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jblock52mtb t1_iu3r50y wrote

Sorry Just skipped over your comment about best shoes to use but I would advise boots be used during any work operations.

Most comfortable work boots for concrete are wedge soles. You can get safety or soft toe depending on your job requirements. Right now I’m loving my redwing traction tred lites. Used them this past summer during road construction and loved the extended comfort that they provided.

Another brand that makes great wedge boots is Thorogood.

Wedge soles do not last as long as hard tred soles because they are softer but it’s well worth it imo.

Also, no boots are BIFL but the closest ones you could get are from Nicks Boots. They make a wedge boot built like a tank that you can resolve probably 2-3 times


FattyBolgerIV t1_iu3qv1g wrote

Redback boots, made in Australia. You can get them in either steel toe or soft toe and both are insanely comfortable, as well as being very durable


Muncie4 t1_iu6uvp0 wrote

You cannot ask about comfort of other people as comfort to me is horror show to you. Many online disagree with me on this and then I ask them to recommend delicious candy and some double dumbass recommends black licorice and then every sees how right I am.

Here are BIFL, we care about lifespan. And if these are for work, question #1 is do you have a safety toe requirement and are you willing to spend ~$200 on shoes for work? If you aren't going to get off the wallet, then buy whatever fits your budget and accept that you will be buying a never ending river of these shoes....and spin the wheel on comfort.


CheyenneVSHarmonica t1_iu3r4bc wrote

I work in retail. 7-9 hr shift work. A decent pair of boots with high quality insoles are invaluable. I've worn Redback steel-toe boots for nearly 2 years now and they're very comfortable and only need a good clean and wax every couple of months.


KneeHighByThe4th t1_iu3rlw2 wrote

I’m a teacher, on my feet most of the working day (8-9hrs). About a year ago, I bought some Irish Setter mens 6in work boots. I freaking love those things. They’re comfortable(took maybe a week to break in), look nice, & are high quality. An unexpected pro to them is that they don’t stink. Even after a year of daily use, they just smell like leather. I also wear DarnTough socks with them, so maybe that helps with the odor.

I bought the ones with an aluminum toe because I’ll also wear them when doing labor type jobs, but that does make them a little clunky when just walking around a building.

Based on the current wear with daily use & occasionally heavy duty use, I’d expect the treads to last at least another year or two. I’m not sure if you can get them re-soled but I’m planning on looking into that.


queenofhearts613 t1_iu3sz4a wrote

I'm a big fan of clogs. There's Dansko and Sanita brands. I've been wearing my Danskos for 3 years now for my standing retail job, the inside sole is pretty worn and unfortunately you can't change the inner sole, so it's not quite but it for life. But I just wanted to say- Clogs.


RavenNymph90 t1_iu6twg3 wrote

I love my Dansko clogs. I use them as everyday shoes in the colder months. They’re great for church because they look nice, but are warm and sturdy.


OGD114 t1_iu3u32r wrote

San Antonio Shoes


TheLea85 t1_iu3uv5l wrote

I think this is where I would consider a product that is cheap-ish and comfortable for the time being. Working in manufacturing will wear your clothing items down faster, and I don't know if I would buy an expensive pair of shoes just to get them ruined by heat or accelerated abrasion (shuffling around on a concrete floor is like sandpapering).

If I were you I would buy a pair of military-style boots with good ankle support. Mostly because I already did and loved them.

These shoes are the bees knees. Couple them with inlays and you should not have to replace them for at least 2 years. They also have toe protection for your industrial needs.


spa1unk t1_iu6pxr1 wrote

A few people recommend clogs but be aware that they don’t offer the ankle support that shoes and boots do. I find Hoka Bondi 8s pretty comfy personally, maybe not BIFL but they’ve lasted me quite awhile working at a bar.


Dracomies t1_iu78phh wrote

I am not in food service but I learned about this from a colleague. Food service shoes are amazing for standing long hours, are slip-resistant and are liquid resistant. I bought the "Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe". The inside has a tacky red insole but if you replace that with your preferred insoles, these shoes are amazing. These shoes are 'not' BIFL but they are comfortable as hecking heck.


thiswilldefend t1_iu5729x wrote

go and try on New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 if you can have soft shoes and no toe protection...


redneckhotmess t1_iu67njt wrote

Alegrias. Buy from the sale page. Best shoes ever.


smellylettuce t1_iu6oazl wrote

Used to have some cooking clogs that worked well for standing all day. Some good quality solid heal dress shoes were actually quite comfortable for me as well.


Titans95 t1_iu6pbbs wrote

Redwing Moc toes and put the dr scholls half insert in them. As long as you aren’t working in full on construction job sites they will last you 10+ years and comfort is unrivaled once broken in


Captain_Planetesimal t1_iu7g3qv wrote

I've been wearing Red Wing SuperSole 2s for the last 5 years on concrete floors. Would recommend to anyone.


chicagoPM t1_iu9612q wrote

Depends on your budget. Do you need steel toe? Either way, a wedge sole (Vibram or equivalent) works best for concrete. On the lower end, Thorogood and Red Wing make solid boots (boots > shoes) and on the higher end, White’s, Nick’s, JK Boots, Frank’s and Wesco.