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MonstahButtonz t1_ivcs1ti wrote

I have this same one. Built solid. Wish I had the table and foot pedal for it though. Damn, just noticed you still have the wooden lid too. Nice!


_Aj_ t1_ivdzbyv wrote

We've got one on the table that can flip upsidedown to hide inside and has the foot pedal. I don't see, are they good to use?


mynameisollie t1_ive6nz5 wrote

Our one has a handle to crank it by hand and looks like OPs. It’s a well built machine and still works great. Using a decent modern machine is a way better experience though. We just keep it as an ornament.


the--jah t1_ivebfjq wrote

These things are everywhere as ornaments My Grandma has at least 3 in the basement lovely things though


Sahqon t1_ivegpq5 wrote

This one will sew through the original sheet metal-like jeans in 6 layers without a hitch... At least ours does.


ccgarnaal t1_ivek7q4 wrote

Only reason i keep it. I have a modern machine. But if I need to stitch a leather belt. Or truck sail fabric. This baby with the foot pedal will do it.


Sahqon t1_iven8el wrote

I have a modern machine too, mum got it for my birthday :D

...40 years ago.

Only thing it can't do is the stretch stitches. But I can't seem to bring myself to sew nowadays, just buy more and more fabrics :/


_Aj_ t1_ivseuu7 wrote

Yeah nice. So they just have the force that standard modern machines just don't have. I'm assuming the trade off is the speed a modern electric machine can sew at.


Sahqon t1_ivtpqnh wrote

These are already quicker than a nontrained normal person could sew at anyway. It takes a bit to speed up but then it just goes zooooom. Not on the level of industrial machines, obviously.


SelfDERPecating t1_ivcy8wr wrote

The artwork of the floral swashes and whatnot on the instrument itself are marvelous. What a beautiful machine!


dirtfork t1_ivebwvm wrote

Fun fact: they are water applique - if you ever try to clean one of these with any kind of liquid, they will wash off almost instantly.

When people restore them, they either apply new applique or I've seen some folks laser etch the designs on. Very cool.


j45780 t1_ivd4uij wrote

There's a sewing machine museum in Tulsa that has hundreds of antique machines of many different brands. If you're into sewing machines check it out.


Ahem_ak_achem_ACHOO t1_ivdpnoy wrote

Also pretty much every AllSaints store features hundreds of these old school singers


JellyBiafra54321 t1_ive7ycf wrote

the first time I saw the old all saints here in Glasgow I was annoyed. all of those beautiful machines as decor.

I wanted one! the new shop doesn't have them. I wonder where they are...


FlushTwiceBeNice t1_ive3bf3 wrote

I had no idea it was a global company. My grandmother has the exact same model here in India. She brought it with her after her wedding in 1956


F-21 t1_iveufaj wrote

Yeah Singer even had multiple factories in Europe despite being a US brand.


ShadowRancher t1_ivdda3a wrote

I’m picking up my great grandmothers from the 40s from my grandpa at thanksgiving, I’m so excited!


avitar35 t1_ivd5nja wrote

I have one very similar! Just doesnt have a motor, hand crank only. Still need to get that pace down


Wolf-Strong t1_ivdz6hv wrote

Replace the power cable with a modem, grounded plug. The insulation on a lot of old appliances wear and short out, often causing fires and/or shorting out to the metal body, giving whoever touches it a potentially lethal jolt.

Other than that, congrats. Truly a BIFL example. Things remain BIFL in big part thanks to how well they are cared for, so it speaks a lot to your great grandma :)


rainyrew OP t1_ivfb09n wrote

I believe it already has a grounding bolt! But this is great to know, thank you! I will be taking it in for servicing before I even turn it on. Been sitting in my mothers storage for many years and the oil is probably gunky and thick. Will definitely request a new cable and plug. Wouldn’t have thought of that, so thank you :D


b4ssripper t1_ivehotf wrote

I dont think it have anything to connect ground wire to, but modern plug is needed anyway.


Wolf-Strong t1_ivezooo wrote

Ground literally just connects to the metal body. Find any bolt and just connect it there. The point of a friend is that if there odd any short to the metal body, it will go to the point of least resistance, which will be ground, and send more power there instead of though you. Safety feature for worse case scenario. Modem appliances have either this, or double insulate by using plastic bodies.

So literally, any bolt that touches the body.


Wolf-Strong t1_ivf000j wrote

Ground literally just connects to the metal body. Find any bolt and just connect it there. The point of a ground is that if there is any short to the metal body, it will go to the path of least resistance, which will be ground, and send more power there instead of though you. Safety feature for worse case scenario. Modem appliances have either this, or double insulate by using plastic bodies.


Psykowexter t1_ivetcco wrote

I refuse to believe that these machines even know what things like "wear" and "breaking down" are. Moms had one for aprox 50 years and she isn't the gentle cautious type and she doesn't believe in stuff needing maintenance.


Web-Dude t1_ivgtovv wrote

awesome. they don't make em like they used to. But a little oil every now and then will make it easier to use!


Puzzled_Sky9875 t1_ivcto6w wrote

Nice. I have Mom’s old Singer, wooden case also. But yours has a prettier paint job! Gotta love ‘em, built to last.


gogozrx t1_ivd3kqt wrote

Nice machine!


GodlikeCat t1_ivdd5ft wrote

damn look at that beauty


5spd4wd t1_ivdfdjn wrote

That's a beauty!


Roundaboutdragon t1_ivdwv11 wrote

I bought one for my granny from a second hand store, the gold was silver from all the dirt and grime on it. It's now gold after a good clean, she says it's the best thing to keep her busy because it reminds her of her sowing days.


-rw-rw-rw- t1_ive7t0v wrote

I have one of these in my basement that I want to get rid of. It’s just taking up space. I’m sad because I know that it will outlast me.


gustinnian t1_ivf45ge wrote

My mother has inherited the 1871 model - still working fine.


Dominoscraft t1_ivf4x6s wrote

Lol we still have a hand turn singer sewing machine


Miserable_Unusual_98 t1_ivfmeg5 wrote

I was "robbed" by other relatives of my grandmother's similar one and went to eBay and bought one to fill the gap. It rocks


ribhu69 t1_ivdgca2 wrote

Used to own one of them, which also had the foot pedal and the wheel that delivered power to the machine


ja6754 t1_ivdrlq6 wrote

Love it! That’s what I learned to sew on!


C00l_MathGuy t1_ivef8ib wrote

Cuba is full of these things. Like every other house has one. They work or can work with an easy fix. Nostalgia.


alwen t1_ivemrcc wrote

I have two red-eye (red scroll) decal Singer 66s, one motorized (1924) and one that I put a repro handcrank on (1915). I use the handcrank one all the time, it sews anything I ask it to.


lilbearpie t1_ivf7dze wrote

My grandma refused to sew on a plastic machine


alwen t1_ivhkidu wrote

So do I, now that I've experienced the joy of a machine that will go from denim to curtain gauze without any fuss.


98nanna t1_ivf9920 wrote

My grandmother had a sewing machine that looked a lot like this one, but it wasn't even electric. It disappeared years ago and I'm still bummed about it :(


ichoosejif t1_ivfc3px wrote

I have the same one but it's a replica.


TheEightDoctor t1_ivfhshg wrote

We are always looking for them in sales and when people empty their houses because they are worth good money.


vicaphit t1_ivfktk6 wrote

I think mine is from 1920-something, but it absolutely rips through leather.


JayF2601 t1_ivfmvsy wrote

A beauty, a Bonnie and a joy forever


playoffasprilla t1_ivfqaf6 wrote

These old singers are the definition of BIFL.


[deleted] t1_ivfu8bm wrote

I have a similar one but form the 60's! Black enamel as well, fewer drawings but a few more functions, like zig zag stitch etc. Works like a train, best machine I ever had.


Mavisbeak2112 t1_ivfvn7n wrote

I just bought a house and have this same one in the basement. Along with 3 others.


JenovaPear t1_ivgeokp wrote

wow! It's so beautiful!


Pidgeon_30 t1_ivgixfw wrote

I can confirm they're built like a tank


sankar_restoration t1_iwgpe36 wrote

These machines are very hardy and build to last. With a little bit of oil, they practically run forever.


fruitgay t1_ixgc7ri wrote

oh wow thats beautiful


OhNoManBearPig t1_ivdmz8r wrote

Singer purposely started making machines that would break so they could sell more. Pretty sure they even lied to people and swapped out their durable machines for a new one that wouldn't last.


rainyrew OP t1_ivdngci wrote

They sold out a while back and no longer make a good product. But back in the day they were the Cadillac of machines. Feel lucky to have a good model! My modern machine is a baby lock which you can barely see in the background lol


Manictree t1_ivf1yny wrote

It depends on the model. The entry level ones aren't built to last anymore. I lived with someone that was a film and theatre costume designer and she used a Singer "Heavy Duty" machine everyday without complaint. Said it went through multiple layers of denim/leather/canvas easily (also told me to avoid computerised machines).


F-21 t1_iveuusw wrote

They were really good, but to be completely honest up to the 30's and in some places even later, making one was very expensive so they weren't designed to be disposable. Any really old sewing machine is BIFL for multiple lives of home use. Industrial or tailor grade machines were of course on another level again...

What I mean to say, an old Pfaff or Bernina weren't any worse, just less mass produced and less widely known.


F-21 t1_iveuk7y wrote

Yeah but those were the 70's and 80's, this machine is 50-60 years older than those ones....

Any sewing machine that only does straight stitch is quite BIFL.


cazdan255 t1_ivemydm wrote

Man, they really don’t make em like they used to, huh?


rainyrew OP t1_ivfbaj7 wrote

You can barely see my modern machine behind the wood cover. Not nearly as pretty but it’s simple to use and got me started!