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rainyrew OP t1_ivdngci wrote

They sold out a while back and no longer make a good product. But back in the day they were the Cadillac of machines. Feel lucky to have a good model! My modern machine is a baby lock which you can barely see in the background lol


Manictree t1_ivf1yny wrote

It depends on the model. The entry level ones aren't built to last anymore. I lived with someone that was a film and theatre costume designer and she used a Singer "Heavy Duty" machine everyday without complaint. Said it went through multiple layers of denim/leather/canvas easily (also told me to avoid computerised machines).


F-21 t1_iveuusw wrote

They were really good, but to be completely honest up to the 30's and in some places even later, making one was very expensive so they weren't designed to be disposable. Any really old sewing machine is BIFL for multiple lives of home use. Industrial or tailor grade machines were of course on another level again...

What I mean to say, an old Pfaff or Bernina weren't any worse, just less mass produced and less widely known.