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I’m using a gift card to hoard three initial pairs of all matching Darn Tough socks to simplify my drawer and basically remove cotton socks from my life gradually. I’m in Chicago, we’re freezing nine months a year. How many pairs will I need minimum to rotate socks for the best longevity and sanitation possible? Will I need ‘summer socks?’ Any tricks for making a sock arsenal like this last?



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No-Jackfruit-5216 t1_iu91nyg wrote

Love Darn Tough, have been wearing for over 10 years. The ones that have held up in quality and comfort are the micro mid-weight hiker socks, and the M’s Steely Boot multi pack. Happy shopping!


agentvulva t1_iu9mw5n wrote

DARN TOUGH are terrible, DO NOT BUY THEM. They have a troll army on reddit who are promoting them at every opportunity, it must be part of their marketing strategy. This post will probably get downvoted by their troll army.


Octawussy t1_iu9nfli wrote

What would you recommend that is so much better? I’ve bought several brands over the years and the only ones I’ve personally had hold up perfectly were the darn toughs. I have not been paid for this statement but will gladly accept a sponsorship for cable guys outdoorswear


[deleted] t1_iu9nu44 wrote



Octawussy t1_iu9o6m8 wrote

THEN WHAT MANUFACTURER IS BETTER? Should I just go barefoot because you believe in some grand sock conspiracy? brother, get help


IllWorry8404 t1_iu9u3cq wrote

Lol what am I reading? I’ve never seen someone spout conspiracy theories and be so angry about socks. I don’t pretend to be an expert (unlike someone in this thread) but I like darn tough. I bought a pair the first time I went to the Grand Canyon and I agree with you. They seem strong and comfy.


jazzfruit t1_iua6cwv wrote

The dude is crazy. Darn Tough makes great socks. However, they do make my feet clammy. My feet end up sweaty and pruned by the end of the day. I strongly prefer cotton socks over wool/synth blends. Even cotton requires some nylon for durability, but generally 10% or less rather than 30% or more for wool based socks.

My favorite sock right now is the plain old Wigwam super 60s and king cotton. I also avoid waterproof boots and prefer leather lined (Lowe Renegade LL) or an open boot like the Vasque Breeze.


IllWorry8404 t1_iua8f9f wrote

Thank you. I was actually wondering if there were other brands that people liked more. I would like to try some to see if they work better for me.


galacticprincess t1_iuaqyy9 wrote

I like Smart Wool socks a lot. I have 4 pair of their lightweights and have worn/washed them every week for 2 years and they're still good as new.


addywoot t1_iubxhgt wrote

Yup. I’ve experienced the same with darn tough.


boobelplex t1_iuaamsr wrote

What's funny is all their comments talk about the "troll army" working for darn tough but their comments read like that of a "troll."


oeco123 t1_iuf58iq wrote

Dude is crazy. Thinks everything’s a conspiracy being driven by a boy army, from socks to pepper grinders.


Spidaaman t1_iuaovjd wrote

…you do realize that you’re actually the troll, right?


philipito t1_iu9yhfy wrote

You sound kinda nuts. For the record, I like my Darn Tough socks. They seem to be holding up quite well.


edcculus t1_iubx9lm wrote

Do you have a recommendation on what to buy?


agentvulva t1_iu9nd20 wrote

I will EXPLAIN why DARN TOUGH are terrible - it is really simple actually. They are terrible because they are using WAY too much synthetic material. Polymers serve a few basic purposes in socks. The first reason to use polymers is increase lifespan of the sock because it's more long-lasting than organic materials. The second reason is for water absorbtion, it deals with sweat and liquids better because it's less absorbive of liquids.

The problem with DARN TOUGH is they are going with a waaaay to high polymer to cotton ratio, so the material cannot breathe. They are TERRIBLE socks do not buy them under any circumstances, your feet cannot breathe. If they increased the cotton ratio to 60-70% of the sock then they might be worthy of consideration, otherwise, in the current form they are worthless.

You will find yourself having feet problems on long walks, and getting foot diseases, because your feet will be unable to breathe. No professionals use them, they literally make all their sales probably from trolling people on reddit and convincing people they are worthy socks that deserve your time and budget, when they are a 100% troll product.


magnalbatross t1_iu9p7tf wrote

You keep saying cotton.

Darn Tough socks are made with wool.

Wool is different than cotton.


agentvulva t1_iu9pvvw wrote

it doesn't matter the same rule applies to wool or cotton. the most important thing is you need a baseline of 60% organic material. If you start to reduce this in favor of synthetic material then the socks can no longer breathe properly.

full merino would also be tricky because the wool would wear out after about 6 months of heavy usage and you would get holes in your socks quicker.


magnalbatross t1_iu9s4p0 wrote

With as much respect as I can muster:

If you don't know the differences between cotton and wool then I have very little faith in your opinion on the subject.


Jrud1990 t1_iuawqjq wrote

It honestly looks like a competing brand trying to talk shit about another or some troll. Notice how they caps lock the brand and only the brand. They've done it in previous posts as well. Seems sketchy.


Avaylon t1_iudf740 wrote

Apparently Darn Tough Socks has a "troll army" downvoting agentvulva. I didn't know we were part of the troll army. Did we get drafted? Are y'all getting paid? LMFAO


oeco123 t1_iuf5gc4 wrote

We’re all shills.



CourageMesAmies t1_iuf2cdm wrote

lol probably smartwool. I hate their socks because every pair I had only lasted one winter.


chocolatechoux t1_iukalsp wrote

Oh hey same boat. I bought smart wool and darn tough socks at the same time. Already had the smart wool develop holes but all the darn tough are working just fine.


Andyb1000 t1_iu9pek6 wrote

I don’t think any Darn Tough use cotton in there construction, I just randomly chose a dress sock and the composition is:

Materials: 63% Merino Wool 35% Nylon 2% Lycra Spandex

How much nylon and spandex is too much and what percentage of this should be changed to cotton?

Are you suggesting they also reduce the Merino wool content as well?


agentvulva t1_iu9q3ye wrote

it doesnt matter wool or cotton, the baseline should be minimum 60% otherwise the socks cannot breathe. Merino is great but not when you go for full on 37% polymers with it.


DoctorCIS t1_iua1v29 wrote

They said 63%, then you said they need to be 60% at least. So doesn't that mean that they have enough to meet your standards?


Andyb1000 t1_iu9qi6a wrote

And where did you get your textile / materials science engineering degree from? Or is this just on of your reckons?

I’d more likely trust Big Wool than a random Redditor.


jenofindy t1_iuc2b64 wrote


Edit: TIL that typing a hashtag makes text bigger. The more you know 🌈


chloe_1218 t1_iue2p0w wrote

You should not be commenting on this subject if a) you cannot do simple math (100%-63% is not 37% but nice try) and b) you don’t actually read the comments you’re replying to.


Necessary-Mission443 t1_iua1ovc wrote

Tons of hikers and backpackers use them on a daily basis. I’ve personally done multi-day backpacking trips wearing darn tough and never had foot problems or blisters.


regaphysics t1_iu9alct wrote

I use the micro crew hiker (regular cushion). I wouldn’t use them in summer; I have thin nylon socks for summer.

In terms of making them last…don’t wear them on rough surfaces, don’t dry them in the dryer. They last me 3-4 years and then I use the warranty.

Note that they’re very tight socks though; they’re meant for hiking not really casual use, but some don’t mind the tightness. I prefer my smart wool for just casual around the house wear.


MrMurds t1_iu9sjod wrote

I wore mine all summer mostly went down to light weigh and didn’t notice a difference in summer. I live in central Pennsylvania so we hit humid high 90s regularly. Not sure if this helps anyone.


regaphysics t1_iu9yp3s wrote

The issue is that light weight merino is not very durable. Darn tough light weight socks are substantially nylon anyway, for precisely that reason.


kinnikinnick321 t1_iuayvfd wrote

Agree on the tightness, I hike but even for hiking these are too tight for me personally. My feet also get quite hot so I prefer smartwool or other merino blend socks


TheOtherSarah t1_iuc8w2a wrote

If I’m not a fan of tight socks, would you advise going up a size, or trying a different brand? Looking for daily wear in boots in an outdoor but not physically strenuous job.


tallulahQ t1_iud98vt wrote

For daily wear in boots I like these. They definitely aren’t BIFL (no merino socks are unless there’s a warranty, but these don’t have one). I have a hard time with tight socks and I like these, though they have been a little different each time I ordered. They were amazing four years ago, this time around they’re thinner and more synthetic feeling but they don’t stink for days (so ik they have merino) and for the price they’re a good deal imo. Agree with others that Smartwool socks are looser/comfier as well, though I’m not sure they have a warranty like Icebreaker or Darn Tough. I used to wear the Icebreaker light hiking socks all winter (northern Midwest, 30F to -10F most days). But they either didn’t like the enzymes in my tide detergent or the baking soda in the second detergent (which I only used on Icebreaker’s recommendation) because they got really hard and stiff feeling. Anyways, if you already use a wool wash, then Icebreakers are great and have a warranty. I have one pair of their crew socks I got as a freebie that I would buy more of if they were cheaper (definitely not tight, and way better than the Amazon brand I linked if you can afford them).


Badwolf2013 t1_iua2lil wrote

I was going to do the same thing as OP. I am glad I only bought a couple pairs at first because they are so tight I couldn’t wear them as everyday socks. They have their place, but I only wear them a couple times a year.


notDaniel115 t1_iuawp1p wrote

Are you supposed to air dry them/ hang dry? Do you drill wash them in the washer with the rest of your clothes, or…?


regaphysics t1_iuaxh67 wrote

Yeah I just hang dry. Normal wash on cold water .


CourageMesAmies t1_iuf31tj wrote

I recommend washing inside out, in a zippered lingerie bag, cold water. Hang to dry.


DancesOnMoonlight t1_iubwfro wrote

I have 3 pairs I wear weekly. Bought in 2019. They go in the dryer and I think I've got a lot of use left in them


Draxaan t1_iudglab wrote

Same, I put them in the dryer every time on low with no issues


CourageMesAmies t1_iuf2t2r wrote

I Wash them inside out, place inside a zippered lingerie bag. Hang to dry.


regaphysics t1_iufdk4u wrote

Never had an issue with regular washing on cold. Mine wear out under the balls of my feet, every time.


ZookeepergameTight88 t1_iu9tn39 wrote

Try a few different styles. I vote to be a REI co-op member. You can wear them for a week or two and bring them back if you don’t like. They are the only sock I wear. But because I wear steel toe Redwings 60 hours a week the full cushion boot socks are my favorites. I have over 25 pair of all different sizes.


Amocat11 t1_iubely2 wrote

Just curious, why do you buy all different sizes for yourself?


GetTheRobitussin t1_iubkk6q wrote

Some are lower or higher than others and there are different cushion types, maybe that’s what he meant unless he is unsure what size he is

Edit: they*


MakinDessert t1_iucf9lj wrote

My REI socks are the worst ones I’ve purchased. The only wool socks I get blisters in. I wanted to like them because I thought I got them for a good price but they get thinned out faster than any other pair I have.


Crowfasa t1_iu9k439 wrote

Personally not a fan of Darn Tough. For winter I like People Socks and Fox River's wool work heavyweight crew. Both cheaper than DT too.


cakedestroyer t1_iua7u13 wrote

My People Socks wore through the arches so much faster than my Darn Toughs ever have. I did really like them. Currently I replenish with the Kirkland hiking socks, and those are great, but I've only had them about a year, so too early to tell.


Vvette45 t1_iuagexj wrote

I love my people socks but same thing with me, except the wear hole was in heel. Lasted about 2 years while my darn tough are still perfect shape that I bought a year before the people sock


CourageMesAmies t1_iuf3kbl wrote

I used to get Fox River, but I prefer ankle socks, and I wear tall,Bogg boots in winter. The Fox River always ended up sliding down, beneath my arches. The tighter Darn Toughs stay put.


philbobalboa t1_iu98l0w wrote

I know this sub loves these socks… I feel differently. I currently have about 15 wears of my two pairs and one of them is ripping at the heel seam. Also they are so incredibly tight around my ankles that I feel like I’m removing my feet from a bandage at the end of the day.

Obviously your mileage will vary, but I will not be purchasing more darn tough socks.


CMYKoi t1_iu9c3qj wrote

Need to try a different style or size. I had this issue. Made it work for a year before I wore a small hole in the bottom.

Socks too tight will kill your hair. That's why you frequently see men without any hair on their ankles. Same with hats. I mean, or anything.

I think I ordered a medium but should have ordered a large.

Anyway, we will have different shaped feet, and YMMV, but if you wore through any part of it that fast it's because either the sock or your shoes weren't a good fit (or both.)


MagicBeardMan86 t1_iu9fmrr wrote

Wearing a shirt hasn't affected my chest hair...


CMYKoi t1_iu9q30b wrote

It's gotta be tight enough to fuck with your circulation to kill off the follicles. Think less Julian tight black shirt, more compression sleeve but 2-3x as thick. For example, there are many sticks that will fit right, but if you have the extra long boot sock, and it's not a tube sock, chances are as you pull it up there WILL be an uncomfortable tight spot.

Go for a silicon edge liner or something to keep it up, not sheer vice grip tightness. Otherwise it's just a bad fit.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iua2r6j wrote

>For example, there are many sticks that will fit right,

I don't know, I've met lots of people sticks up their butts, haven't found anyone enjoying it yet.


CMYKoi t1_iua4jvr wrote

...I really need to figure out how to reset my phones entire keyboard info. Autocorrect is more harmful than helpful at this point.


notiebuta t1_iuajrux wrote

I’m trying to edit before sending but texting can get so long that I get tired of texting and send before thinking to edit. Just don’t be too quick to reply when it matters. 😉


agentvulva t1_iu9qgam wrote

agree they are terrible troll product supported by a reddit troll army, probably one lonely marketing manager who has created at least 100 fake reddit accounts to promote their products


CMYKoi t1_iu9rckg wrote

I... didn't disparage the product at all, if anything it seems you are reverse shilling with this comment lmao.


Ilahriariel t1_iu9cea6 wrote

The no shows are this way for me, but I’ve since switched to the micro crews. It’s night and day. When my no shows inevitably wore out I just warrantied them all for micro crews.


philbobalboa t1_iu9dobl wrote

I didn’t know you can change the type when you send it in for the warranty. I may have to look into that


Ilahriariel t1_iu9f79b wrote

The warranty comes back as just a store credit, so you can use it towards whatever. The crews are slightly more expensive so I paid probably $15 total out of pocket to replace 3 no shows with 3 micro crews.


charlesdexterward t1_iu9fait wrote

Yeah, first pair I ever got ripped the second time I wore them. I guess I could have sent for a replacement, but it didn’t feel worth the hassle. Cheap ass socks from TJ Maxx will last me 2-3 years, typically.


KCFiredUp t1_iu9jbm4 wrote

Your socks are too small if it feels like that. The extra pressure/tension could be contributing to the seam rip.


johnnys_sack t1_iuc2oto wrote

Same and I've found smart wool socks to be way better value.


nadanone t1_iubzml6 wrote

I don’t find them to last longer than other socks (especially the thin varieties) but the warranty makes it worth it.


tallulahQ t1_iuddy51 wrote

I also can’t wear Darn Tough because of how tight they are. I tried sizing up but they were huge on the foot and still too tight around the ankles for my liking. I have small ankles/calves but I am sensitive to tightness in that area and prefer Icebreaker or Smartwool (I hate Smartwool for everything else except socks)


agentvulva t1_iu9qbyi wrote

agree they are terrible socks supported by a Reddit troll army, probably they hired some marketing agency with a pool of fake reddit accounts that they can tap into


beetlereads t1_iu97xtg wrote

It depends how often you do laundry. I like the midweight quarter crew sock and I own 5 pairs but it’s not enough for them to be my only sock. I do sometimes wear them twice before washing, but I don’t recommend it because they are noticeably less warm the second day.


tallulahQ t1_iuddp15 wrote

This sounds like they aren’t drying all the way. I had the same issue and now I alternate so each gets at least 24 full hours to air out (meaning I can’t wear them two days in a row). Since doing that I’ve been able to make 5 pairs last everyday easily (to the point where I probably only need 3 or 4 pairs when I repurchase in the future).


tallmufuk t1_iu96qch wrote

I have 2 pairs of mid crew hiking boot socks that i use for work i where each pair twice (obviously switch each day) before washing them n that gets me through the week i love there socks so effing comfortable an they dont stink at all! Ive worn a pair 3 or 4 times before washing them and no smell whats so ever! Probs not the best for the socks or health lol but these socks are the shit 🤌


notiebuta t1_iuajegu wrote

Wool is naturally anti microbial. I think that’s helpful regarding whether your socks stink or not. Wool is said to be warmer when they’re wet than other fabrics. If your feet get soaked your feet won’t stay as cold while you’re wearing them. Hope that makes sense.


tallulahQ t1_iud9skr wrote

It’s actually better for the socks to wash them less if they aren’t badly soiled. I’d wash them once they start to smell.


errday7 t1_iu9ozff wrote

Fleet feet is a great store/website to buy darn tough socks from. They have a customer rewards program that is basically 10% off for customers (every $150 you spend you get $15 off starting the next day for 6 months). Solid 60 day return policy too.

Any type of higher quality fabric (socks, shirts, pants, etc) I wash cold and hang to dry. Makes everything last longer. There’s hanging boards you can get on Amazon that are helpful. If you can get 10-14 socks that’d be best to keep a good rotation. Just get the thinner style for summer and thicker for winter but you probably won’t notice much of a difference weather wise.


sixtwomidget t1_iubkz0t wrote

I live about two hours south of Chicago. I’m a Maintenance Electrician by trade. I have been using Darn Tough socks almost entirely for about two years. I wear the lightweight hikers in the summer and mid weights in the winter. I own between 10 and 15 pair. I always air dry them and they have all have held up great.


SignificanceBoth2767 t1_iua3vdk wrote

Get them a size up.


Faeglantina t1_iufk9ya wrote

That probably depends on how close you are to the next size up. I also think it depends on the kind of sock. I’m on the cusp. My medium cushion socks do fine in my size according to their chart, but I wish I’d gotten the super light weight socks a size up.


chestertonfence t1_iuac2uj wrote

I have a mixed opinion on Darn Tough:

  • On the one hand, they make a great boot sock in bitterly cold winters. They definitely keep your feet warm.

  • On the other hand, the very reason they keep your feet so toasty in the winter is why you shouldn’t be wearing them in any other season: they make your feet sweat like no other sock. Absolutely no breathability.

They’re also kind of uhh.. plasticky? and stiff to put on. They don’t feel that great. That’s what makes em durable I guess.

I’ve had great results with surprisingly, a made in China sock - Bombas. Expensive, but it’s actually that magic combo of durable breathable comfortable and warm. The two times when I actually managed to poke a hole in them was when I grew eagle claw toenails - my lazy fault - and Bombas replaced them with no hassle at all.


d0ttyq t1_iub26my wrote

Honestly, I feel like I’m in the minority, but my darn toughs all wear out after 2 years. So yeah, the warranty is there, but it’s truly not BIFL when you have to constantly send them back for a new pair. My smartwool socks on the other hand ? I have had the same pairs for about 12 years. And I use them heavily for work, which is mainly hiking off trail in the woods. These puppies are still going strong. Some have needed to be darned, but it’s wildly better than the saggy ankles of my darn toughs when the elastic gives.


MultipleDinosaurs t1_iuc18j1 wrote

I was going to say… I think Smartwool outlast Darn Tough by at least double. But they don’t have a warranty, so there’s that.


GazelleRare1657 t1_iuc3kwt wrote

That's surprising to hear. My smartwool's have been the least durable by far. It all probably depends on foot shape, sock fit, and shoe fit though.

My darn toughs are ugly as hell, but warm and super durable. I do agree with others that they are tight around the ankle/calf but it doesn't bother me personally.

I also agree with the comment above that they aren't truly BIFL. No sock is, but I haven't found better yet.


Visible_Ad_9625 t1_iuc25g8 wrote

Interesting. I’ve tried a few pairs of smart wool and they’ve all had holes within a year, but my 4 DT I’ve cycled through weekly for 3 years show no sign of wear!


ccgmtl t1_iu9i7o0 wrote

You might want to give Grip6 socks a shkt. USA made / usa wools, lifetime warranty, they're ultra comfy and tough....


Krusty_Bear t1_iudfm9o wrote

I have darn tough for my long socks for colder seasons and grip6 for my short socks for warmer seasons and athletic activities. I tried a pair of darn tough short socks and didn't like them; they shifted too much under my shoes, weirdly.


superandomness t1_iua2tjb wrote

Also in Chicago (which street are you on that's freezing 9 months out of the year? Lol), I switched last year and all of my socks are still in like-new condition. I have about two weeks of socks and they've served me well.


MountainHipie t1_iubtqd2 wrote

Might be an unpopular opinion here, socks, especially hikers are not buy it for life material! I have tried every brand of wool hiking socks available at Jax, REI, Dicks, and more. I am an avid hiker and climber. 10mi and 3000ft gain is a average hike for the dog and i. Socks do not last more than a year or two under consistent use. Wool absolutely makes worlds of difference for comfort and warmth in cold. They are definitely longer lived than cotton. But buy it for life? No.

Edit: I am as I write, waring a pair of darn tough socks. I love them but they are obviously wearing through and only a year old.


akmjolnir t1_iu9kn7s wrote

I have low-cut, thin merino socks for the summer, but most wear sandals. In the winter I have a bunch of thicker calf-height merino socks for winter boots or sneakers, and dedicated over-the-calf socks for skiing.

My brands are whatever merino is the cheapest at the time on Steep and Cheap, EMS, or whatever. I have Darn Tough, Fitsok, Icebreaker, Smartwool. Probably 20 pairs in total from the last 20 years.

The EMS socks have lasted the longest, Smartwool the shortest.


Von_Lehmann t1_iu9yfdm wrote

I have 3 pairs of light hiker socks that I wear basically every day and swap out and 2 pairs of very light merino socks. For sneaker days.

But I reckon get 5 and that's plenty


lordjigglypuff t1_iuadwiq wrote

I would suggest just buying one first and then deciding if u want to commit to the rest


SuspiciousChicken t1_iubwrk8 wrote

I'm all about these kind: Men's Solid Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Sock.

While sure, big thick colorful hiking socks have their place...but for city folks who go to desk jobs, these are your day-to-day excellent work approved (black) and also casual (gray) style that can work with both your brogues and your sneakers.

Warm enough for all but serious northern winters, and light and breathable for Spring and Fall. For summer, switch to cotton though.

I watch all year for sales, and can find them more in the ~$13 range.


vff t1_iubygn0 wrote

Whenever I buy new socks (Gold Toe for me), I always buy 42 identical pairs. That gives me six weeks of socks. They last at least 5 years. Then I replace them all at once.

I buy all identical socks each time, all the same style and color, so that I don’t have to waste time matching them. After I wash them (once every six weeks) I can just dump them all in a drawer. Done.


cheeseroller45 t1_iuc5zf1 wrote

I’ve tried many of the different “higher end” socks such as darn tough, and each has their own benefits. Darn tough has the bifl thing which is awesome but as another commenter said, their feet feel clammy and I can agree with that at times. I’ve personally found smart wool to be the most comfortable. They have a looser knit which just feels great. Fits has graduated compression and my feet feel great after a long day of wearing them. I almost don’t want to take them off. Wigwam is probably the cushiest for the lowest price but my feet get really warm so I pretty much only wear them for snow days and shoveling. Fox river socks have a great balance of durability and comfort. More comfortable than the darn tough but more durable than the smart wool. Little bit more than wigwam but five to ten dollars less than smart wool fits and darn tough. TLDR smart wool most comfy Darn tough bifl Wigwam cushy and cheap Fits compression and very nice Fox river best balance of all factors


brandonspade17 t1_iubtr5i wrote

Darn tough is all I wear, summer and winter months. I was in an accident over the summer and paramedics had to cut my socks off. I sent an email to them explaining what happened and they sent me a replacement pair right away, no questions asked other than what pair I wanted.

I'll gladly pay for a quality product made here in the US by people who really care about their customers.


CharlyFoxtrotAlpha t1_iuc2he6 wrote

These socks are incredible, especially if you’re going to be doing moderate to intense physical activity. Chicago is not freezing for 9 months a year though haha


TomFoolery309 t1_iua1pz4 wrote

My results varied with these. I originally had some heavy hiking boot socks that wore out over a year or so. I also had some light quarter high socks that also wore out after a spell. Luckily, with the guarantee, I could send them in for credit and try other pairs. I settled on the Fred Tuttles which have been going strong for nearly three years. I have ten pairs and make sure to rotate “old” ones to the front of the sock drawer on laundry day. One thing I’ve been doing per their recommendation is turning them inside out before washing them. I too live in Illinois so our weather is likely comparable, and I wear these year round without issue. They wick sweat nicely in the summer and keep my tootsies toasty in the winter.


rockdude625 t1_iua6o70 wrote

1405/6 boot is all I wear, they’re awesome


Life-From-Scratch t1_iuadeim wrote

I have about 12 pair that i wear year round. Where I live we have winter for about half the year. I get the hiking boot socks. I could probably get away with fewer pair, but every time I see a new design om compelled to get them.


caughtindesire t1_iuag0oc wrote

Love mine, haven't had issues with any of the many dif types I've purchased!


jlbob t1_iuaz5f8 wrote

I always have a minimum of 3 weeks worth of socks, my wool is always washed separately and I tiny loads are no fun.


NydNugs t1_iubiehl wrote

You need two weeks worth, 14 pairs. Idk if it's really BIFL item because it's like the most misplaced item.


MHoaglund41 t1_iubuw8s wrote

I have 6 pairs currently and am planning on getting more soon. I hate wearing any other sock.

I work in a manufacturing facility so I wear supportive anti slip sneakers and am on my feet for long periods.

I am a women's 8.5 and wear their medium. I have the ankle ones.

As far as winter goes I still wear my smart wool if I'm going to be outside for a long time. I haven't tried any of the darn tough boot socks yet.


99available t1_iuc198z wrote

Anyone darn, i.e. mend socks? Or it is just easier to return darn tough socks than to darn them? Do you think Darn Touch Socks could darn the returned socks and then give them to the homeless for charity? A darned Darn Tough sock would probably be a super sock as far as they would be concerned.


Visible_Ad_9625 t1_iuc2m34 wrote

I wear the mid weight hiker year-round. Depends on how often you do laundry - 7 pairs is enough for me to rotate through. I frequently wear them two times, especially if I’ve worn them on a pretty sedentary day.

I have a couple lightweight casual pairs and they are atrocious. Thin, make my feet so sweaty, they’re tight and they just feel weird on my feet. I also have a pair of no-show but they are slightly stiff.


opticaIIllusion t1_iucevl3 wrote

I bought one test pair of work boot socks in black they are comfortable and nicely cushioned the only downside is are pretty tight around the ankle and make my skin uncomfortable after a full days wear, after 2 days the skin was sore and couldn’t do a third day.


TPM911 t1_iucthwt wrote

All are great! Quantities should be determined by how often you are going to wash them. I have heard that some people wear them 2-3 days in a row before washing. 🤔


goruck t1_iucvrnx wrote

Buy the solid color tactical line!


baconbeerbewbs t1_iudfe7l wrote

Go with Smartwool or OmniWool. They have lasted me for daily wear and multiple rucks/hikes without blisters. OmniWool bas become my favorite. I’ve tried a few different socks over the years. Darn Tough and Fox Rivers are probably at the bottom of my list for comfort and performance for the price.


sleddingfarmer t1_iufusaq wrote

I'm a highway heavy construction worker, started with underground tunnels, moved onto building roads, then sewer and water utilities, and have since became an operator for sewer and water utilities. I only wear Darn Tough socks, in Redwing/Danner/ Muck boots. I like the full cushion midweight steel toe socks for summer spring and fall, and when it starts getting cold I have their warmest otf (over the calf). The tall otf socks are real nice in the winter, and work great in the Muck boots. I have purchased a few pairs of the all black full cushion socks too, for casual wear or if it's extremely hot out. And I have a couple ankle height for summer use with crocks or sandals. I'm in north Western WI so we get all 4 seasons. I've converted many coworkers and family members to Darn Tough as well.


fuzzynyanko t1_iujpuoo wrote

I like having a variety. Buy 2-3 pairs of the same kind. The reason is simple: it's easy to lose a sock. So, if I lose one sock out of a pair, it feels terrible if I didn't buy 2-3 pairs


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Titans95 t1_iuaubjg wrote

Never understood the “they last forever argument”….I’m sure they perform really well as wool is a miracle material, especially for colder months but to spend $15 for a pair of socks that last a few years then you have to go through the trouble of warranty seems a bit ridiculous. Just buy cheap socks from name brands like adidas and buy 2 dozen for the same price as 2 pairs of darn toughs and abuse the hell out of them and replace as needed. Since you have so many pairs you only wear the same pair once a month. They last very long when you do this.


FrugalLuxury t1_iubolaq wrote

You are on the r/buyitforlife forum. You may find less fans of your view.

Some people here may view buying 24 socks and throwing them out/replacing them seems pretty bad for the environment too. And less fiscally responsible too.


TheGuyMain t1_iubo58j wrote

Its a literal lifetime supply of pair of socks for $16 though. You cant tell me that wearing shitty, potentially uncomfy socks all the time is better than DT, nor can you tell me that its more cost effective to spend $20 on socks every two years when you can pay $16 per pair one time and never again


Titans95 t1_iue88h6 wrote

My socks I get from Costco, usually puma or adidas are pretty comfortable. I’m not saying they are better than DT by any means. I love wool but $16 for only 1 pair…I have a huge sock drawer for the same price as probably 3 pairs of DT’s and I never have to worry about laundry or running out. Since I have so many they last a very long time. It’s easier and more convenient for me, to do that I’d need to spend hundred of dollars from DT which I personally would rather spend on other products. Just my 2 cents.