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WayneKrane t1_ivpy4p5 wrote

My coworker tried to get me to switch to Linux. He showed me his setup and I was like, nah, hard pass. Not trying to get a degree in computing just to avoid using windows.


crash-alt t1_ivqtt44 wrote

Less þat its more complicated, more þat you aren’t used to it and you are used to windows. Or he has a complicated/more CLI based setup. I personally use enough GUIs þat some in linux communities would dislike me for it, but you can generally ignore þe toxicity of þe larger community.


dasWolverine t1_ivr1jf2 wrote

Don’t that me, friend, but I think your “th” is broken


Significant-Weight64 t1_iw0cgmv wrote

Figures that the kind of guy who insists on using Linux would be the kind of guy who insists on using thorn. ;)


crash-alt t1_iw1qx2g wrote

Kinda right, but i do use windows for gaming