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Bobtom42 t1_ixotpn7 wrote

Be careful with those, they are super dangerous! If you use them too long it does something to the starch and makes gummy potatoes. Really dangerous, use with caution.

Edit: /s since that apparently wasn't evident


SnooOnions400 t1_ixowkei wrote

idk where you've heard that but I've been eating handmixer-beaten mash for my whole life. It has gotten a little gummy before but what's supposed to happen then? Am I gonna die from sticky potato??

Edit to say: I have googled this because it sounded so wild to me lol. Yes you can overmix your potato. But as long as you use the right kind of potato and only mix until you have your desired consistency, it will be fine. Add some butter, milk and nutmeg and you're good to go. No need for a chunky, hard to do can definitely tell whats happening by just looking at what you're doing, and stopping when you've mixed enough. It's just as easy as mixing cream. Yeah you might overmix, and if you do you get butter, but really once you've got the hang of it there isn't any reason to not use a hand mixer


BigJSunshine OP t1_ixp0nq6 wrote

I always add butter and lots of milk to my mashed potatoes


eigelstein t1_ixpkrjs wrote

It's not "dangerous", but no professional cook would use this method to make mashed potatoes because it does indeed make the mash slimey or gummy-like. They usually use a potato press (as a first step), at home a potato masher is doing just fine. Heaps of butter, milk, salt and nutmeg.


BigJSunshine OP t1_ixp12j3 wrote

I saw nothing that says it’s dangerous, can you explain or provide a source?