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scheuskeudie t1_itqyspu wrote

If you want to significantly prolong the life of your mattress, get a protector that blocks moisture from your sweat from permeating through the mattress and causing wear.


GraceStrangerThanYou t1_itsoesk wrote

I even keep my box springs in a bedbug-proof mattress protector. You can be sure my mattress is protected.


madredditscientist OP t1_itqi0ut wrote

We see many requests for good mattresses here, so I compiled a list of the most popular brands on Reddit. The idea is to have two dimensions for popularity: discussion volume and sentiment.


Methodology: A machine learning method called Named Entity Recognition "NER" applied to comments and posts on r/mattress until two years back. I then ran sentiment analysis on the data to find out if it's a positive or negative opinion (after filtering out ambiguous mentions).

Any ranks surprise you? Any positive or negative experiences?


benefit_of_mrkite t1_itqx8nk wrote

I’d be ok with a mattress that lasted 15 -25 years as long as it provided a good night’s sleep. I’d trade BIFL status for sleep. And as someone shopping for a new mattress there’s so much disinformation out there and brands that own other brands.


omgitskae t1_itu402s wrote

The mattress industry is a shit show. Just don’t buy bed in a box, these bands are deceptive, offer terrible products, and offer no support for their customers. They literally outright lie about some of their claims, like them saying they donate returned mattresses to charity - they don’t, they get resold by contractors on social media through companies like Share Town for profit.

I’m looking for a new mattress myself and will likely go with either beautyrest or tempurpedic.


ChooksChick t1_iu0ey9i wrote

Bought a Stearns & Foster flippable 23 years ago and promptly put it in a waterproof, bedbug protection zippered cover. It's as fresh as a daisy and still the best bed I've slept in after all that time.

I shudder to think what it'd cost to replace it today, though.


fuckthatguyoverthere t1_itqxg8v wrote

Go tempupedic


benefit_of_mrkite t1_itqydvb wrote

I need 1) medium to firm 2) breathable (hot sleeper)

Most of all I need to not wake up with back pain


thebakersfloof t1_itsw5eo wrote

I have a Bear mattress that I love. Not sure longevity of it since it's only been like a year, but the price was good, it's incredibly comfortable, and I don't wake up hot.

That said, I have a cooling mattress cover on it (Tempurpedic, highly recommend), percale sheets, and a breeze comforter from Buffy with a eucalyptus cover. And a fan on me all night. This combo has been incredible for some of the deepest and most restful nights of sleep I've ever had.


paneerlegend t1_ituv20e wrote

Ty, prob going to try all of this lol


thebakersfloof t1_ituvi7o wrote

The only downside is that it is very hard to get out of bed in the morning because I've made my bed too comfortable... Worth it


fuckthatguyoverthere t1_itqykzh wrote

Adapt medium then . It’s is a med/firm and sleeps cool. I’ve slept on a bunch of latex/memory foam ones and they were too hot . The tempurpedics have been great keeping me cool


jankyj t1_itrepqu wrote

My tempur cloud is sweltering hot.


Friend_of_Eevee t1_itt6vz3 wrote

I have this one and it's the greatest bed of all time, absolutely worth every penny.


benefit_of_mrkite t1_itr3e8u wrote



BurnerForJustTwice t1_itrawkb wrote

The tempurpedic I had also got hot. It was promoted as having cooling gel too. And it was top of the line.

Memory foam will get hot. It’s because of how it works and how it’s made. When you compress the foam, it becomes closer to being a solid, therefore will hold heat longer/better than a spring mattress where there is greater airflow.


Aristo_Cat t1_ittabzz wrote

Latex foam. I'm a hot side sleeper and just switched to a custom latex foam mattress from memory foam and will never go back.


BurnerForJustTwice t1_itrafyr wrote

I’ve heard of horror stories regarding Tempurpedics longevity and them honoring their warranty. Also, in my experience, the tempurpedic I had really messed up my back. Had to literally throw the $4000 I spent on it away because I woke up feeling like I was 80 years old. I just bought a $1500 traditional mattress from Costco and now I feel not a day older than 60.


poprof t1_itsn2vz wrote

Had this same experience - slept on my sons tempurpedic-like bed (maybe nest brand? In don’t remember) and woke up with horrible back pain…hasn’t really gone away in several months


otiliorules t1_ittktd5 wrote

I hated mine for 2 months or so. I had neck pain that entire time with almost no reprieve. Was convinced to stick it out and now I’m sad whenever I don’t get to sleep on one.


RunningOnPunkTime t1_itt7ur0 wrote

I don't know a single person who got a tempurpedic who doesn't regret their decision


reddittowl87 t1_ittlnse wrote

We’ve had ours for two years and absolutely love it. My back pain that’s been plaguing me for years is gone and only comes back when I travel. To each their own.


j-random t1_itud87u wrote

Love mine, have for 20 years. About time to replace it, though.


DeliciousD t1_itt07nx wrote

Id be happy if a mattress gave me good sleep for 1 year. I struggle with pillows too, toss an turn sometimes I like sleeping on my front, side (both), and back.


BeerandGuns t1_itul9ta wrote

A couple decades ago we purchased a Stearns and Foster pillow top king mattress. Sweet baby Jesus was that a good buy.


n_choose_k t1_itsksqd wrote

I have no idea why Sleep Number would be so low. I have had mine for ten years and it's as good as the day I bought it. Cured my sciatica after a week, as well. I recommend them to ever single person that ever talks about getting a new mattress.


GraceStrangerThanYou t1_itso5p2 wrote

I've only slept on one Sleep Number bed and it leaked and went flat at night and then kept reinflating itself noisily. I can't imagine wanting to buy a mattress with parts that need to be repaired like that. Seems like a hassle.


Hulahulaman t1_itv9wks wrote

I'm evangelic about Sleep Number. Every other mattress gets softer over time. I've kept the same firmness for 15 years. No problems. No need to flip.


darkhelmet1121 t1_itsmi7r wrote

I don't know about any of the internet brands. I bought a custom made traditional mattress from The Original Mattress Factory in Raleigh nc. Approx $1700 got a king deluxe orthopedic pillow top with box spring and 2x latex foam pillows (already had a frame)


RealityShowObsessed t1_itsyf2w wrote

I have a SleepNumber p6 and it’s the best bed I’ve ever slept on. My fiancé and I are always happy to get back to our bed when we go out of town.


MrMcPickle3000 t1_itv1w4i wrote

Purple is quite high up there. That’s impressive for a relatively new entry into that market


ATXStephen t1_itss7xr wrote

Interesting work! Any ideas on what to apply this analysis to next? Cheers!


BallsOutKrunked t1_itqjtsu wrote

We've got an avacado that's been super comfortable. Part of what motivated us is that the company seems to treat its workers well, made in the USA, in Los Angeles if memory serves.


FelidOpinari t1_its5n4v wrote

Me too. And Avocado is a B Corp which is a factor for me. I feel better about supporting B Corps.


Lurkington123 t1_itsbeic wrote

Which model did you go with? Their mattresses look really nice.


kyrkyr20 t1_ittbb1b wrote

I have both the eco (cheaper one) and the Green mattress with pillow top. I love both! The eco one is a bit softer.


BallsOutKrunked t1_itva05n wrote

We got the pricey one, and the frame that has the folding / lifting thing. My wife really wanted a nice bed, so we took the hit.


lifewithoutlabor t1_itrobuc wrote

I have to say after tons of scouring the internet to decide on a new mattress and having to filter through all the BS ads and fake reviews - I ordered a sleep on latex and I absolutely love it.


Lurkington123 t1_itsaela wrote

I’ve been obsessively doing the same thing for a few months and landed on Sleep on Latex as well but still haven’t pulled the trigger. Their prices are insanely cheap for a good mattress so I’ve always been sceptical but I hear nothing but good things about them. Did you go with medium or firm?


lifewithoutlabor t1_itseu7v wrote

I was skeptical too but honestly it was the best decision. I went with medium! It’s still a little firm for me because I am a side sleeper so I would recommend the soft-medium if you are as well. I’ve had it for a year so far and still love it. Also get a good mattress protector. The cotton cover is really nice but I wouldn’t want it to get messed up in case I spill anything on the bed.

Also I left it for 24 hours to expand after I took it out of the vacuum seal bag. So would recommend to do that as well.


sleepsucks t1_itue54x wrote

I bought a sleep on latex firm thinking I love hard beds. It’s a touch too firm. Would’ve gone with medium in hindsight. I’m a side sleeper and wake up with my arm asleep sometimes.


greenglass88 t1_ituhp64 wrote

My friend had the same issue and ended up getting a soft topper from them. That might help you.


sleepsucks t1_itv1jvj wrote

Can you ask her if that made her bed too warm or too soft. I have a horrible memory of soft toppers making me feel like I'm suffocating. I also live in a very warm apartment, we have all our windows open all the time as it is.


greenglass88 t1_itvv076 wrote

She loves it. It’s the same material as the firmer latex; just a different density.


sleepsucks t1_itwj83g wrote

Thanks helpful to know thanks


greenglass88 t1_itwjtnj wrote

I remember their customer service being really helpful about what kind of mattress to get--you might contact them and mention your concerns.


Codename3Lue t1_itui31m wrote

I have a medium for 4 years now and if you enjoy something thats soft but doesnt swallow you whole you will love it.


justjdi t1_itql8b3 wrote

Purple saved my back!


swfwtqia t1_itt6s2z wrote

tuft and needle?


catinnameonly t1_itug82f wrote

Right? I love mine! 10 years and as good as the day I bought it.


Goodums t1_itwi060 wrote

6 years strong and absolutely wonderful experience to date.


jlbob t1_itusm0h wrote

Had 2 they're garbage. Far from BIFL


hessmo t1_itsnb7c wrote

I’m shocked to not see tuft and needle on there.


answerguru t1_ittaqu0 wrote

Agreed. How long do you find they last? I think mine is going on ~7 years and I feel like it's wearing out. Slept on the identical mattress in my parent's guest bedroom and it felt much more firm.


hessmo t1_itu78xz wrote

I’m at 5 years and it still feels great.


catinnameonly t1_itugiqm wrote

10 years for us (two adults + kid until she turned 8 and stopped crawling in bed + 2 cats) still as good as new. We do have a waterproof protector on it however.


maybenomaybe t1_itrz0sj wrote

I absolutely love my Ikea HOVAG mattress.

It has a 10-year guarantee which is certainly not for life, but at 179 GBP, I could buy several of them for the price of one of these other mattress brands.


SmokeySFW t1_itr5ap7 wrote

I wish i could sleep on one of the nicer Purple mattresses for a week or so to try it out. They feel so nice in the store and their pillow is easily the best I've ever owned.


cherlin t1_its1i3h wrote

If you buy from them directly they have the sleep trial thing, basically get your money back for 100 days I think?


JDGonzales10 t1_ittkb23 wrote

I just ordered a purple pillow, it comes tomorrow, can’t wait to try it out.


KidPolygon t1_its985c wrote

Absolutely adore mine. Wife likes a slightly softer bed so she got a small memory foam topper for her side, but I love it as it is


Im_Old_In_Town t1_itrhj9b wrote

We have a zinus as one of our guest beds. We get compliments on how comfortable it is every time someone sleeps on it.

I’ve only slept on it a few times myself but I wonder why so many have had bad experiences.


Aristo_Cat t1_ittan70 wrote

I actually just won a lawsuit against them, would never ever recommend a Zinus mattress to anybody. The mattresses have a fiberglass cover around them that spontaneously sheds fiberglass fibers into the surrounding area.


PaleontologistSad766 t1_its0glj wrote

They go downhill fast after nightly use, we had two.

Neither was comfortable longer than a year (second one was a free replacement).


Im_Old_In_Town t1_its327e wrote

Got it. Thanks. We’ve had it for a few years now and still feels great. But also only gets slept on a dozen or two times in a year.


milocreates t1_ituwtj8 wrote

Same. I have Zinus…been using it for a bit more than a year. No issues so far.


GraceStrangerThanYou t1_itqup99 wrote

I have a custom latex mattress (Arizona Mattress Company, not Sleep on Latex) with a Brooklyn Bedding mattress pad and I'm very happy with both so this tracks for me.


thaeyo t1_itsklhr wrote

I’m surprised the Purple sentiment isn’t higher, but agree that IKEA is a great value.


VHS_tape_measure t1_itsukn4 wrote

I have a Stearns and Foster which I absolutely love, and have gotten compliments from guests as well. Surprised to see it’s not on this list


Sabrina912 t1_ittc4hd wrote

Happy to see SleepEz relatively high on the mentions and sentiment. Love the bed, the customizability, service from the company, and a damn good price point for what has so far been a very durable and comfortable mattress.


catinnameonly t1_itug2r2 wrote

Wow Tuft & Needle not even on here. I’ve had mine for 10 years and it’s still in perfect shape with too adults on the heavy side.


fat_cat_guru t1_ituqn4o wrote

Getting a Big Fig has been the besssst investment of my life. I have not woken up sore and its firm and supportive yet plush. I loooooooove it.


mtgmike t1_itrr87f wrote

Ive posted this a couple of times, but I feel compelled anytime mattress talk comes up. My wife and I both have back issues(nothing crazy, just typical middle age) and we love a really firm mattress. Really firm. Neither of us can sleep on the floor with just a blanket under us, but its close.

I found foam factory online, and talked to them at length. We got two twin xl's(we have adjustable bases) for something ridiculous like $350 TOTAL. We got the firmest foam they offer and plain covers. I think the thickest they offer is 6". We have had them 3 or 4 years at this point and we still love them. Mine is softer than her at this point(im 6'6" and 230) but that is to be expected. Anytime someone new comes over and they lay on either side they still jump up and say its way too stiff for them.

I think most people would be way better off getting these as a base and then another memory foam topper 2-3" from foam factory as well. You would still be cheaper than any of these other popular brands. They are really more of a bulk supplier with an old school website but I m so happy with them Ill recommend them always.


SelfBoundBeauty t1_itt3liv wrote

I made my own using the Arizona Mattress Company. Custom built for me and if a piece wears out (no sign of it so far) or my needs change, I can seek out a piece instead of the whole thing


ilikemilkandcookies t1_ittbztk wrote

Is this spam? The websites for Brooklyn bedding, big fig, sleep on latex and winkbed all kind of look the same 👀


Way2Saucy4U t1_ittmwhm wrote

I bought a Kingsdown and it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Enjoy it more than the Sterns & Foster we had.


sigh_choo t1_itqmteb wrote

We purchased the Helix for our son's bed and it also arrived with pillows. 👍🏽👍🏽


NuII_Gravity t1_itqsh72 wrote

Have a nest plush hybrid and I love it, just adding to the mentions


domo_roboto t1_its9xc9 wrote

As a side and back sleeper, my back seems to prefer spring mattresses. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that IKEA spring mattress was great for me.


WarwornDisciple t1_itskx2k wrote

I dont think I've ever known what kind of mattress I've owned beyond the dimensions lmao


ChicagoTRS1 t1_itsz3hx wrote

I have a Winkbed plus…love it


Aristo_Cat t1_ittaqt4 wrote

I got a latex foam hybrid from Arizona Premium Mattress and will never go back


Mittens138 t1_itthqms wrote

Purple sleeps hot, and the fabric top pilled up a ton. Not worth it IMO


perezisawesome t1_ittjatv wrote

My nectar works well enough. Works well enough for my scoliosis.


M0NEYMASTER t1_ittlcq4 wrote

Does stearns and foster fall under sealy?


pyxyy t1_ittoks6 wrote

I love my purple mattress but I’d be interested in a non toxic one in the future


PalPubPull t1_itu4os4 wrote

My wife and I love the nectar mattress we got, had it almost 2 years now. For what it's worth, there's a positive review.


mmpgh t1_itublcd wrote

We got a "cheap" Brooklyn mattress for the spare bedroom. When covid hit our house, I slept there. Our main mattress is an older Leesa and wow I really really liked the Brooklyn. The only downside was it's edge rigidity was lacking and I almost fell out, but I was constantly moving around because fever and body temp swings.


Codename3Lue t1_ituhzyr wrote

I have a sleeponlatex mattress going on 4 years now. The mattress is incredibly comfortable, more comfortable than anything else I have ever laid on. I only have amazing things to say about it (other than good-luck moving it). The price point is extremely competitive also.


Substantial_City4618 t1_ituitm7 wrote

So there is another actual BIFL mattress that is comfortable and long lived. I think they have mattresses that are 50-75 years old that are still serviced.

The brand is Hästens

The slight problem is that they’re very expensive to being prohibitive. Check them out if money isn’t an issue.


Devilsclarinet t1_itumdbm wrote

I love my Casper. We had a warranty claim on a 2 year old mattress as carpet installers moved the mattress and ended up folding it in an odd fashion causing the foam top to de-laminate. Sent Casper a picture and 2 days later a new mattress was on our porch. Both mattresses have been extremely comfortable and using the mattress protector should last a very long time


BigKookie t1_itupxfw wrote

I'm suprised Novosbed isn't mentioned on this...


jlbob t1_itus1uy wrote

I get it these are current opinions but many of these companies haven't been around for 5 years, how the hell is the BIFL? r/GoodValue sure but BIFL? Are we lowering our standards?


vMambaaa t1_ity5p5q wrote

this sub is mainly product recommendations feels like, not a BIFL focus


jlbob t1_ityd4kg wrote

Agreed, they should check out r/GoodValue no mattress is BIFL... Well unless you die on it, but even then it's a technicality.


vMambaaa t1_itzaquh wrote

i don’t have a problem with products that are more expensive and thus quality in here, more so posts that say “looking for a computer monitor under $200” or “best product for x dollars” doesn’t fit at all.


jlbob t1_iu05vrp wrote

I'm 100% with you there, but even then electronics aren't BIFL. Personally, I'm waiting to see a BIFL dinner recommendation here.

This sub has gone downhill over the past few years.


Xalowe t1_ituvut8 wrote

I use a Zenhaven latex mattress from Saatva. Had it for five years and it’s held up great. It’s a little firm even on the softer side (it’s dual sided), but longevity is no concern at all so far. It’s VERY heavy though, and definitely not easy to move without help.


BoTheJoV3 t1_itv1hle wrote

Where is original mattress factory? If you live in US those beds are banging


Alternative-Skill167 t1_itv3ry9 wrote

Would those “most mentions” be due to higher marketing from those companies?

I’ve only heard about Casper, Purple, and Tempurpedic because of their ads all over the internet


kiwimistic t1_itvyg6y wrote

Bought a king sized sleep number with adjustable bases for $130 at an auction. We HAD to upgrade our foam mattress (not memory foam) and I spent months looking at what would be best. Jumped on this because.. sleep number.. duh right? Came with all of the original receipts, found out it’s from 06. Still works great and is amazing for me and my fiancé who are very different sizes. And it fits our very clingy dogs too


Argyrus777 t1_itwlp56 wrote

No stearns&foster? Those things look like it belongs in a celebrity mansion


kidNurse t1_iu0tq9t wrote

If you want TRUE BIL, consider the mattress is made up of components. I bought a mattress from a local company in my town that has a zip off top and all components inside can be exchanged. Say, for example, something happens and I need to move to a firmer or softer mattress, the company will come out and exchange the internal components for a mere $200!!! Replacing the pillow top is less than $100 for a queen. The mattress framing needs never to be replaced so that's a whole lot of waste kept out of the system. More people need to look at this type of system. PLUS I'm supporting local businesses.


kazzlewazzle t1_iu0x1sv wrote

I’ve had a sleepez latex mattress since 2013. Just as comfortable as the day I bought it, and I have joint/pain issues from autoimmune disease. Has made it through 4 moves. Even when I go to high end hotels, I miss my mattress.


PizzaTacoCat312 t1_iu4imo6 wrote

I love my purple mattress. Unfortunately for them I think you need to buy the purple hybrid premier 3 or 4 to really get the benefit out of the hyper elastic polymer layer they use. They are expensive, but it's by far the best most comfortable mattress I've laid in. It doesn't sag over time like other mattress either.


Infinite_Erosion t1_itu1k81 wrote

Good to know, ill make sure to never buy a mattress from