air filter machine in the bedroom might help. It won't solve the whole problem if other measures aren't also in place, like frequently damp dusting and removal of cat/dog of present.

Your doctor may be able to offer temporary help with cortisone injections, but not everyone can have this, and you cannot have it repeatedly, so it's only a temporary solution at best.


TheInebriati t1_isydylz wrote

Dust is like 50% skin and hair and 50% other biological stuff from plants and clothes fibres and stuff. Nothing you can buy can get rid of dust (other than a cleaning company).

Get rid of carpets and any other surface that has a cloth covering. Replace your cloth covered sofa with a (fake-) leather sofa. These absorb dust, then release it when you sit down. “

Dust horizontal surface regularly (weekly). Keep horizontal surfaces clear of stuff (so you can easily and quickly dust them. Dust your bed regularly.

Always keep your clothes in cupboards draws and always keep the doors closed.


DiscreetLobster t1_isye8nf wrote

PCs don't "generate" dust. Dust will accumulate inside/around them due to the high airflow they create though. All that means is it is dusty in your room/home. Dust is generated by your body (flaked skin, hair, body oils, clothing lint) and things you interact with (bedding, carpet, paper products, dirt from shoes, etc.)

You need to change your hygiene habits to reduce dust generation. Vacuum more often. Shower more and use skin moisturizers. Make sure to wash and change your clothes/bedding often.


Puzzled_Plate_3464 t1_isye9xj wrote

when the wildfires got really bad in 2020 in Colorado, we started to run our HVAC fan 24x7 with a Merv 13 filter in it. So, if you have central air/heat and a fan in that system you can turn to "on" from "auto", you can create a whole house air purifier. We ended up changing the filters out every week or two - they'd be brown from the smoke particles.

Also, the air purifier you bought is very very small - it does a room about 160 sq/feet on the highest setting - much less on the first setting. Consider getting something much larger.


Karen3599 t1_isygus3 wrote

Run that sucker on high for a few days with the door closed, to change the air quality. Then you probably can set it back to low once the air has changed. I had to do this with mine.


iLikeTorturls t1_isyif8y wrote

My kid has horrible problems with mold and dust, we've used a Shark HEPA fan in his room for several years and he's been doing very well every since. The filter is about the size of a normal HVAC filter, and you can get ones that filter odor as well (has a charcoal membrane). Our Dyson HEPA fan doesn't come close to the Shark.

A good filtering fan will pick up the dust that's kicked up into the air, but to reduce that dust you need to clean and vacuum like a madman, replace your HVAC filter regularly, clean the vents/ceiling fan/all flat surfaces, and make sure your air returns arent blocked and functioning.

Also consider a humidifier or HVAC humidifier. In the winter our humidifier works on the whole house and helps with congestion quite a bit.


nodewarrior1 t1_isyssp9 wrote

look into a rammed earth housing structure.


NaikoonCynic t1_isyw697 wrote

Just bought a new Filter Queen vacuum, this putting the one that’s been in my family for 45 years into semi-retirement (will be going to my cabin)

I was a little reserved in doing that because I figured mine was doing the same job as a new one- it wasn’t lol. I’ve had off and on sinus and allergy issues for over two years and am already feeling loads better after using it a few times to clean up my rug and do some dusting. Thanks to a lot of local wildfire smoke, it’s been a rough few days and I typically feel drained all day. I’m not 100%, but feel tons better since I’ve been using it. Will be investing in a Filter Queen Defender soon as well. Neither are cheap, but they’re built well, very serviceable and the Defender air purifier claims to be 3 times better than HEPA. I work from home and HATE buying something more than once if I can, so it’s worthwhile to me.


AQuietMan t1_isz3wtx wrote

I made something like this for my daughter's bedroom.


ApprehensiveFile1682 t1_isz4xza wrote

also having fans circulating dusty air probably makes your congestion worse. get a humidifier too


porcelain-hatchet t1_isz5wbi wrote

If you use a box fan, put an AC vent filter on the back; you should see dust collecting on it if it's there


HistoryGirl23 t1_isz8egd wrote

Take all your fans outside and puff them with compressed air at least once a month. Vacuum them often.


doejohn27 t1_iszopdo wrote

Have you tried a humidifier. Also inhaling steam for few mins might help. I am no doctor but I do this whenever i get allergies.


Troyasaurus t1_iszpzmz wrote

Same. Dust mite allergies, sinus infections all the time, etc. Wound up having surgery.

3 things helped me:

  1. Run filters like these in your rooms (they get discounted a lot, and refurbished similar units are fine)
  2. Clean the room, laundry, etc. constantly
  3. Neilmed bottles are a godsend. They work instantly but take a while to get used to, and using these daily was better for my quality-of-life than surgery, medications, etc. I can't stress enough how much of a difference these made in my sinus health.

I hope this helps - good luck!


Gary_Gerber t1_iszy2zq wrote

I don't know if this will help you in your current situation, but buying a central vacuuming unit/system is better than a regular vacuum for allergies; since; it won't spew dirt back on the floor. That's all I wanted to add. Just follow everyone else's advice too.


leaves-green t1_it0be6o wrote

I have a dust allergy (actually it's a dust mite allergy, but the less dust, the better for me). Here's what really helped:

Bed and pillow encasing (I bought Pristine Complete from Allergy Control Products). Washing my sheets and blankets on hot once a week.

Getting rid of carpeting in bedroom if at all possible, no upholstered furniture in bedroom (hard surfaces that can be wiped down with hot water and a few drops of Dawn only, other than the bed, which is encased).

No pets in bedroom (or inside house at all, if possible).

Try to keep clutter out of bedroom - like any clothes stored in there need to be in drawers or closet closed, any extra stuff under bed in a closed plastic bin or something, etc.

Regular showers (so skin flakes don't create dust sooner - nothing crazy, like at least every 3-4 days or so).

Bedroom curtains that can be washed on hot every few months or so.

A humidifier for bedroom in winter (dry winter air makes it hard for me to sleep, but if you live in a warmer, humid area, then maybe that wouldn't be as good for you).

Minimizing things like wall to wall carpeting, etc. in other parts of the house, using a HEPA filter on vacuum, etc.

But the most important was, getting allergy testing from an ENT and ALLERGY INJECTIONS!!! I could not function without them. Those and making the bedroom really easy to clean were most important.


wonko1980 t1_it1ik2l wrote

Try an air cleaner … ikea has some


RedRapunzal t1_ita1yrg wrote

Going to add, no books, keep down the paper, remove carpet (if possible), wash bedding often, no feathers, no curtains, no smelly stuff (candle)

Pets, smoke, plants can be adding to the struggle.

Try sleeping up a little more for drainage. See a doctor to ensure it's nothing else.

Seriously, take an allergy pill every night all year. It might take a few tries to find the right one.


Comfortable_Yak_9776 t1_ith84zo wrote

I own a home, the biggest change I made was upgrading to a much better whole house filter with MERV 13.


Alternative_Arm_2583 t1_iu2whyf wrote

WHOA, unless your room is tiny that air cleaner is WAY too small. Look at winix most of their models do avout 360 square feet at 4-5 complete air changes per hour. They;re not expensive their HEPA filter last about a year and filter sets are inexpensive to replace. With you running fans like that you're killing yourself with dust in the air. If you want to save some change, you can get a refurb at and get something that'l lclean your room correctly for about $100. the air cleaner you got is more suited to a closet size room at best 2 air changes per hour in a 10x10 foot room on a quick calculation!


iMattist t1_isxop9p wrote

Dyson Air Purifier.