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Professional_Fee_131 t1_j0sqnzc wrote

10 years ain't a lifetime...


0xB0BAFE77 t1_j0w7pqh wrote

That's what I was saying.
And grills don't exactly have a ton of parts to replace, either.


Professional_Fee_131 t1_j17usz3 wrote

dem Kids nowadays just ain't used to heirloom tools, consumerism made 8s believe 10 years are a long time for items.


[deleted] t1_j0s1otm wrote

Not even flavorizer bars? Seems like we replace the flavorizer bars on our Genesis at least every 12-18 months.


Scarecrow_Kayak t1_j0sddsk wrote

Same thought, have exactly the same grill, have replaced the bars once so far. Probably closer to 24-36 months on it but I'm neurotic about temperature, burning off, cleaning and my routine with every use.


TheBigCheese85 t1_j0uwx7d wrote

Wait… flavorizer bars? Those pieces actually have a name! Wild…. TIL


internet_humor t1_j0xqw3b wrote

What? Why?

I've had my Genesis for 5 years. And I'm just now thinking they need replacing.

And I abuse my grill.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_j0yg9t5 wrote

I went through 3 sets in 20 years on my Genesis II. Finally retired her last year. Gave her to an appreciative family member.


[deleted] t1_j0yffcj wrote

You are right - I checked with the Grill Master (my husband), and he said really every 3-5 years (it just feels like more often). We live in a humid climate and he’s good about the scraping off, etc.


java_flavored_tea t1_j121ezo wrote

I've managed to keep mine for a few years now, but they are rusty husks. Not much left of them, this will be their final winter.


[deleted] t1_j0sals8 wrote



allbarren t1_j0sbcjn wrote

Same. Thought it was just me but ours is rusting, even after being covered, and basically needs every part replaced at this point.


ScreamingPrawnBucket OP t1_j0sn2v7 wrote

Good callout, I’ve replaced the flavorizer bars a couple of times. Didn’t really think of that as a repair or replacement, but I guess it is.


mrjohns2 t1_j0xu31a wrote

Well, you did say “haven’t had to repair or replace a single part”.


Will_Winters t1_j0soz6o wrote

Glad to hear and I hope it lasts forever, but 10 years is (IMHO) not nearly BIFL. Especially for a BBQ. My parents have a BBQ from the 1980's. Mine is a cast iron Napoleon and in perfect condition at 12 years old.


boonepii t1_j0wx4iz wrote

I canceled my Weber for a Napoleon. I hope it lasts forever.


highinanxiety t1_j0s8mku wrote

Many times these exact models are given away free on Facebook Marketplace. They are great to pick up free, fix up a bit and clean up and can easily sell for $60-$80


S_aka_ShyNix t1_j0uf5yq wrote

hope it lasts you some more years ♥️


Alicia-XTC t1_j0s0kwp wrote

How often do you use it?


[deleted] t1_j0s0yhh wrote



Alicia-XTC t1_j0s1ba8 wrote

That was my thought. I have a Spirit and use it all the time, several times a week. This one looks like it's been in storage and touched like twice.

Some of these parts are considered consumables.

I have a pair of shoes I bought 20 years ago and never wore, they're still like brand new!


ScreamingPrawnBucket OP t1_j0snbyj wrote

When I first got it I was using it every weekend. Now it’s more like 20x per year. So I’ve easily done 200 grills on this thing including big parties. Burgers, pork chops, chicken, turkey, bacon, fish, sausage, pizza, fruits, veggies, you name it!


marty6957 t1_j0v66fb wrote

Hard to believe in that kind of environment, they’ll usually rust out if left outside in the elements. Plus the spirit isn’t made as well as the genesis. Hmmm


ScreamingPrawnBucket OP t1_j0vqdgl wrote

I almost always keep it covered, but when I used it last I forgot to cover it right before I got hit with a foot of snow over the course of three days 🤣


Bologna-Bear t1_j0t2dlz wrote

It will last longer with a cover. I also replace the the flavorizer bars 1-2 years depending on use. I grill on average once a week, year round. I’m going on six years, and mine still looks pretty much new. You


Mike_Y_1210 t1_j0tzisa wrote

I have this exact grill (although it's the 2 burner version) that I bought in 2013. I use it 1-2 times/week all year round. The only thing that I've replaced (just had to do it this past summer) is the ignitor button, the flavor bars and the burner tubes.


lostdad75 t1_j0u5deq wrote

I have a 1990 Weber gas grill that is still going strong. Replaced only flavorizer bars and grates. Still on the original burner. I actually believe that I am better off without a cover because the cover holds in all the condensation. My grill is used year round and lives under a second floor screen porch in northern New England. My Weber comes from the early days when they did not have a fancy model simply specified two burner or three burner.

Pro tip if you have access to a machine shop or fab stainless steel angle iron and cut to length for flavorizer bar replacement; they will last a very long time.


Whatarewegonnadonow t1_j0uqmaw wrote

I have a Genesis about 14 years old and have never replaced the flavor bars. Out of curiosity for those that have replaced them why did you do so? Just because of discoloration?


Towelz0r t1_j0uzqf9 wrote

Mine have rusted holes right through them, as soon as I see more than 2 holes I replace them. I bought 210 in 2015-2016 and only just replaced them last summer.


[deleted] t1_j0utwki wrote

I have the same model from around 2011 or 2012 also. My wheels are the only parts that I have had to replace. The locking mechanism failed. I keep mine in the garage so it’s pretty pampered.


HaliBUTTsteak t1_j0v6bhr wrote

I have the exact same grill, around the same age and have only replaced the flavorizor bars. I grill 3-4 times a week. I don’t know if it’s BOFL but it’s a solid grill and I’d for sure buy another Weber.


scarabic t1_j0vhxh1 wrote

I’m about to buy one of these. I’ve run two cheapshit big box budget brands into the ground in ten years.


ScreamingPrawnBucket OP t1_j0vjyz0 wrote

Yeah the $600 price tag compared to a big box brand at $200 seemed ludicrous until I started reading reviews (and talking to neighbors). There’s just no comparison in terms of quality. I have zero complaints about my Weber, and lots of good things to say.


answerguru t1_j0w6yjl wrote

Same grill here. Same good experience. Works like a champ.


Actuarial_type t1_j0wdr49 wrote

Still have my Weber Spirit from 2007 or 2008. Other than flavorizer bars, I had to replace an igniter because my dog tried to eat it, but it’s hard to blame Weber for that one.

I kind of want to upgrade to a Genesis model but it’s hard to justify when this one still works as good as new.


java_flavored_tea t1_j1219ry wrote

Nice, I still have mine too, but it's beginning to rust on the very bottom.


spicyboi243 t1_j18vzsv wrote

I have the same one, just keep it clean, and replace the flavorizer bars and grates when needed!