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zstandig OP t1_ivfor3e wrote

I have no idea how old these things are but I got them at a good price. They were initially missing some parts and whatnot. Apparently Koss is serious about lifetime warranties as they totally refurbed it for cost of shipping.

All I had to do otherwise was get an adapter for the headphone jack as it has the older larger plug and get some third party ear cushions because otherwise it's a bit of a pain


foospork t1_ivh5jos wrote

Hunh! I have a set of Pro4AAAs that died many years ago. Thank you for this info -- I'll have to send mine in to Koss! I absolutely loved these things.


here-i-am-now t1_ivi9cul wrote

Koss is a Milwaukee company that will do right by you


foospork t1_ivip6i3 wrote

I looked for my old headset this evening and can’t find them.

I may have to go buy another pair from them. It’s good to reward companies who take care of their customers, especially if they build an outstanding product.


McCheeseBob t1_ivhlawm wrote

Not sure what exact refresh yours is from since they've been on and off the market over time but the original models started production in 1970. My Koss HV/1A dates to about 1974 and I replace the original ear pads from them every couple years for the cost of shipping so they definitely have loads of early parts.


Splungeworthy t1_iwtk7lw wrote

I had those cans back in the day and LOVED them. Great bass response, just a little uncomfortable on the ears. I'd kill to get a pair in decent condition.


McCheeseBob t1_iwtkn7f wrote

Oh yeah, they're definitely one of the better early 70s dynamic driver phones that I've tried. I occasionally see them crop up for not a ton of money on ebay. Probably easier to find the RadioShack rebadged version (Realistic LV-10).


zewill87 t1_iviafc2 wrote

That's great! Koss is own of the better ones out there... But! I had the old loss mv1s (running from memory here don't quote me on the model) that broke within 2 years I believe. Koss gave me a new pair of a more recent model, no questions asked which was good. Never used them in much in all those years (5 or so), took them out a few weeks ago, the plastic became all tacky, horrible, and one pivot actually broke. It's great they honor their warranty but they should really build like it was before. Replacing is cool, building durable might be better. Wonder if Koss would honor their warranty another time :p


1Tikitorch t1_ivgpmz8 wrote

Koss, made in Milwaukee or Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. Great headphones 👍👍


TheMilwaukeeLion t1_ivi66mz wrote

Remember when they got scammed big time a while back by a now former employee?


1Tikitorch t1_ivow5z5 wrote

Oh yeah I remember & I remember reading that the owners of Koss paid her well for what she did in her position & greed took over her feeble mind.


FatLegTed t1_ivfuqmt wrote

Good on them

I had a pair of these many years ago.


Copernican t1_ivgr8c4 wrote

Back when phones had 3.5mm jacks, Koss Porta Pros were my daily commute headphones. They always broke after getting beat up in my bag after a year or 2, but always got a replacement after sending them in with an 11 dollar check. Was 11 bucks the real shipping cost? Probably not, but very cheap for a new pair of head phones.


saruin t1_ivgx2vg wrote

Same here! The PortaPros were amazing and one of the first headphones ever recommended to me from the internet. I had them replaced at least once for the cost of shipping.


SuchUs3r t1_ivhsatg wrote

I’ve got a pair in a box with deteriorates pads and a broken band.

I ought to send them off. Porta pros were like $45 last time I checked.


MOONGOONER t1_ivihc42 wrote

Man, I love Portapros but even with the warranty I have a hard time calling them buyitforlife. I've been through like 4 in the past 2 years.


yusrandpasswdisbad t1_ivfwolj wrote

I have these with the original vinyl pads - still work and nothing to fix, but good to know I can get them serviced if needed.


bad-monkey t1_ivgp4k8 wrote

Koss' limited lifetime warranty is legit.


MajorFuckingTom t1_ivggw39 wrote

Koss is outstanding, underrated for sure!


Desperate2LearnMagic t1_ivgekhy wrote

What's the sound quality like compared to newer models?


zstandig OP t1_ivgp3xy wrote

I dunno, I don't own anything newer and I'm partially deaf anyway so I'm not a good judge for that


MineralPoint t1_ivgrfho wrote

They sounded great, but my ears and head hurt just looking at them. Whey did they have to smash my ears in to my skull?


zstandig OP t1_ivgrljh wrote

That's where the new ear covers I got come into play. No more scratchy ears


kairon156 t1_ivgzbba wrote

I've been meaning to do this for my Philips SHP9500 headphones. The ear cups need a good washing, and I would like to try others to see what the difference might be.


EnsignEpic t1_ivi56w4 wrote

Koss is such a solid brand. Have a pair of the KPH7, inexpensive dinky little on-ear headphones, got them for work (was doing park maintenance then). Sound quality is much better than one would expect, and honestly is better than some expensive headphones I've worn. Wound up just buying a second pair when I did wreck them since I wasn't aware of this policy, lol.


FJWagg t1_ivi9nfy wrote

Falling asleep with Koss headphones on, what a trip down memory lane. Boston, Rush, Floyd…. Now I just have these half moon shaped headphones hanging off the back of my ears with a small tube down my ear canal. They make everything clear again.


EL_Brento7 t1_ivgp4zm wrote

Thank you for sharing! I have the same headphones.


01ARayOfSunlight t1_ivhs3wb wrote

I have a cheap pair of koss headphones that just had one channel go out. Looks like I can get warranty repair so thanks for this post.


auggie235 t1_ivh3x44 wrote

I have a pair of Koss headphones and I absolutely love them. The sound quality is amazing


zyzzogeton t1_ivh4g04 wrote

How do these sound? Do they need to be driven by an amp with some oomf?


zstandig OP t1_ivh8jfg wrote

I never tried them with an amp, they're plugged into my computer with a sound card so maybe that does it?


oishiiburger t1_ivhylug wrote

I've got a pair of 4AAA -- not sure what the difference is. But I remember emailing Koss a few years ago and them telling me that I could get new pads for them for $5 (plus shipping). Not sure if those are not included by warranty (not that $5 is a big deal).


easywriter t1_ivihc07 wrote

Grado headphones are similar. Every few years I send them in and get a complete refurb for like 1/4 the price of new.


jeffsayno t1_ivjbhdr wrote

it's really disappointing that all new phones are wireless now


infedlity t1_ivjs52q wrote

absolute unit of a headphones


ragnarok62 t1_ivjxou6 wrote

Great cans. One of the best I’ve owned for sound and durability. The only knock was that the plastic headband design put a lot of pressure on my huge noggin.


redboxmike t1_ivlmcaf wrote

I’ve had two KOSS products replaced over the years due to the lifetime warranty. One product I even purchased while living abroad in France and they didn’t care—so long as it is KOSS, they will honour it. It’s the real deal.


decorama t1_ivmljkm wrote

This is fantastic. I used to work in radio - and this was the go-to for many stations. I distinctly remember their excellent fidelity. Always wanted a set for myself at the time but couldn't afford it. So glad to see they're still serving the music seeking public :)


KatMagic1977 t1_iw2v5g0 wrote

Any particular model a favorite? I'm in the market for one. I love the Sony's WM1000xm4 but have had a lot of issues with them since upgrading to Windows 11, and Sony says it's not their problem. Looking for a better headphone, better company.


zstandig OP t1_iw534g5 wrote

These things are essentially unchanged from the 1970s or so other than the nicer memory foam ear pads I put on, it doesn't seem like the same sort of cans as the Sony one you're looking to replace.

Anyway, it's worked in anything I've plugged it into. Even my phone since my LG V20 apparently has a built in DAC


Nervous_Rest_4750 t1_ivgluq1 wrote

I first thought they were those chernobyl masks, then saw the sub. XD