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Bobtom42 t1_j0qv4gx wrote

They've been making them longer than cars!


AdVoke t1_j0rg1u7 wrote

That's a big ass prebber grinder!


EquipLordBritish t1_j0w32qs wrote

Do you have a good source for big ass-peppers? I only found the regular size.


-Chris-V- t1_j0rsuz4 wrote

I got a set of Peugeot grinders unexpectedly as a wedding gift. They are a pleasure to use each time I use them and I think fondly of the gift giver like every time I season my food.

Enjoy, OP! Great find!


papanikolaos t1_j0r97zi wrote

These are great. What a score!


FistfulDeDolares t1_j0rh03t wrote

Yeah I just bought my Mom a set of Peugeot mills for Christmas. For a lot more than $2.


justnotok t1_j0rihzy wrote

how much do they retail for?


erinraspberry t1_j0rjp2w wrote

The wood ones can be $70-100 depending on the retailer, like Williams and Sonoma or Sur La Table


ChefMike1407 t1_j0s5gqv wrote

I worked at Sur La Table and one year they clearanced a few models out. I got lucky and scored a nice set.


papanikolaos t1_j0ryygo wrote

No doubt. But they're worth it in the long run, right? I have a Vic Firth pepper mill. 12 years and hasn't skipped a beat. Well worth the investment, which I think was somewhere around $55 at the time.


sponge_welder t1_j0s4k87 wrote

I would love one of those, Vic Firth doesn't make them anymore but they sold the factory to Fletcher's Mill, which now makes pepper grinders, rolling pins, and other turned stuff


stainedhands t1_j0sck2x wrote

The drum stick company?


papanikolaos t1_j0sjd3e wrote

Believe it or not, yes! From Wikipedia: "The company also produced a line of pepper mills, salt grinders, and rolling pins sold under the Vic Firth Gourmet brand for many years until those interests were sold to Maine Wood Concepts of New Vineyard, Maine in 2012 and re-branded under the name Fletchers' Mill."

Interestingly, the NYT's Wirecutter rates Peugeot and Fletchers' Mill the top 2 pepper mills of 2022 (


stainedhands t1_j12yskg wrote

Thanks for the reply! Learned something new. I'm probably going to break down and order one or the other here soon.


papanikolaos t1_j13wimf wrote

My pleasure! Few things are as frustrating as inferior tools in the kitchen. Bon apetite!


ponyboy3 t1_j0siuw6 wrote

Meh. I have a pair of these. I think there are some plastic parts in the grinding mechanism.


papanikolaos t1_j0ssils wrote

Luckily I got mine when they were still all metal construction. But I agree, plastic components don't hold up.


CR-5056 t1_j0uivo2 wrote

Some of the newer ones use ceramic instead of metal to prevent corrosion.


ponyboy3 t1_j0v7ioo wrote

Im sure rust is whats been breaking the plastic parts.


Beedlam t1_j0tkgnf wrote

Blimey. I went looking for a grinder after i dropped my 10 year old bifl one and the acrylic broke. Found an Oak mill with a Peugeot mechanism at a thrift store for a couple of bucks and bought it home thinking; "huh, this looks old, who knew Peugeot make pepper grinders". Its been working great. I had no idea they were a thing.


LargeTallGent t1_j0t7aon wrote

“Let’s make terrible cars, mediocre bicycles, and the mother of all pepper mills.” “Excellent idea, Jenkins.”


LesYeuxPointCom t1_j0tuw20 wrote

Terrible cars and mediocre bicycle ?

Huh ?


bloodybeakerfolk t1_j0u1ic6 wrote

You know the company at all?


LesYeuxPointCom t1_j0u4crh wrote

Yeah, do you ?

It's a reliable brand, much more that Renault for example. Ut's not the best, but very legit for the price


polytique t1_j0u2tfq wrote

Peugeot cars are fine. More reliable than German cars but less reliable than Korean and Japanese brands.


JustinGJ t1_j0rbffn wrote

I scored the same deal a few years back, a pair of the Peugeot clear grinders. Put some peppercorns in them, and I can't get them to work at all. They look brand new, but no matter how tight or loose I set them they won't actually grind anything. Drives me nuts, my cheap little grinder I've been using for years works great with the same fill.


ijsjemeisje t1_j0rl201 wrote

Could it be that you have a salt grinder and using it for pepper? They have different mechanics.


JustinGJ t1_j0rtztn wrote

Could be, I need to take a better look at them. I figured they were for pepper since they didn't really say anything regarding the metal being stainless, and they're definitely not porcelain or anything that wouldn't rust from the salt.


evert t1_j0rvbep wrote

The bottoms (actual grinder) are very different from each other, so you can probably find a reference.


JustinGJ t1_j0rw63y wrote

You're right, they're both for salt. Oh well, time to actually buy some rock salt, we've always used a shaker sparingly.


SerpentDrago t1_j0tyekw wrote

If you can't find rock salt easily at your local supermarket, you can just buy one of the pre filled pink salt grinders and empty it into your nice grinder.


Mongoose49 t1_j0txpsv wrote

Some peppercorns are simply too big for the Peugeot grinder I had that issue once :/


doomedroadtrips t1_j0rlo1e wrote

I have a Peugeot pepper mill that was a gift on my 20th birthday, I'm 45 now, it's among the best gifts I've received in my lifetime .


PalandDrone t1_j0v2zh6 wrote

Who gifts a 20-yr old a pepper mill?!


doomedroadtrips t1_j0v3cov wrote

I had been bringing in Thrift Store peppermills to work to tune up and try and get going well. I also worked as a waiter part time and cooked a lot.


Vile-X t1_j0r7djr wrote

Salt does not matter if it’s ground fresh, if you want save one from the unnecessary wear and tear.


Dwev t1_j0rba0w wrote

The salt grinder generally is a different mechanical design than the pepper, specifically for salt.


capresesaladz t1_j0rhtbk wrote

Bingo! The salt grinder mechanism is ceramic, the pepper one is some type of metal, probably SS.


nobuhok t1_j0ro7ef wrote

...why not save in the manufacturing process and just make them both in stainless steel??


captain_flak t1_j0rofby wrote

Because the stainless steel ones would rust to nothing pretty quickly.


nobuhok t1_j0ropvl wrote

How would salt promote rust without the presence of water? (genuine question)


captain_flak t1_j0rq26a wrote

If you lived in a humid environment, that would do it. If you ever got water on the bottom, which could very easily happen in a kitchen, that would do it as well. Also, it wouldn’t have to rust through, just deteriorate the blade such that it wouldn’t work correctly.


SerpentDrago t1_j0tyn2r wrote

What magical place do you live in that doesn't have moisture in the air. Especially moisture next to a stove where water is in steam form half the time


YourDentist t1_j0rpvy3 wrote

Uhm I feel we are ignoring the elephant in the room here, guys. How is stainless steel going to rust?


wrathek t1_j0rs1mo wrote

Stainless isn’t rust proof. It’s just quite rust resistant.


SerpentDrago t1_j0typhy wrote

Nothing is rust proof. Some things are rust resistant


loulan t1_j0sgctm wrote

I thought stainless means the steel cannot rust.


captain_flak t1_j0t0wfm wrote

No, kind of a misnomer. Almost all stainless steel can rust depending on chromium content.


RustySnail420 t1_j0uulxw wrote

Stainless, less-stain, not no-stain. But yeah, much more rust-resistant than other ironbased metals.


keenansmith61 t1_j0r7zd6 wrote

If it doesn't matter, then why break up the set? Who needs two pepper mills and a salt shaker that doesn't match?


MeinScheduinFroiline t1_j0ra20r wrote

I like to have one grinder that is just regular pepper and a second that also has chilies and other spices in it.


RaXha t1_j0rddyg wrote

One mill for black pepper and one for white pepper. 🤷‍♂️


Vile-X t1_j0r8cmg wrote

It’s just unnecessary work, wear and tear on the grinder. If you want to grind salt to have a matched pair, great. Im just letting anyone who doesn’t know that you don’t have to grind salt yourself.


aflockofbleeps t1_j0r8n65 wrote

Thank you for saving me from the back breaking work of grinding salt.


core_al t1_j0rhfrg wrote

The real LPT is in the comments.


daeedorian t1_j0s1pwy wrote

The main purpose of a salt grinder is to be able to control the grain size.


SerpentDrago t1_j0tyvwy wrote

Exactly. And to not have to worry about salt clumping


FormulaBass t1_j0rnel1 wrote

Salt grinder comes in handy for humid climates where the salt can clump.


CeruleanRuin t1_j0syor2 wrote

Also, 'artisanal' salts like Himalayan pink often come in large grains and need grinding. I don't personally believe they're really appreciably different from what you get in a canister of Morton's, but but some people swear by them.


SerpentDrago t1_j0tys7i wrote

It's not so much about it being pink salt. It's more to do with a grind. That's less fine than a thing of mortons


Quail-a-lot t1_j0rvsn1 wrote

It keeps my salt from clumping since I like using sea salt or pickling salt without the anti-caking stuff in it. I always find the rice grains or whatnot other tricks kind of annoying in my climate and ineffective.


sponge_welder t1_j0s4xit wrote

I think it's been pretty much proven that rice grains don't really do anything to prevent clumping other than helping break up clumps mechanically, so that backs up your experience


Luxpreliator t1_j0sh5az wrote

It gives the option for coarse or fine salt in one vessel. It doesn't release oils or anything but it's nice to have. They're typically ceramic grinders so there is no wear to speak of.


Biebs53 t1_j0u0klv wrote

I had this same opinion but I've discovered a good reason for using grinders for salt: You know exactly much salt you put on different meals. For example: 3 twists for coffee, 8 for oatmeal, etc...


the_viperess t1_j0sqew2 wrote

If I saw these, I would've just thought they were regular mills. How can you tell these are Peugeot? Like does Peugeot have a specific design or something?


hcbaron OP t1_j0t0vuj wrote

Flip em over. It says 'peugeout" on the bottom.


beasy4sheezy t1_j0ran90 wrote

My grandparents had these same ones for my entire life. Love those things.


Ronthebear01 t1_j0s0lwc wrote

I found a wooden pepper mill a while back for like $1. I’ve been using for years now!


loloh44 t1_j0ryv5i wrote

They got new ones at my workplace a month ago and they are terrible. Maybe knock-offs or just not the same as they used to.

A relative used to have one years ago and it was fantastic.


Poseylady t1_j0somn0 wrote

I bought Peugeot mills this year because I hoped to have them for life but they’re terrible!


SerpentDrago t1_j0tyj66 wrote

Where did you buy them from?? I wouldn't trust something like that from Amazon because of fakes


kermityfrog t1_j0ukw23 wrote

Are they ones with the select-a-size (U Select) dial at the bottom? Those apparently suck.


Poseylady t1_j0uo83j wrote

I don’t think so, mine have knobs on the top. They never stay at the size I twist them too, they always come loose. They also leave pepper and salt dust anywhere they’re placed. I feel like I have to do a ton of grinding to get anything to come out.


toxicpaulution t1_j0rkijq wrote

I've been looking for a pepper grinder in person. Haven't had any luck finding some with metal grinder blades. Good find :)


JKubU2k t1_j0u39f9 wrote

Salt grinders are a scam, change my mind


buttbeeb t1_j0s8oxu wrote

Ex girlfriend got me a big Peugeot pepper grinder for Christmas many years back. Love that thing


thoughts-akimbo t1_j0ryk17 wrote

I bought a wood one two years ago and just discovered it has a serious split, despite been having been well cared for. I’m hoping I can get it replaced 🤞


qumast t1_j0s6qvr wrote

What material are the grinding parts underneath made of?


scogin t1_j0t4vmw wrote

Peugeot grinders are all metal for the pepper design and metal and ceramic for the salt version. I have a wood set I bought a few years ago that's still going strong, very well made.


qumast t1_j0tg5c8 wrote

I am sure these are super strong and durable but I've seen such grinders shed a shard of ceramic onto the food which i found very dangerous. If it's not metal, it doesn't pull it for me.


brandeis16 t1_j0tcpuz wrote

I just donated my 8” (or so) Peugeot pepper mill. Maybe someone here will find it :-)


indolic t1_j0u38pl wrote

Peugeot and DeBuyer pepper mills are the best you can find. I have a DeBuyer pepper mill for several years now and when you use it you know it is the kind of object that will last a few generations.


S_aka_ShyNix t1_j0uf3ce wrote

i looove glass food containers


Cake5678 t1_j0uga5j wrote

Twins! I found a pair of these in the trash room of my block. Now I have a pepper grinder at work to go with my Maldon salt.


mcattani t1_j1cyqng wrote

Mine were discounted because of the inverted colors, dark for salt and light for pepper. They are great not that I got used to the colors


rollnunderthebus t1_j0sswcq wrote

Pretty sure I found these at target a year ago. Love them, but they do seem to generate a lot of plastic dust around the head that you notice when you remove it and add more salt or pepper.

I use a wet paper towel to clean it up when I refill. Recommend everyone else do the same until you get wooden grinders.