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This year's Holiday Gift Ideas Thread is for posting any suggestions or requests for gifts for your lower budget or smaller gifts, that have a more broad appeal, good for Stocking stuffers or Office party gifts.


  • if you are looking for a gift idea put "Request:" before your comment (without the Quotes) as it makes it easier to search separately from the suggestions.

  • if you have any specifications like budget, country or partial style of person you should also include that in your comment



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Quail-a-lot t1_ivzaczv wrote

Glass nail file. Mine is by Revlon, but I am sure there are other brands. You can find them in many drugstores for less than ten bucks. Great cheap BIFL small gift item!


earlym0rning t1_iw0woab wrote

Second this! Love my glass nail file! Have had it for over two years now. It’s still perfect


lcat807 t1_iw7ey5a wrote

Yep third this. Mine is by silk line (probably one of those weird scammy mall brands) but I've had it for at least a decade. Bonus if you can find one that comes in a plastic storage tube, I'm pretty sure that's why I haven't broken or lost mine.


quarshen t1_iye5win wrote

>Just got a glass nail file from Holo Taco (also recommend these nail polishes! they just came out with a magnetic one that can achieve a tiger eye jewel effect) just to add enough stuff to get free shipping. Anyway, the glass nail file is a total game changer!


Waterisfinite t1_iw0xi8j wrote

The Shiseido eyelash curler. It’s the best one in the game and it generally costs about $20.


goldassspider t1_iw086ag wrote

Simple fountain pens like a pilot metropolitan and a small bottle of nice ink is a slightly luxurious gift that's also pretty cheap.


CommandantInCheef t1_iw0v0co wrote

Darn tough socks


Dracomies t1_iwcerqj wrote

I wouldn't.

It likely will not fit them.

Not on first try.

It's a very personal thing with fit with these types of socks.

I bought all types and it took many tries to get the right fit

Their sizes actually go much smaller than it should. And jump up a size in between where it doesn't fit. ie a Large is too tiny but XL is way over. I personally would not gift these to anyone without giving multiple sizes or a receipt.


rPZeJUV2R4JMRpArp t1_iw1atu1 wrote

Where do you recommend buying these? I've heard REI carries them? Anywhere else online that has good deals? What's a good price to pay?


Realtrain t1_iw1c9rj wrote

REI is my go to (both in store and online), but I've also ordered them from Amazon and the warranty is still valid.


robemmy t1_iw9qk3r wrote

GoBros has good deals frequently


am_whatstheword t1_iwc7852 wrote

The company i work for does plug-and-play rewards software and we just onboarded Darn Tough. If you are just signing up you get $10 off your first purchase and 10% in rewards on money spent towards future purchases catch rewards sign up link. That link will kick me a referral bonus but you can also just sign up on checkout


Quail-a-lot t1_iw7q9u1 wrote

Great gift for the outdoorsy set and also people with pets that go outside - a Tick Key. These are cheap and do a much faster and cleaner job than tweezers, even on wriggly barncats (now both on Bravecto, but one of them managed to get multiple ticks in the week before his appointment). Also works great while half asleep and camping and would probably be a lot easier on kids.


snailfestivity t1_ix83zmh wrote

I guess this depends on where you live? I would find it weird to get a tick key, because of course I have one. It's a household staple, I would guess where I live everyone who ever goes outside or has pets or children has one and you really don't need two.


hagcel t1_iwkbxv6 wrote

At work we have a running gift exchange wish list for secret santa ($50) which management also uses to buy us birthday presents. This year they got me a Masontops mason jar fermentation kit with glass weights and silicone toppers. I have been really impressed, and enjoy the hell out of it.

The only other item I have left on the list is a Himalayan Salt Cooking Block.


KerryS1919 t1_ix676y9 wrote

Oooh, could you provide me more information on how your running gift exchange wish list works, please! You can PM if you prefer.


hagcel t1_ix70iws wrote

No biggie, weve been using elfster for about five years now. Our gift exchange starts the first Monday after thanksgiving.


Satanistish t1_ivznq6i wrote

Request. Binoculars.


65grendel t1_iw0n9wy wrote

Vortex is a good brand with a lifetime warranty. No matter how they will replace it. Their budget line is the lowest I would go and expect a decent product.


ismokedwithyourmom t1_iw567qr wrote

A decent metal safety razor screams "high quality manly thing" but doesn't cost much and is a really practical gift.


home404 t1_ixje8ni wrote

The Hey Hanni weighted razor!


ismokedwithyourmom t1_ixqte9x wrote

Looks great! I have often lamented how razors marketed at women are usually pink, plastic, and expensive so I use a mens safety razor but would love one with a longer handle for shaving my legs.


KaiBaird t1_iw28u1x wrote

I bought some “Uncle Bill’s Sliver Grippers” tweezers about seven years ago and I’ve used them hundreds of times. Amazing tweezers for splinters. Made in USA! Affordable price too!


hagcel t1_iwkbi6h wrote

Those are great! For a little upgrade, or basket style gift, add a Swisstech Multitool Keychain and/or a CRKT P.E.C.K, I've had both of mine for over a decade. (Can't say the same about my tweezers, as I have no idea if I have them or not, haven't seen them since half way through COVID)


FTAStyling t1_ixtqq11 wrote

Any recommendation for nail clippers?


trueblonde27 t1_ixxco4a wrote

Tweezerman makes great nail clippers (and tweezers, obv)


aabbccdeeffg t1_iy2et5r wrote

I second this! Got a pair a couple years ago and they are sharp! I hate the flimsy ones.


KaiBaird t1_ixtsyyd wrote

Honestly, not sure bud… I’ve used the same pair of Revlon clippers for years but I’m sure there are plenty of other options.