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Buffalo_Cottage t1_iz5mnfl wrote

I don't think they're titanium, but I always recommend Klean Kanteen. I have a stainless steel 16oz insulated bottle and it's fantastic. Close to 7 years old and going strong.


jeffreyd00 t1_iz6283s wrote

Same though they do dent which is probably why op wants a titanium bottle


Buffalo_Cottage t1_iz6wze8 wrote

Good point! I dropped mine on a hike once and the rock it fell on dented the bottom. But luckily there wasn't any impact to the functionality—it still keeps drinks cold/hot for a ridiculously long time!


tacitus23 t1_iz78ih8 wrote

So I've gone down the titanium bottle rabbit hole before, and while titanium is tougher than steel, you'd likely be better off buying a steel bottle like Klean Kanteen. Pretty much all titanium bottles you buy are made in china and thin. They dent and puncture easier than steel. That said Snow Peak is probably the most reputable brand, but in my experience its not any better than a titanium bottle from AliExpress as they're likely made in the same factory.


LowGradePlayer t1_iz3qbl2 wrote

Why Ti?

Why not made in China?


Right_Development422 t1_iz4nrf3 wrote

Yes same question, Kinda weird when see people often talk about not made in China though maybe the device is typing also made in China


jeffreyd00 t1_iz4wnva wrote

Lame argument. There's almost no choice when it comes to where your phone is made but there's plenty for water bottles so if he doesn't want to support a quasi communist regime with everything OP buys that is their choice.


RidetheSchlange t1_iz6dwt1 wrote

That's not a good argument. It's a warped and poor whataboutism on numerous different levels.