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[deleted] t1_j0s1otm wrote

Not even flavorizer bars? Seems like we replace the flavorizer bars on our Genesis at least every 12-18 months.


Scarecrow_Kayak t1_j0sddsk wrote

Same thought, have exactly the same grill, have replaced the bars once so far. Probably closer to 24-36 months on it but I'm neurotic about temperature, burning off, cleaning and my routine with every use.


TheBigCheese85 t1_j0uwx7d wrote

Wait… flavorizer bars? Those pieces actually have a name! Wild…. TIL


internet_humor t1_j0xqw3b wrote

What? Why?

I've had my Genesis for 5 years. And I'm just now thinking they need replacing.

And I abuse my grill.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_j0yg9t5 wrote

I went through 3 sets in 20 years on my Genesis II. Finally retired her last year. Gave her to an appreciative family member.


[deleted] t1_j0yffcj wrote

You are right - I checked with the Grill Master (my husband), and he said really every 3-5 years (it just feels like more often). We live in a humid climate and he’s good about the scraping off, etc.


java_flavored_tea t1_j121ezo wrote

I've managed to keep mine for a few years now, but they are rusty husks. Not much left of them, this will be their final winter.