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Clandestinique t1_j0wcsjh wrote

I took the advice I've seen over and over on r/KitchenConfidential and bought myself a Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife. I do find that it sharpens up really well and feels effortless to use, and keeps that edge a long time, just like they said. I got mine on sale last year but even full price it's inexpensive, about $55. Mine is 8 inch and I'm an average size woman. Maybe you'd want a longer knife for your "meaty" giftee. Anyway, check out that sub for a lot of info on knives professionals like and why they like them.


TheDeliciousMeats t1_j0wr1lw wrote

This. I was a chef for years and if these can last in a commercial setting they're going to do just fine at home. They're great, and can go in the dishwasher.


xj_scuba t1_j0zfsmc wrote

For anyone reading this looking for a BIFL kitchen knife I HIGHLY recommend hand washing all your knives. The dish detergent is bad for them and if not loaded in the washer correctly the water pressure often knocks items into each other quickly dulling knives.

If you have the bandwidth hand wash all (sharp) knives and bamboo/wooden cutting boards.


Artesian t1_j1gshlt wrote

100% this. Engineer here. Putting anything other than ceramic, glass, metal, or very high temp silicones in the dishwasher is just ridiculously bad for your stuff / you. Plastic leaches, sharp blades dull. You’re poisoning yourself with micro plastics mainly. Any of those nylons or cheap PET/PETE/PETT variants are all prone to be mislabeled and even if they don’t melt they can leach.

Yes blades are metal but they’re sharp and handles often aren’t metal. Ergonomics yo. It takes seconds.

Hand. Wash. Please.


BrainDistinct t1_j0x7w0h wrote

I have the 8” Fibrox in my block of Wusthofs and I continuously reach for the Fibrox. It is fantastic and certainly BIFL.


GIjohnMGS t1_j0x222d wrote

YES! I did the same several years ago. It is my Go-To knife and has never failed me. A few strokes on a Steel, and it is good as new.


Bologna-Bear t1_j0xdu4p wrote

Tip of mine broke! Stays sharp forever though. I was butchering a rather ornery chicken at the time.


DadTaunWesHere t1_j0xe6gb wrote

This was my first knife as well, big fan. It's handle is nice and grippy, and does well with meaty hands


Gopokes34 t1_j0xjfww wrote

You could even get the rosewood one if you want s little nicer looking one


FlamingLobster t1_j0xsq3w wrote

I got my rosewood as "used like new" in amazon for 40$ shipped


PiersPlays t1_j0xg0kb wrote

This is a great value for money option for oneself. But for a gift I'd probably steer towards a forged knife.