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zstandig OP t1_ivfor3e wrote

I have no idea how old these things are but I got them at a good price. They were initially missing some parts and whatnot. Apparently Koss is serious about lifetime warranties as they totally refurbed it for cost of shipping.

All I had to do otherwise was get an adapter for the headphone jack as it has the older larger plug and get some third party ear cushions because otherwise it's a bit of a pain


foospork t1_ivh5jos wrote

Hunh! I have a set of Pro4AAAs that died many years ago. Thank you for this info -- I'll have to send mine in to Koss! I absolutely loved these things.


here-i-am-now t1_ivi9cul wrote

Koss is a Milwaukee company that will do right by you


foospork t1_ivip6i3 wrote

I looked for my old headset this evening and can’t find them.

I may have to go buy another pair from them. It’s good to reward companies who take care of their customers, especially if they build an outstanding product.


McCheeseBob t1_ivhlawm wrote

Not sure what exact refresh yours is from since they've been on and off the market over time but the original models started production in 1970. My Koss HV/1A dates to about 1974 and I replace the original ear pads from them every couple years for the cost of shipping so they definitely have loads of early parts.


Splungeworthy t1_iwtk7lw wrote

I had those cans back in the day and LOVED them. Great bass response, just a little uncomfortable on the ears. I'd kill to get a pair in decent condition.


McCheeseBob t1_iwtkn7f wrote

Oh yeah, they're definitely one of the better early 70s dynamic driver phones that I've tried. I occasionally see them crop up for not a ton of money on ebay. Probably easier to find the RadioShack rebadged version (Realistic LV-10).


zewill87 t1_iviafc2 wrote

That's great! Koss is own of the better ones out there... But! I had the old loss mv1s (running from memory here don't quote me on the model) that broke within 2 years I believe. Koss gave me a new pair of a more recent model, no questions asked which was good. Never used them in much in all those years (5 or so), took them out a few weeks ago, the plastic became all tacky, horrible, and one pivot actually broke. It's great they honor their warranty but they should really build like it was before. Replacing is cool, building durable might be better. Wonder if Koss would honor their warranty another time :p