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Charmcandy t1_ixhfhcd wrote

Dyson vacuum cleaner. The white one. All the plastic started cracking.


nasanu t1_ixkhvce wrote

My dyson pulses.. Everyone says this is fixed by cleaning all vents and filters. Mine are all completely clean.


WhatFreshHello t1_ixs1xuo wrote

Oh god, same. It’s high-maintenance AF, so much so that we got rid of nearly all the rugs in the house and drag an ancient canister vac around to vacuum the carpeted stairs and sock or t-shirt swiffer the rest.


cherlin t1_ixuu91j wrote

It can also be a bad trigger, ours was pulsing and I bought a $12 trigger replacement and it fixed it right up.


nasanu t1_ixuuy2p wrote

There are only buttons. Most dysons don't have triggers.


cherlin t1_ixuw2a5 wrote

Ya I have the cordless, wasn't sure what you had.


Dracomies t1_iyb04ci wrote

So true! The battery went out on me after about 2 years and it made me sad.