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boneman429 t1_j0wb6a7 wrote

Global GF-33 is a very nice knife. All metal one piece design should last a lifetime if not abused egregiously. Edit: it is more of a Japanese style knife but heavier duty than others I have used.


Environmental-Dog219 t1_j0wdhzx wrote

Yeah Global is great! I would perhaps go a size up to like a G-16, which I find just a little more versatile. The blade is 30mm longer and great for chopping large quantities of vegetables etc.


jepeplin t1_j0wqz7z wrote

Global is the best knife I’ve ever owned.


GullibleDetective t1_j0x1d5q wrote

Global's are great but the handle is extremely divisive you'll either love it or haaaate it.

Make sure you test one out prior to purchase


aestheticmonk t1_j0xno9d wrote

20+ years on my Global. Used daily. Sharpened on their two stage sharpener. Looks and cuts like new.


broadarrow39 t1_j0yk2uw wrote

A Global and the 2 stage minosharp pull through sharpener is an awesome combo.


frankslastdoughnut t1_j0wybvx wrote

My global knife is the tits. One of the better investments I've made in the kitchen and in my life. So easy to use