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rand0m1324 t1_j0we8vb wrote

If you want to enter a rabbit hole you can visit r/sharpening , the gist of that though is freehand stones, specifically the shapton pro 1000. Pretty much every pull-through type sharpener will eventually wreck your blade, or not work well enough once it is too dull


mattrussell2319 t1_j0wfocv wrote

Thanks, and I bet it’s a rabbit hole! I saw honing mentioned in a review for the Victorinox (which I’ve had for 20 years but never even sharpened!) and the Wikipedia page on that was confusing enough … 😆


rand0m1324 t1_j115fz9 wrote

Haha yes, despite working on my skills for almost 2 years I still feel like a beginner. Tbh though, even a poor job with a stone tends to be much better than no sharpening so i’d still recommend giving it a try! Imo it’s a must have skill if you want to keep any knife over a long period of time


T_ReV t1_j14lf65 wrote

As someone who has hand sharpened knives on a stone I don't recommend it unless you have some sort of device to keep a consistent angle.

It is way easier and you will get better results if you use a device like a Work Sharp or a RUIXIN knife sharpening kit.


rand0m1324 t1_j14q11w wrote

There are definitely some great guided systems, I think there are generally trade offs between speed, versatility, skill requirements and cost with whatever system you end up with. Knowing what to go with will depend what you value most of those things. You are correct though that a guided system will generally be easier for someone just starting out.